Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Can I Find It Cheaper Than From Amway?

You know what its like listening to the assholes in the Amway upline brag about their overinflated opinion of Amway’s overinflated shitty products. When Amway Ambots are begging people to buy their shit the most common objection they get is that Amway shit costs too much. The standard Ambot response goes something to the tune of don’t you want to pay more for better quality. Or our high prices reflect the high quality of our products.

Lies and bullshit! But what else do you expect from lying Amway bastards.

There’s a line between quality and using quality to justify why you’re spending more money on something. Brainwashed Amway Ambots use that justification about Amway’s products are priced to reflect their quality. If that was really true Amway’s products would be selling for less than a buck!

Most people have some sort of budget they live by. They know how much money they make, how much things cost at the grocery store, price of gas, cost of water and electric, cable, etc. Some things you can’t control the cost of if there are no competitors. Things like phone and cable there are several companies offering these services so you can shop around for those things. Groceries most people know which grocery stores offer the best prices and most people have a rough idea of the cost of items they often purchase.

And when people go shopping for groceries and clothes and looking at an item they’re thinking of purchasing and maybe they think it’s a little higher priced than they want to pay they think – can I find it cheaper.

Let’s say $100 to buy a one month supply of Amway vitamins. Can I find it cheaper? Sure. I can go to Walmart and buy a 2 or 3 month supply of multi vitamins for $10. Maybe less. Quality? About the same. Amway’s quality is probably lower.

Are those $100 vitamins something you really want to splurge on?

How can I find it cheaper?

Well if it’s a Scamway product and I desperately wanted it look for ex-ambots trying to unload the shit on Ebay.

For the rest of the world’s products I could keep my eyes out for a sale. I love buying quality merchandise when its really marked down. Amway can’t win on that front. They don’t sell quality items and they don’t put their stuff on huge mark down sales.

In addition to can I find something cheaper I have to also ask how much quality do I need or want. In Amway’s corner – nothing! Zero! Shove it up your ass ambots!

Remember that $40,000 handbag Oprah tried to buy in Switzerland a few years ago and the sales clerk wouldn’t serve her because of her attitude that a colored woman couldn’t afford to buy such an extravagant item and Oprah hit the media saying she was a victim of racism. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know for sure what happened but how many people really need a $40,000 designer purse no matter what kind of quality it is, or can I find a cheaper purse at Sears for $40. That’s kind of my benchmark price for purses but I do keep an eye out when they go on sale so I can get a better quality purse for cheaper. How much quality do I need or want when it comes to buying a purse? Do I need a higher quality $200 purse or will that one on sale for $40 do its purpose for me. I mean really the stuff a woman puts in her purse isn’t going to change that much whether it costs $40, $200 or $40,000. We put our money in there, our cell phone, our keys, tampons, lipstick, a pen, whatever.

Its like going back to Amway’s $100 “quality” vitamins. How much quality does a person want or need when they’re buying vitamins. Why buy them at all if you can eat foods that give you the same benefits. For example I don’t buy a bottle of Vitamin C when I can eat an orange.

How will this purchase affect my finances? If I overpay for vitamins and spend $100 at Amway when I could have spent $10 at any other retailer that would be really fucking stupid. I’ve wasted $90 I could have filled the shopping cart with groceries with the money I saved.

It goes back to how will Amway affect a person’s finances? Amway will cause financial distress. An Ambot will easily spend hundreds of dollars on Amway products and Amway tools. A month. Amway will set a person back financially for years if they took out loans and ran up the credit card while they try to pay that back.

Will Amway take me away from my other financial goals? Yes. Absolutely. For one thing you have to ask permission from the assholes in your Amway upline before you buy anything that doesn’t come from Amway or use money to put in a savings account etc when that money could be spent on Amway related items – so counsel the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. Is Amway putting you behind in saving for your retirement or saving up for a down payment on a house or a car. That would be a big YES!

Have you ever had a hobby that you spent more bucks on that you should have only to figure out a few months down the road that you’ve changed your mind? What was it? Taking belly dancing lessons? You pay the dance studio, buy expensive quality outfits etc and when you decide you’re not into it anymore you’re out all that money. Amway’s the same way. You shell out thousands of dollars and a few months later decide to quit. Playing pretend business owner at Amway will be the most expensive hobby you’ll ever have.

Just because you buy a brand name product does not mean that it’s a high quality product. On the other hand you can buy a generic no name brand that might be excellent quality. For example let’s take Walmart’s brand of dishwasher pucks. They’re the cheapest ones on the shelf and they work the best. At a fraction of the price Amway charges for a similar product and Amway’s dish drops dishwasher soap is the SHITS!!!! I had more dishes and silverware coming out of my dishwasher that I had to rewash again by hand in Amway’s shitty dish drops soap. You know the fucking crap they sell where the bubbles don’t outlast the dishes in the sink. Pure Amway shit!

There’s no point in spending more money on quality. Like Amway. But then one can argue that Amway’s “quality” is the shits.

Either way don’t spend money on Amway!

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