Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Not Living The Amway Nightmare

The resurrection of this post is dedicated to one of our readers who signs off as Living the Amway Nightmare.

I am one of the lucky ones who got away from the evil clutches of the Amway cult. Though these evil bastards had their clutches into Ambot and never me I suffered greatly through financial and emotional distress that those Amway assholes brought into our lives.

However I lived to tell about it and here we are at this blog. Getting the story of how I suffered at the hands of those evil Amway IBO’s helps others who are struggling within the evil grip of this cult.

One of the things I always heard at Amway meetings from one of the cult leaders was that they wake up and get out of bed when they’re done sleeping and wouldn’t the rest of us like to do that too.

Some of us already do that and have been doing that for many years. I wake up when I’m done sleeping. I’m usually done before 8am! I’ve got things to do and I need to haul my ass out of bed and get going.

I often heard Amway cult leaders talk about their last day at a regular job and how they busted their alarm clock. I bet soon enough they’ll regret that childish little move!

Just because I’m used to waking up whenever doesn’t mean I never set my alarm clock. I frequently get called upon to drive people to the airport. Oh yeah lets call Anna for a ride she doesn’t have anything better to be doing anyway. And what’s with everybody I know who seem to book flights for 7 or 8 in the morning????  That means hauling my sorry ass out of bed around 5am and I definitely have to set the old alarm clock for that one!

This weekend you can bet somewhere an Amway meeting or rally or event is being held. And there’s Amway WWDB Family Reunion coming up in July. Probably in places that are a pain in the ass to get to. Amway Ambots will be frantically searching for an alarm clock to make sure they get out of bed in time to make their flight or the drive.

The point is that those Amway cult followers going to Amway functions are likely having to set their alarm both while on the road and while in their hotel to make sure they wake up in time to get to the cult meetings.

So why all this interest in alarm clocks and waking up? Yup you guessed it. Keeping up with my usual wake up when I’m done sleeping today I slept in and I missed a couple of things I wanted to do! LOL!

Ambot’s advice? Tomorrow I should set my alarm clock!


  1. Amway, like all cults, has a mythology that is part and parcel of their worship and rituals. This mythology is effective because it has a strong visual component.

    Take the "Smash your alarm clock!" nonsense. It presents a strong visual image of you with a hammer in your hand, destroying a hated object. Everyone can see it, and everyone can sympathize with it.

    Take the bullshit about "Walking the beaches of the world." That's pure mythology too, but it is visually appealing. Who hasn't dreamt on occasion of taking a nice leisurely stroll along a beautiful beach?

    Then there's the ritual of becoming some kind of big pin, and being publicly honored at an Amway function. You and your wife in your best clothes, walking up to a stage, being applauded by everyone, and getting "edified" by some asshole Diamond -- what a visually seductive scene that is!

    Note also that your up-line will urge you to put photos of all the things you dream about having on your refrigerator door or your bulletin board, so that you can see them every day and be reminded of why you are slaving for Amway. That too is purely visual.

    Why do the fat-cat Diamonds show up at all the functions? Sure, they want a cut of the money. But they also go because it is essential that they BE SEEN by the IBOs, who expect to be dazzled by the presence of their great heroes. It's all part of the mythology.

    All mythology is visual, primarily. This is why mythology is so influential and lasting.

    1. Anonymous - that Amway mythology makes sense.

      In Amway the upline all imagined themselves as royalty or big rock stars. Both those scenarios come with money, adoration, status, fame and being applauded and worshipped. As you pointed out, very seductive to those dumb ass Amway Ambots who live in a world of make believe.

      Especially appealing to broke Amway losers to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

      Same with walk the beaches of the world - the canned bullshit Amspeak heard at every Amway meeting. That is visually appealing - walking white sand beaches with deck chairs, umbrellas and cabanas and staff running around serving up cocktails. And of course all of this is funded by the bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway.

      Photos or pages ripped from magazines or printed online were plastered all over the house when you visited the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Forget being limited to bulletin boards and the fridge. Every spare spot on every wall in the house was full of photos those greedy Amway bastards covet.

      Amway mythology - influential and lasting. That sounds about right.


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