Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Starclient Another Worthless Piece Of Shit In The Amway Tool Scam

I’ve referred to this link before from Amquix Info about the former direct talking about the costs but now it looks like that website is dead so no point in putting in the link. This might be the only place online you can read about Amway Quixtar piece of shit Starclient.

It was interesting reading about the Starclient software. We had that the first time we were in Amway! I forgot all about it and the $75 every 6 months price tag but the author is correct - its a piece of shit. We had to fill out our order form of the shitty Amway products we (didn’t) want to buy every week and give it to our Platinum, though first we either emailed in the order or gave it over the phone I don’t recall which. I actually had a little bit of experience with Adobe and I would convert that week’s Starclient order form into a PDF file and we’d attach it and email it but the fucking assholes in the Amway upline couldn’t figure out how to click on the link and read the attachment. Amway Ambots aren’t the brightest candles around. LOL! 

And yes back in the early part of the 2000 decade we had to place an order with our upline Platinum every week and then go over and pick it up from their house. I can’t recall if Tuesday or Thursday was pick up day. We had to pay by check so if we wanted to charge Amway items to the credit card the upline instead counselled us to get a credit card check for however much money we needed and deposit it into our bank account so we’d have the money available in the account to write checks to buy Amway products from the Platinum.

Ambot and everyone else we knew who subscribed to Starclient seemed to spend most of their time on the phone with technical support. They did not have a toll free number so this was on the IBO’s nickel for the long distance call. Huge rip off at $75 for each 6 months of using it. Especially when the software didn’t work properly.

They did not have Starclient the last time we were in WWDB Amway. By this time WWDB had switched to premier membership that was $49.95/month so they could scam the IBO’s out of more money. $600 a year with premier membership as opposed to $150 a year for Starclient. What’s more  profitable for the greedy Diamonds? Also by this time all IBO’s were on the Internet placing orders and WWDB premier membership had a monthly accounting reconciliation thing effectively rendering Starclient obsolete. I’d call it useless but it was already that from day one.  

Starclient is just another example of how the upline pressures ambots to invest in the Amway tool scam.


  1. The fact that you have to spend $600 per year just to BE in Amway (or its "World-Wide Douche Bags" subsystem) is evidence enough that the entire thing is a rip-off. If you're supposedly an "Independent Business Owner," why do you have to pay a fee to stay in business?

    People in Amway are congenitally stupid.

    1. Anonymous - if you look up the definition of congenitally stupid in the dictionary you'll see a picture of an Amway Ambot! LOL!

  2. I can attest to the fact that anyone in Fucking amway is Fucking stupid and gas absolutely no critical thinking skills.

    1. Well I can see you're still Living the Nightmare. Oh no! And you got it. Everyone in Fucking Amway is Fucking Stupid. No critical thinking skills for Ambots who've been brainwashed by Amway cult leaders. All they do is duplicate what those fucking assholes say.


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