Wednesday, April 5, 2017

In Amway If You Dream It You Can Have It

One of the bullshit phrases I used to hear at Amway meetings was “If you can dream it you can have it.”

Amway sells dreams of wealth and greed. Puts hope into the hearts of the cult followers that this phrase might actually come true for them.

“If you can dream it you can have it” sounds more like it should be a slogan for the Powerball lottery. The chances of winning the lottery are probably better than ever becoming an Amway Diamond!

Unfortunately this weekend at Amway Spring Leadership (or choose any other Scamway function) many ambots are being told something to the effect of was “If you can dream it you can have it”. This will be brainwashed into them relentlessly until they are programmed to believe that Amway is the only way their dreams can come true.

There are all kinds of things I dream about but I know these dreams won’t come true.

I can dream that I’m a few inches smaller or taller but its never going to happen.

I can dream that I’m fluent in 5 languages but seeing as how I have enough trouble just with English I doubt that dream will ever come true for me.

I can dream of climbing Mount Everest but that won’t happen because I have trouble breathing at high altitudes.

I can dream of walking around the Grand Canyon Skywalk but I think that would creep me out.

I can dream I’m 25 years old again but I don’t think I’ll ever see it happen!

I can dream of camping on Alcatraz but I doubt the Parks Service will let me do that.

I can dream about owning spiders but that would creep me out even more than the skywalk!

I can dream that I’m married to Brad Pitt. Who knows? I might still fit that one in before I die!

The point is there are all kinds of things that people can dream about and the dreams will never come true, whether or not money is a barrier. Some of the things I mentioned can be done on the cheap. I think the Everest expedition costs some big bucks but costs aside no matter how much I dream I’m standing on the peak I would arrive to the base camp and not be able to ascend.

What do ambots motivated by greed dream about? Big houses, sports cars, sailboats, luxury vacations. The things their Diamond cult leaders taunt them with from the stage. The ambots want what their cult leaders have. They dream about becoming a Diamond which is a rare occurrence in Amway and having all kinds of money to blow. Not likely. Amway’s own literature shows Diamonds with an annual income of around $150,000. Not too bad but they have to pay taxes, have a huge mortgage on a home they spent too much money buying, loans for those luxury sports cars. They spend a lot of money keeping up a phony illusion that they have more money than they really do.

No matter how badly the ambots dreaming of acquiring all these material possessions and retiring early while bazillions of dollars in residual income keeps rolling in from Amway every month, it is unlikely to happen. It might happen if they focused their energy on something that has a greater chance of success than less than 1%.

If you dream it you can have it, the slogan that’s been ingrained into us. Right now the only thing I dream about is Amway being shut down for good so this evil company and its evil cult leaders can’t hurt anyone anymore.

So what do you think? The Diamonds said if I can dream it I can have it.

Or is this just further proof those fucking Amway Diamonds are a bunch of liars?


  1. I can dream about fucking Kim Kardashian, but it ain't gonna happen.

    1. LOL! And then some Amway loser will preach at you to quit it with that stinking thinking and don't listen to dream stealers. LOL!

  2. I love your blog! Unfortunately I'm a bit late as my Gf over two years is choosing to leave me for the Cult =( She says to me "you don't believe in me you are a dream stealer" haha exact words. All though she's been it two years she won't show me how much she has made.. It must be me that's holding her back right!? Lmao!

    1. Hi Unknown. Sorry to hear your relationship was destroyed by the Amway cult. There's nothing that beings those fucking assholes in the Amway upline more happiness than breaking people up. Sick bastards that they are. Yeah we've all heard the Amspeak propaganda about being dreamstealers. Your girlfriend will never show you a profit and loss statement because Amway cult leaders forbid it because then the Ambot will figure out how much their losses are. The real dreamstealers are all members of the Amway cult. Look at it this way. Amway ambots are no longer holding YOU back!

  3. Hey, I can dream about walking on water like an all-powerful deity! With Scamway's blessing, it will happen, and I can flush that stinking job! /s

    1. LOL! That's pretty funny. And what a great answer the next time some Amway loser asks what your dream is. LOL!

  4. In Amway-Speak, the phrase "dream-stealer" means "somebody who tells you the truth about the Amway fraud."

    1. Anonymous - the real dreamstealers are Amway Ambots.


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