Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Independent Review Of Amway Nutrilite Double X

You know how when you go to Scamway meetings the cult leader will be raving on about how all of Amway’s products are organic on farms owned by Amway in 3rd world countries, lovingly tended by devoted farmers and then sent to Amway laboratories to be turned into overpriced products.

Everyone knows this around this blog because Amway Ambots keep showing up with the same claims about Amway’s natural, organic products on farms owned by Amway that are used in their products and that’s what makes them superior – according to brainwashed Amway Ambots.

Am I the only person in the world who checks my products to see where they’re made or were grown? Unlikely. And I’m not going to mention specific countries here but there are some I would never buy from for a number of reasons. Third world countries do not have the same sanitary conditions that we’re used to in America. Cleanliness and product handling are not given the same care or fall under strict guidelines. Some third world countries use human waste as part of their fertilizers. There are so many ways people can pick up some bad diseases.

There are also countries that are well known to run sweat shop labor for the benefit of some big bad American company. How do you think these low paid workers feel? Pissed off? In more ways than one. Yup these pissed off employees literally piss on the product, or shit or spit on it. Getting even by spreading e coli back in the states.

Getting back to Scamway meetings, where do the cult leaders say these organic farms are located? Usually in some off the beaten path where a tourist or say a curious Ambot would not normally seek out to go there while on vacation hell probably not even search out online. This could be a farm in the Mongolian desert or deep in the Amazon jungle, you know where you got to cross the crocodile infested river to get to or sneak past a hostile military force.

These third world laborers send their produce to an Amway factory in America where the organic products are turned into XS cat piss water and snake oil treatments such as Nutrilite vitamins. That’s the general fairy tale told at Amway meetings.

A pissed off Amway worker from the Nutrilite factory stopped in to this blog to bitch about his boss, the low pay, the no benefits, you know the type of stuff that pisses off an employee enough to show up at a blog like this to get the truth out. The truth being the fairy tales told at Amway meetings about how Amway products only have organic ingredients grown on Amway farms is exactly that – Amway fairy tales. Amway purchases their products from wherever, probably not even organic, in many cases synthetic products are used. Why are synthetic products used? And not just referring to Amway here but generally speaking. Because they’re cheaper and they’re good enough for the natural product they’re replacing.

Here’s a link to a scientist who talks about Amway’s Double X products and blows the Amway Ambot myth all to hell by pointing out do you dumb fuck IBO’s even read the label. There are synthetic products in there. And then the usual comments by Amway devotees refusing to believe the truth and instead believing what they’ve been brainwashed to believe by their Amway cult leaders. And then an Amway employee at Nutrilite – presumably not the same one pissed off one who showed up to leave a comment on this blog – agrees with the scientist and says yeah you got us, those are synthetic products used and then the conversation turns all technical and boring. But here’s the link if that kind of stuff fascinates you. Or pisses you off if you’re an Amway asshole.

And probably some fucking Amway asshole is going to show up here shrieking that post is from 2007 and is only about Double X. So what? Nothing ever changes in Amway except the prices going up. And one low quality Amway product is the same as another low quality Amway product. Besides the comments have gone on for years afterwards with no changes to the low quality product Amway Nutrilite sells.

I love the comment left by a brainwashed Amway ambot with “facts” about Nutrilite and the scientist agrees those are impressive claims. Unfortunately mostly not true! LOL! And then she comes back to say why are you bashing Amway. Gee, where have had I heard that before – like every comment left on this blog by an Ambot! To which the response is, not bashing, just getting the truth out there.

Wrap it up in a bow and the scientist recommends cheaper vitamins out there that also have synthetic products, no different than Amway’s Nutrilite vitamins. Just save your money and get similar quality. Like its well known that Amway sells generic and substandard products at premium prices and gets its sale force ambots to lie about the high quality and natural organic products and its better for you and all the other canned brainwashed bullshit that Amway Ambots spout off. Amway lacks high quality vitamins and minerals in their Nutrilite line – no matter how many lies an Amway Ambot will tell you to buy their snake oil.


  1. Nutrilite vitamins, XS energy drink, Perfect Water, and all of the other Amway products are nothing but low-grade crap. Period.

    Amway won't tell you where the junk is made, for the simple reason that people would be appalled by an honest answer. The stuff comes from unregulated, underpaid, unsanitary Third-World shitholes.

    1. Anonymous - all Amway products are shit. Amway produces low quality shit that probably costs no more than a dollar including the packaging and then jacks up the price so the shyster owners can make a huge profit and so any Ambot who sells that product can earn a few pennies commission and everyone in the upline can also earn a commission on the sale.

      And where can companies buy low quality cheap shit. In 3rd world countries, and as you said unregulated, underpaid, unsanitary conditions.


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