Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reverse Amway Duplication

Everyone loves Anna Banana or they wouldn’t be reading Married To An Ambot. Just think about it. Today there are over 3,600,000 blog posts written. To get your share of millions of readers you got to come up with something to attract people’s attention and not just duplicate what others are doing. At this blog we’re all about entertain as well as educate. We entertain by cursing out Amway assholes. Doesn’t everyone really want to do that. It’s kind of like punching Ronald McDonald. You don’t do it because you exercise self control but its something you think about. And who hasn’t sat in a boring Amway cult meeting thinking I just want to tell that bastard to fuck off. Well maybe not the devoted cult followers of the Great Amway God but normal people just want to curse out the lying fucker up there on the stage preaching the Amway gospel of greed.

Saying the same thing as everyone else (duplicating) doesn’t cut it anymore if you want readers to keep coming back. A few years ago when a group of us met online we wanted to do something different than the rest of the bloggers who talk about the Amway “business opportunity”. There are several people out there doing a great job of talking about how Amway is a business model set up for failure. But we noticed they’re all guys. No offence guys. You’re doing a good job. Its just the woman’s point of view wasn’t out there. No one was doing it yet. The thing is there are very few women who decide to get involved with Scamway. It’s usually their husband or boyfriend who got sucked into and they’re trying to be supportive and go along with him to meetings. But it doesn’t take long for us to realize the same bullshit is being peddled at every Amway meeting. Why do we have to go to 5 Amway cult meetings a week when the cult leaders say the same thing they said last night and the night before last and last week and two weeks ago, and last month, and well you get the picture. The Amway cult leaders duplicate what they say at every Amway cult meeting.

Women are guarders of our home and families and we sometimes have to fight off threats to our happiness and financial security but we sure were in for the fight of our lives when those fucking evil Amway bastards entered our lives.

So that in a nutshell is what we’re all about. The woman’s point of view of watching the men in our lives get ruined by Amway. We curse out the fucking assholes in our Amway upline because those dishonest lying scamming bastards deserve it. They walk around thinking their shit don’t stink and everyone should idolize them for no other reason than they’re in the Amway cult. And instead we mock the bastards. People in Amway treat the rest of the world like shit and this blog is all about slinging it right back at them and treating Ambots like shit. Of course those brainwashed Ambots miss that whole irony thing!

To get people interested in reading our blogs we have to take it up a few notches. We have to get people excited and saying yeah I remember going through that exact same thing or I wish I could call our sack of shit Platinum a fucking asshole. Make readers fall in love with reading a blog much the same way as the men in our lives fall in love with the Great Amway God.

And what is duplication in Amway. It means duplicating what the fucking assholes in your Amway upline are doing. That means buying shitty overpriced Amway products and trying to recruit others into the Amway cult who would also be forced to buy overpriced shitty Amway products. It means duplicating the fucking assholes in the Amway upline as they worship the Great Amway God. It means duplicating the fucking assholes in the Amway upline and attending all Amway cult meetings. You get the picture. Whatever the fucking assholes in the Amway upline are doing, the Ambots in the downline must duplicate and do the same thing.

This blog is reverse Amway duplication.

We have an opinion – and most readers get what that opinion is – that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking assholes out to destroy lives. We say it in a new and different way than the guys who are blogging about Amway. We remind readers they were secretly thinking the same thing all along that they could tell the assholes in their Amway upline to fuck off.


Go ahead and scream it – yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck off Amway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because you’re supposed to write a certain way and just because you’re supposed to worship the Amway upline doesn’t cut it around here. We say what we think and we sure as hell don’t worship any fucking Amway assholes!

Long live reverse duplication!

Fuck off Amway!


  1. Dear Anna --

    I think your point is well taken. The female opinion of Amway was missing for a long time, and you have provided space for it. I notice that upset and desperate women whose husbands or boyfriends have gotten snared by Amway often come here to complain and ask for advice. They don't usually do that at the other anti-Amway blogs.

    The blogs of John Doe and David Brear are excellent, but they tend to be highly intellectualized and rarified at times. I read them regularly, but they simply aren't as much fun as Anna Banana's! Joe Cool's blog is indispensable and I never miss it, but it is a bit repetitive at times, and Joe seems to be a naturally polite and well-bred person who tends to pull his punches. He never loses his temper.

    Your blog, on the other hand, is feisty and visceral! It's like being in a knife fight in a dark alley! You never censor anybody, and you chew out Ambots the way a drill sergeant chews out new recruits.

    All the anti-Amway blogs are necessary and good, and I love them all. But in my opinion yours is the one that is really having a major effect. By expressing honest rage against the slimy creeps in Amway, and calling them out for their lies and arrogance, you say what thousands of frustrated IBOs and their family members are feeling and thinking. And in battle, it's crucial to keep up the morale of your soldiers. And a powerful tool for doing that is getting them to hate the enemy, and not he afraid to go after the enemy's jugular.

    Keep slugging, Anna. We are all fiercely loyal to you.

    1. Hey thanks Anonymous! A few years ago there were only a handful of blogs about Amway. So whenever a new blog came along everyone would jump over and check it out and leave comments. There was a woman writing about Amway. She had just signed up conned in by the usual bullshit about making a better life for herself. She only wrote a few blogs and she had her doubts and noticed the creepiness of Amway meetings. One day she was gone. I guess she figured out she got scammed and quit Amway and took down the blog. There was a guy who had a blog a few years ago and he was funny especially in some of his responses to Ambots who left comments. Then one day he was gone too. People lose interest and move on.

      Joe Cool is great and a big help to driving traffic here when this blog started. John Doe is doing a wonderful job. David Brear used to contribute a lot to an Amway blog called Corporate Frauds Watch before starting up his own blog, and he spent some time commenting here too. Everyone has a different angle.

      Actually we've had to censor people but these are the same people who have gotten banned at every Amway blog out there. A new one comes on the scene and they show up and leave comments until they get banned there too. There used to be a blogger named Tex who was banned from just about every blog and after a few months suffered the same fate here. He thought Amway was a good idea but not the Amway tool scam and he liked Amway products so you just couldn't figure him out. He was suing Amway and I guess as part of his settlement he had to take down his blog. So he's disappeared. But he used to show up here and call all of us idiots and then try to get us onboard with his lawsuit. I think he had the major hots for me and is the reason why I decided to remove the email address from the contacts. Creepy. Then there's this motherfucker IBOFB who was cyberstalking and hacking one of this blog's bananas. And the police are involved and there's visitor tracking and for safety we took a vote and stopped allowing his comments to come through. Ironically the victim was OK with him keeping commenting here but majority vote rules and someone else monitors the blog comments so that banana has the final say so and what gets approved! That's the thing with these Amway bastards. They think just because they're in Amway they can go around breaking the law to prove their love and devotion to the Great Amway God and that they're above the law. And when they get arrested Amway's not going to bail them out. Amway's position is they're not responsible for the actions of their employees. Personally I wouldn't fuck with someone who has no problem getting cops and lawyers involved but then I'm not a low IQ Amway loser. And then there's Kwong Wong Little Dong who qualified to be in Amway due to his inability to string a sentence together. That troll was just fucking annoying. I have no idea if other bloggers have banned that fucker too or if he was only infatuated with this blog. But you got to know if someone is getting banned from just about every blog out there there's a reason for it. Mostly because you're a troublemaking fucking piece of shit.

      We used to have a lot more fucked up Amway losers showing up here violating what their cult leaders say about staying away from blogs like this. They're always fun to chew out. All I have to do is imagine I'm aiming the comments at the slimy scamming fucking asshole that recruited us into Amway! LOL! Fucktard!

      There were a bunch of really great commenters here after the blog started. I really miss hearing from Cassette Tape another woman married to an Ambot who could sling it at Ambots too. But you know people move on and they no longer need things in their life and I wish them all the best at living a happy Amwayless life.

      And likewise, we are all fiercely loyal to our readers and getting the word out what it's really like when Amway invades your life.

  2. Yes Anna thank for this blog I love them all equally but this is the one where I get to say Fuck Off Amway. I don't miss my ex ambot and I'm relieved not to have to deal with any of that revolting shit and those desperate weirdos. But still. Fuck. Off. Amway.

    1. Hi Lorikeets. Thanks for reading. And yup this is the place to be if you want to say fuck off to Amway or any fucking Amway losers! Revolting is a good way to describe all things Amway and getting away from those Amway weirdos is like a huge weight being lifted off your back. Fuck off Amway!

  3. Hi Anna:
    I decided to drop by to see what was going on, after having dropped out of reading your blog for a while. Still living a happy Amwayless life!
    You mentioned Tex in you reply to Annonymous. He tried to get me to join him in his lawsuit while I was a more active commenter. He did seem to disappear into nowhere. Wonder what happened...Thanx for your blog which informs people about the perils of Amway.

    1. Hi David. Nice to see you again. And that you're living a happy Amwayless life! Good to hear!

      You know how everyone in Amway is obnoxious to the rest of the world who aren't in their cult. And then this blog slings it back to them by being obnoxious to everyone in Amway. And then there's Tex who was obnoxious to everyone. When you're trying to get people to join your cause which was a good one, but you're an obnoxious jerk to everyone its tough to get support. Have no idea what happened because I had no contact with him outside the comments on this blog but its my guess as part of the settlement he had to remove his blog and stop commenting on others. The old Amway keep everything hush hush treatment.

  4. Actually Tex still has a blog an I see him commenting occasionally on certain venues although he's not as visible as he once was.

    IBOFB has disappeared and his own blog is dead. No new articles and no new comments in a long long time.

    Every so often, a new IBO will drop by my blog and give us the same rhetoric that I've heard so many time. I'll hear "our group isn't like that" or that Amway is different. Then they come out comparing Amway to the gym and stating that 95% of small businesses fail within a year. All the same old tired defenses of Amway.

    You'd think those brilliant uplines could come up with some original material after all these years?

    1. Hi Joecool, that's surprising about Tex and a blog. Someone left a comment and I don't remember if it was on this blog or maybe yours that Tex had shut down his blog and this was after the Amway lawsuit. I even double checked and it was gone. But maybe he just took it down for awhile.

      Oh yeah the old "our group isn't like that" usually followed by some bullshit and lies about how their upline are the most honest, nicest, moral, upstanding citizens this country has ever seen. LOL! Those Amway shysters never come up with new material. The bullshit prospects heard in the 70s and 80s is still being slung today.

    2. Amway teaches its members to give answers like parrots -- just memorize something, and repeat it over and over.

      You aren't a thinking person when you're in Amway -- you're just a human phonograph record.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Parroting the same thing over and over = Amway duplication. Those bastards can't come up with anything original. They parrot what the Amway cult leaders tell them to say. Got an answer for just about everything. Asking Ambots to invest in gay porno movies seems to shut them up.

  5. Here's a link to Tex's current blog:

    1. Ok. Somehow I remember his blog being on Blogspot.

    2. Tex had a blog called "Tex's Amway Global Blog". But due to his settlement of a lawsuit with Amway, he had to shut that one down. He later created the one that's up and running now. He even has a special subsection of his blog where it's dedicated to IBOFB, who he terms as the "village idiot". LOL


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