Monday, May 1, 2017

Avoid Amway Scamway

I know I’m not the only person in the world  who wonders why so many people have fallen for the Amway scam.

It can’t have anything to do with those overpriced shitty Amway products or more ambots would still be buying them once they quit Scamway. Its amazing how when ambots quit all of a sudden that Amway snake oil they’ve been flogging is no longer, the wonder cure for all that ails you and they stop using and buying it.

I think falling for the Amway scam has got more to do with wanting to belong. The Amway cult is no different than any other cults. Love bombing is huge in all cults and that is part of the Amway cult. Show up to any Scamway meeting and the ambots are all over you hugging and showering with compliments. Phony fake ass bastards who don’t give a shit about you. Except how much money they can steal off you.

Is it the Amway cult leaders who are charismatic, pretend to relate with the cult followers, and says we love you, generally depicting themselves as likeable people. Then how easy is it to brainwash the ambots to do whatever they want. Like spend more money on the Amway tool scam.

The ambot gets swayed by the Amway cult leader, brainwashed to believe everything said in regards to Amway, all things perceived negative, bad things about family and friends, and the Amway cult leader’s opinion becomes the Ambot’s opinion.

These ambots could have been people who said they could never fall for a scam. But most people want to believe in something. In the case of the preachings of the Amway cult leaders its that in 2 to 5 years you’ll be RICH!!!! There will be gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month, and you’ll be walking the beaches of the world with the other ambots who signed up the same time you did. You won’t be working a J.O.B. anymore but you’ll be laughing your asses off at the people who were “too stupid” to sign up for Amway at the same time cause they’d be joining you walking those beaches of the world. People want more out of life. They’d often like an easier lifestyle, a lifestyle of the rich and famous. The Amway cult leaders are out to scam you into thinking it’ll happen once you get onboard with the Amway pyramid scheme.

Months go past. Maybe even years for the ambots dumb enough to hang in there with the Amway cult believing they can’t quit now because success is just around the corner. The Amway cult leaders tell them that the riches at the end of the rainbow are worth waiting for. It’ll just take more time to get there. They’re persuaded by the Amway cult leaders to keep on being broke Amway losers – ironically all the while accusing everyone NOT in the Amway cult that they’re broke losers.

The Ambots believe the hyped up Amway cult leaders and the brainwashing that goes on at Amway functions and all the rah rah we’re all gonna be RICH!

Unfortunately these broke Amway losers chose the wrong path to find the opportunity they were looking for. They should have made a better decision based on the facts the small print on Amway literature – Amway has 99%+ failure rate – instead of the hype from the charismatic Amway cult leaders.

These Amway cult leaders are always on a constant search for their next victims and preach that to their followers – bring in more cult members. Seduce unfortunate suckers who are eager to get started in their own business for a couple hundred bucks. LOL. More like $500 to $700/month once all Amway related expenses are added up but the cult leaders conveniently forgot to mention all those hidden costs.

Don’t be a victim. Avoid failure. Avoid the Amway scam.


  1. Without continuous recruitment of new IBOs, Amway dies. Amway needs new IBOs the way Dracula needs blood.

    The best thing we can do is keep on publishing the truth about Amway, and how it is a complex scheme to rip people off. As word gets out about how corrupt Amway is, fewer and fewer people will be roped into the scheme.

    Already these anti-Amway blogs have essentially dried up the recruitment of new IBOs in North America. We have really fucked them over! If there were more anti-Amway blogs in Spanish, Chinese, and other languages, Amway would really be in deep shit.

    1. Anonymous - good one. Amway needs Ambots the way Dracula needs blood!

      Yup by sharing our Amway horror stories online we can help others avoid making the same mistake. I can't tell you how many people I've had leave comments that they got suckered into Amway meetings, some even signed up there, and then got home and Googled it and found this blog and other blogs and immediately quit, and leave a comment thanking us for helping them avoid making a big mistake.

      Amway sales have been declining by about 10% every year for the past few years. Attendance is declining at Amway cult meetings. And Amway is arrogant enough to think that people sharing their Amway horror stories online isn't a part of all that.

      Yeah it would be good to see bloggers in other countries in other languages get the word out there about Scamway.

      Let's just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.


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