Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amway Ambots And Smoke And Mirrors

At sometime in our lives, we have been or are likely to be approached by recruiters of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing (NM) organizations, promising a great new business opportunity that only takes a few hours a week and yet will eventually net you a thousand dollars a week to put you on the road to becoming financially independent.  As many of us know, the biggest of these organizations is Amway, followed by many smaller copycats, each with their own variations, all trying to make you think they're better than the other. 

MLM's are notorious for presenting to you a barrage of smoke and mirrors that mislead you with hype and emotionalism that feeds on your deepest needs while subduing your reason and common sense.  They usually start with catchy lines like "Are you tired of working for someone else?" and "Would you like to be your own boss?" followed by "How would you like to earn an extra thousand dollars a week in your spare time?" and "What if you could do this part time while keeping your regular job?" 

Nope those are not my words but they could have been written by me or just about anyone else who has been screwed over by some fucking ambot and fucking Amway.

A good article, though long read

Yes I’ve heard all of the above that I quoted. We’ve been harassed by fucking Amway IBO’s to join their scam except the liars neglect to tell you there’s a less than 1% chance of making money. Instead they feed you that bullshit about working 10 to 15 hours a week and making thousands of dollars. Put in two to five years and the residual income will be rolling in forever and we’ll be financially independent for the rest of our lives.

I’ve heard all those lines, though I still have never been able to grasp how my Ambot fell for being tired working for someone else and would you like to be your own boss seeing as how he hasn’t had an employer in many years. I’m  not really sure what line that fucking arrogant prick sponsor got him on other than the part about working only a few hours a week for a couple of years and never working again for the rest of your life while residual income rolls in forever. When people near retirement age they often look for other forms of income and investments to help make the retirement years a little nicer.

Anyway, that’s today’s contribution. A link to a thought provoking article that does not entirely focus on Amway.


  1. This is the basic lie and contradiction of Amway.

    On the one hand, they tell you "It's easy! All you have to do is duplicate your up-line perfectly. And you can do it just in your spare time!"

    On the other hand, when they come here to defend Amway, these same people scream "It's NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme! You have to put in a lot of effort, and work HARD!"

    Well, which is it, guys? Let's have a straight answer, without Amway double-talk.

    1. Anonymous - that's what I want to know. Which is it? Hard or easy? Somebody's lying here. They're all in Amway - they're all lying. Change the lies to suit the purpose. If they're recruiting some sucker into the Amway cult the promises of how easy it is to make tens of thousands of dollars in the next few months. And when it doesn't happen screeching about how the prospect didn't try hard enough and didn't put in the hard work.

      Like we need any further proof that Amway Ambots are a bunch of lying scamming losers.

    2. MLM is full of contradictions. They knock education and jobs, yet if you view their corporate payroll, you will find a high number of multi-million dollar earners with JOBS (and benefits).

    3. Anonymous and Anna,

      On the Joecool blog, there were two comments on the same thread at nearly the same time from two different Amwayers that were perfect contradictions.

      The first Amwayer kept saying it is all about selling the product. They are salespersons, and they need to sell, sell, sell (that may actually be a direct quote, but I can't remember).

      The second Amwayer actually said, Amway has nothing to do with sales. They were much more focused on the "Opportunity" and the recruitment approach (illegal pyramid strategy).

      Needless to say I was flabbergasted by these comments and called them out on it. Neither Amwayer returned to comment...

    4. Hi tolobelt. Yup, we've had an Amway employee who worked in one of their warehouses who was pissed off when the big wigs from corporate showed up to sneer at them. And he complained all the big wigs all get the big salaries and benefits while the staff got nothing in the way of benefits. But what else do you expect when you work for a corrupt corporation.

    5. Hi John Doe. Those Amway scammers talk out of both sides of their mouth. They match the lie to suit the situation.

      No Amway Ambot will respond when you trap them in a lie. They'll have to counsel with upline first to see how to answer and then they'll get a shit kicking when the Amway cult leader finds out they were on a "negative" web site.

      By the way the 2nd Ambot is right. Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap. Pyramid scheme!

  2. They are full of double speak, it depends on the argument at hand. The work hard / not work hard is one.

    Certainty is another. When we ask them about the 99% failure rate, then they say no business guarantees success. Yet the reason to submit to an upline even in ridicilous unrelated aspects of personal life is because the system is proven, reliable and can be trusted if it is followed exactly. Huh?

    Another one is low startup costs. The one day you hear startup costs is only the cost of a starter pack. Then you hear but you have to endure a few years of standing orders, training, conferences and weekly time investment before you'll see net returns. That's really in their own words, not low startup costs. So which is it, low startup costs or not?

    The sad thing is there is no point reasoning. Once they are in a corner the "shut out the negatives" kicks in. Then they say "enjoy your J.O.B, don't steal my dreams" . The last guy that said it to me knew I had my own business (he still had a job after many years in Amway). The line was so programmed and rehearsed the irony of the context never got to him.

    Amway does not only rob people of finances and time, it robs them of their mind.

    1. kwaaikat - yup nowhere else will you find as much double talk as you will inside the Amway cult.

      An nowhere but in Amway will you discover that "working hard" doesn't mean more money. It just means working harder.

      As you pointed out you can not reason with a brainwashed Amway cult member. This is what is so infuriating to the wives (or husbands), family, and friends. Ambots will not listen to reason that they're in a pyramid scheme, they're in a cult, they're losing money. It's infuriating that you can't reason with a brainwashed Amway Ambot and frustrating that the Ambot is driving you to financial ruin.

  3. A convinced Amway freak is like a Communist, a Nazi, or a religious fanatic. He is incapable of rational argumentation or civilized debate. The minute you make a significant criticism of Amway, he'll scream "Stinking thinking!", as if that were a valid answer to your point.

    That's exactly like a Communist screaming "Bourgeois capitalist!" at you, or a Nazi screaming "Untermensch!" at you, or a religious fanatic screaming "Infidel and heretic! at you.

    The people in Amway who are "Core" are they very worst. These are idiots who have dedicated their entire lives and being to the Amway God. They are utterly brainwashed lunatics.

    Kwaaikat is quite correct. In Amway, you don't just lose money. You lose your mind.

    1. Ha ha. People can scream at me in other languages and it doesn't hurt my feelings in the slightest. And when it comes to Amway losers they can scream their religious bullshit insults all they want to prove what we say around here - Ambots are a bunch of brainwashed lunatics. And fucking assholes! They seem to enjoy showing up here leaving comments to prove it too! All they do is prove that Amway Ambots are a bunch of negative, ugly sneering bastards.

      Yup sign up to the Amway cult and lose your money and your mind.

  4. I don't know how the compensation structure is now, but back when I was an "IBO" if I recall correctly, there was some kind of PV/BV differential you had to have between your total and that of your recruits/downline in order to get bonuses. So you certainly would benefit from having personal retail sales (beyond your own product usage). That being said, I think my upline were not as bad as some of the others I've heard about. But I still heard at least 90% of the things you've described in your blog either directly or at regional events.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah it's all this complicated PV and BV bullshit that I never really got. Each Amway product is allocated a certain number of points, PV which I think stands for points volume. Amway cult leaders push the Ambots to buy products with higher points like Nutrilite vitamins. Products that are purchased through "partner stores" that Ambots love to brag so much about have lower points assigned. In order to be eligible to earn a commission check from Amway - the Ambot has to buy products with points totalling up at least 100. 100 PV means the Ambot is buying around $300 so very loosely with each dollar spent on Amway products the Ambot earns around 33 cents. BV is the bonus volume and that's how much the Ambot and anyone in their downline or customers is buying and there's an extra bit of commission added on for the bonus volume. Most Ambots get around 3% BV on just what they self-consume without customers or downline. Go to any Amway cult meeting and the bastards are all bullshitting and lying about where they're at in BV like I'm 9% BV. Amway is all about throwing out all kinds of numbers to confuse everyone.

      I can't tell you how many times I've read comments left here or on other blogs describing their Amway experiences and its like I could have been in the same room with them.


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