Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Retiring Early? Not If You’re In Amway!

Something I used to hear all the time at Amway meetings was retiring early. When I was in Amway I was always hearing fairy tales about  people who retired in their 20's. I've seen a lot of older Diamonds at Amway functions so it looks like nobody really retires. Diamonds have to keep after new recruits and make sure their downline are toeing the line and buying plenty of Amway products and investing in the tool scam. I think the more correct term is for a few IBOs is some are able to quit their day job and work Amway full time. Even more common are the IBO's who quit their day job to work Amway full time only to discover they couldn't sustain a decent level of living and had to go back to working a job again.

I've had a couple of ambots leave comments on my blog who are 19, 20 years old and they're all going to retire in a year. Yeah, yeah. Maybe if you win the lottery.

I found this article about a couple who did retire early by age 45 and they have some tips here.

Note they were not involved in any MLM scheme.

The husband worked as a technical writer and that's really only a recent career that's been around for about 20 years. The wife was a travel agent, a commission based job, but she went back to nursing school. These aren't extraordinarily high paying jobs.

They owned a house and were looking to cut housing costs but there wasn't too much room there so they rented out part of their house. I have a couple of different friends who take in foreign exchange students in their house. It doesn't pay all that well but I'd say enough to cover the monthly grocery bill and maybe a good chunk of the gas bill. Another friend of ours converted his garage into an apartment and he lived in there and rented out his house. I think a lot of people can convert part of their house into another living space to rent out if their city zoning laws allow for it and that helps pay the mortage or utility bills. I knew someone whose house was occasionally used for movie and TV shoots, exterior shots and use of the yard. Movie crews never came inside. That's one of the advantages of being a home owner instead of a renter. You can use your home to create income.

They saved their money and invested it and eventually sold their house and invested the equity. Now they travel the world. Unlike Amway Diamonds they live below their means. They seek out inexpensive places to stay and choose countries where the cost of living is low. They do not rule out taking on temporary work to supplement their income and investments.

That's the complete opposite of what we're taught in Amway: working a job is failure.

Not everyone can live like this couple not having any place that they can call home. Staying in one place for a few months and moving on to a new destination. Its not something that could easily be done if there is a family in tow.

Their plan of retiring by age 45 and traveling the world is much better than the Amway business plan of walking the beaches of the world. One is reality. The other is a fairy tale.


  1. Funny how the diamonds talk about retiring but as far as I know, not a single diamond has ever "retired" and walked away from Amway to enjoy a life of luxury. Instead we see them working until they pass away. Surely someone must know a diamond who walked away to collect residual income forever?

    1. Exactly Joecool. When you're a shyster and your income is from brainwashing a bunch of ambots, if you stop what you're doing then the income stops. Diamonds work until you die and then we all have proof that eventually evil dies.

  2. The thing that stands out about the couple you describe is that they were sensible and rational. They did intelligent and calm things to get enough money to retire. And they continued to act sensibly and rationally after they retired.

    It's completely different with Amway freaks. Those idiots are always "fired up." They are enslaved to wild enthusiasms. They think with their glands rather than with their brains. They are like lunatics talking in tongues at a revivalist meeting.

    How could anybody like that make calm and rational decisions? How can an Amway freak, screaming like a banshee at some stupid "function," ever think intelligently or sensibly?

    All he can do is fantasize about "walking the beaches of the world," or buying mansions, or living the lifestyle of the jet set. A person who is that immature and silly will never be able to think straight.

    There is a huge cultural and intellectual difference between the type of person who is sucked into the Amway cult, and the level-headed and intelligent couple that you have described here.

    1. Anonymous - I've read some stories online about people who retired in their 30's and travel. The thing these people have in common is they saved money and invested it wisely. And then they made a decision to live below their means. That meant giving up their rent or mortgage wherever they were living, selling the car, and probably travel in some of these countries where they can live on less than $1000/month. And maybe they still generate an income writing books or teaching English as a second language or something. These are the people you want to be following the advice of. Not some cult leader preaching the Amway gospel of greed.

      As you said there's a world of difference between level headed people like the ones in the article versus brainwashed Amway Ambots.

  3. Hey Micah Twiss. See #7 of our comments policy:

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    No one reading this blog gives a flying fuck about looking at a Youtube video of some lying scamming piece of shit fucking Amway asshole spouting off about quitting their job.

  4. "Micah Twiss"? You gotta be kidding! He sounds like a character out of Dickens.

    Why do people in Amway tend to have stupid names?

    1. Anonymous - I get you. And why does Amway give stupid titles to their cult followers. Eagle Ruby Double Dumb Fuck.


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