Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Amway Ambots Getting Fired Up For WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Already getting sooooooo many Amway IBO’s doing searches looking for information on World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion 2017 after they just got home from Amway Spring Leadership 2017 so I thought I’d better get a post up stat!

Before Amway Ambots even leave WWDB Amway Spring Leadership the assholes in their Amway upline have their hands out demanding they pay up NOW for Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2017. The reason for that is to take advantage that the ambots are FIRED UP after listening to the Amway cult leaders gushing on stage all weekend about how rich they are and if they can do it then so can any other Amway asshole out there. So now that the IBO’s are sure they’re gonna be RICH in 2 to 5 years and part of the agenda to getting rich in 2 to 5 years is to attend all Amway functions and the next one is coming up in 4 months so you fucking little Amway assholes better pay up NOW.

Translation: hand over a few hundred bucks for the next Amway conference now before you come down from the Amway WWDB Spring Leadership “fired up” high and change your mind about going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion or quit so its better to have your money in the Amway cult leaders pockets now.

And if you don’t hand over that money be prepared for the hell the assholes in your Amway upline will put you through until you do pay up. Threatening phone calls and texts and being humiliated in front of everyone at upcoming Amway cult meetings.

In the past Duncan Family Reunion has been held in Portland Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center but this year they’re not on the calendar. That means someone at WWDB fucked up and didn’t book in time before the slots got filled or due to declining attendance they’re holding it a smaller venue. This is one of the functions that WWDB World Wide Dream Builders and Amway put on in a year. The others are Spring Leadership, FED Free Enterprise Days and Dream Night. In 2016 Amway WWDB Family Reunion there was a conflict! Something called Bead Faire was held at the same time, same building but different meeting room. And look what I’ve just done. Created all sorts of keywords and because this blog is so high in the search engines probably gonna drag some beady visitors to this blog who don’t want piss all to do with ScAmway. Well join the club. Most people don’t want piss all to do with the Amway pyramid scheme.

Those Bead Faire people were in for hell and learned their lesson real fast after their people got sniped by Amway ambots so maybe they complained to the arena’s management about Scamway and that’s why WWDB have to find somewhere else to hold their Family Reunion cult meeting. Because Bead Faire is on the calendar this July. And not an Ambot in sight! Yahoo!

If any of you Bead Faire people got chased around by Amway ambots wanting to sign you up to their cult, feel free to leave a comment telling those Amway losers to fuck off.

Can you just imagine the confrontation between Amway Ambots and the Bead Fairers when they met in the hallways. The Amway ambots would be sneering at the Bead Fairers and saying why are you wasting all your money at Bead Faire instead of spending it at the Amway WWDB Family Reunion. Amway cult leaders say that education is a waste of time and money. Amway is the only thing out there so why are you losers going to Bead Faire.

An upcoming post will detail more about what WWDB Amway Duncan Family Reunion is all about. To sum it up, its how the Diamonds make the bulk of their income by selling tickets to this conference. One Ken and Barbie Ambot after another will stomp across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and the Amway tool scam. They’ll lead the audience in some cult chants and do some brainwashing damage and the next scammers will be up on stage.

Time for more keywords.

Duncan Family Reunion 2017

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017

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Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2015

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2016

Duncan Family Reunion 2016

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2016

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2015

WWDB Amway Spring leadership 2017

Fuck Amway!


  1. "Mr. Prince" who is the fake name of the big shot diamond in URA, always said he wanted to hold a CONference in a 12,000 seat arena. LAUGHABLE. Just dealt with a detractor on my comments page. I asked why he was busy trolling my blog instead of showing the plan and getting his next CONference ticket locked in. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    1. Hi URASucker. I can't figure out why Ambots read this blog either and then leave comments bitching about it. I don't go around reading and leaving comments on sites that don't interest me or piss me off. But then I'm not a dumb fuck Amway Ambot! I agree. Why are Ambots wasting time reading and commenting on blogs when they could be showing the plan, attending Amway cult meetings or finding someone in their Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off and take care of it for him!

    2. This entire blog is very sad It is quite fascinating that you get a kick out of hating on what other people do those who consistently belittle and mock are usually the ones who struggle the most...

    3. PSA: I'm not involved in Amway at all I just think its pathetic to see someone spend their time like this.

    4. Hi Anonymous from San Francisco. Around here its OK to hate evil companies - Amway - that cause so much financial and emotional distress to their victims. It's also OK to hate fucking Amway losers that go around destroying other people's lives. Amway and followers of the Amway cult are fucking pure shit evil and deserve to be hated and mocked and belittled. You know the same way those fucking Amway cult followers mock and belittle the rest of the world who don't worship the Great Amway God.

      And PS why do you fucking Amway losers all go around lying about not being in Amway. If someone isn't in Amway they're not doing a search for Amway Family Reunion and they're sure as hell not leaving a comment here defending Amway the Cult of Greed. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet - they're typing. Don't like what you read here? Then fuck off and don't come back.

    5. Anna, it's simply amazing how many people who "are not involved in Amway at all" show up at your blog.

      First, they had to do a search that involved the name "Amway." Then they had to go to a specific thread about where an Amway function was being held. Then they had to read a slew of comments about a company in which they "are not involved."

      And finally, they had to add their own snotty comment about how "this blog is very sad."

      What lying assholes. They are DEFINITELY involved in Amway. That's why they have come here to read the blog!

      They are just trying to put on false face of disinterested neutrality, to cover up the fact that they are enraged by what this blog is revealing about the Amway fraud.

    6. Anonymous - I agree. It is simply mind boggling that someone who's not in Amway, has no interest in Amway, and is simply a disinterested neutral 3rd party does a search for an Amway function and ends up at this blog and leaves a loving comment about the Amway cult.

      Sheer random coincidence.

  2. According to my secret sources at WWDB, attendance at these various functions like "Family Reunion" and "Spring Leadership" is indeed declining. There simply aren't enough new IBOs to fill up the venue anymore.

    And yes, there was some blowback about the 2016 confusion where WWDB and the Bead Faire people came into conflict. Because of this, the conference center decided that it didn't want to host another WWDB function, so the Ambots had to find a different place to meet this year.

    1. Anonymous - its about time some of these arenas and meeting places said hell no to Amway. I get it. It's all about money exchanging hands. But morally they should take a stand against a pyramid scheme that has caused so much financial and emotional distress. Maybe there is finally someone in charge at this arena who's gotten screwed over by Amway destroyed their family when they were a kid.

      Or it could have been numerous complaints by another group who'd booked the facility at the same time.

      When people think of family reunions they're more likely thinking of a family picnic at a park. Amway calls it Family Reunion to give people a sense of belonging. Try putting Manson in front of Family. Its got the same connotations. Which of these cults family reunion do you want to attend.


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