Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Make $1000 A Month In Amway And Then What?

Our sack of shit Platinum told us he’d show us how to make $1000 a month in Amway and then he’d tell us how to spend it.

Well he never did show us how we could make a thousand a month but most months Ambot easily spent around a thousand purchasing Amway products and tools or indirectly related to purchasing these items such as traveling expenses all under the rabid encouragement of the fucking assholes in his upline.

Even though we never made any money in Amway we were constantly hounded by the Platinum or others upline of us to spend our money and help make them richer.

Our sack of shit Platinum put it something to the effect that we’re going to use that thousand a month building our company and then our parents were going to get some rest. Nice how the bastard’s got his priorities straight. How does he interpret “building” an Amway business? Buying more Amway products for self consumption or inventory loading or investing in the tool scam. That’s not “building” a company. That’s purchasing shit from Amway and building Amway’s business and making their owners rich. As for our parents getting some rest, I mean what the hell? First off that’s an absolute insult to anyone in the room whose parents are already dead. Second where is it written that children are supposed to start up their own business so they can support their parents and give them some rest? And third, most of our generation’s parents were in the generation before credit cards and debt came on the scene and those parents are already retired and living nicely. They don’t need our help to get some rest cause they’re handling that just fine on their own and probably living better than us anyway.

The Platinum threatened violence against any IBO he spotted driving a new car instead of investing their money back in the Amway business. Yup he was going to punch out the IBO and smash him over and over into the new car until he beat the shit out of both of them.

No worry of anyone in our line buying a new car. They were too busy investing all their money in the Amway scam.

As for the sack of shit’s generous offer of showing us how to spend our money, no thanks asshole. If an extra thousand a month drops into my bank account I can figure out how to spend it all by myself.


  1. It's typical of an Amway Platinum to treat his down-line like children, and to dictate what they can do.

    It's hard to imagine that a free-born American citizen would let some asshole tell him that he
    "can't buy a car." Really? A person is over 21, has the money, and is not allowed to buy a car if he wants to? Since when is your up-line allowed to control your spending habits? Who the fuck elected him God?

    This is why calling Amway "the American Way" is such a goddamned lie. Amway isn't about freedom. Amway is about COMPULSION and ENSLAVEMENT. It's about some fat-assed, greedy Platinum or other big pin telling struggling IBOs that they have to do whatever he says.

    Amway isn't the American way. Amway is the Communist way.

    1. Anonymous - that's what Amway cult leaders are - dictators. Communists! This company is NOT about the American Way.

      That's why Amway assholes and I don't get along too good. An Amway asshole tells me to do something and I tell them to fuck off.

      As you pointed out, an adult should be allowed to spend their money however they see fit. Not how an Amway cult leaders commands they do it.


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