Monday, May 8, 2017

Sex Problems And Amway Products

Dozens of Ambot searchers end up at this blog after searching for “Amway sex” or “Amway sex products”. Or “Double X is good for sex”.

The latest searcher is having sex problems and thinks they’re related to Amway products. Or possibly looking for Amway products to solve the sex problems.

Let me break it down simply:

Sex problems?

Not getting laid?

Are you in Amway?

Mystery solved!

Amway = huge turn off.

Come on guys! You’re in Amway and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any? Couldn’t have anything to do with you bringing a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products into the house could it?

Couldn’t have anything to do with bringing a bunch of fucked up brainwashed arrogant asshole cult members into the house could it?

If you have a woman in your life that you love you need to be always looking for more ways to love her, NOT looking for other things that you can love more than her.

The assholes in the Amway upline insist Amway must always come first. Tough shit if you’re celebrating something else in your life the same night an Amway meeting is on or if your upline holds an impromptu mandatory meeting.

Women like security. They like owning a house. They like real food in the house. They like having products in the house that they’ve purchased for a reasonable price and they actually use. They like money in the bank. They like having investments.

The Amway pyramid scheme offers no security. Own a house? The upline probably doesn’t and is jealous if you do. They will “counsel” you to sell your house, your security to a place to live where you’re not forced to live under someone else’s rules. The assholes in the Amway upline want you sell the house and then you use that money to pay off the credit card debt you’ve been running up to buy Amway products and tools and then they look like smart ass moneybags financial guru that they got ambot out of debt and the ambot will kiss their ass and shower them with undying worship and probably a bunch of gifts. What happens next is the ambot starts over all again using the credit card to buy more Amway shit. In debt again soon enough but now without the security of owning a house. You will never have financial independence as long as you’re a renter and working for Amway. There is no money to buy real food once $300+ has been spent buying shitty overpriced Amway groceries with no nutritional value: Perfect Water, XS Energy Drinks, food bars, vitamins, etc. Overpriced cleaning products? Bullshit when there are better products for lower prices readily available in the marketplace. Investments? Not in Amway. Need to cash them in to buy more Amway shit. No money in the bank.

Women don’t like that. They hate to see Amway destroying their lives. They hate to see fucking Amway products in the house, the cause of the credit card debt and no money in the bank, and no extra money for investments. The emotional turmoil of dealing with the fucked up Amway cult leaders is sheer hell. Unable to convince their husband to get out of this evil Amway cult is frustrating and causes a lot of anger.

Women don’t want NOTHING to do with Amway. And that might get around to including their Amway brainwashed ambot husband.

So if you need to do a search on the Internet to figure out why Amway isn’t the huge sex turn on you thought it would be, I can tell you why.

Putting a fucking company over the woman you love? BAD idea.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head, Anna.

    Nothing turns off a woman more than uncertainty, insecurity, and financial distress. A major purpose in getting a husband is to banish those things from her life!

    If she's unfortunate enough to have a husband who is unlucky or not adept at business, well... that's a tragedy for both of them, and maybe sheer love and mutual devotion will carry them through. After all, she married the guy "for richer or for poorer." Amor vincit omnia.

    But if it's Amway that has caused their financial ruin, that's something completely different! In that case, the woman has every right to be pissed off! Amway is such an obvious fraud, and such a blatant rip-off, that the woman is bound to feel great resentment against her husband for getting them involved in it. Under those circumstances, she won't want intimacy with him. It's one thing to sleep with your poor husband who has, through no fault of his own, been unfortunate. It's quite another to sleep with an idiot who is bankrupting you to satisfy some fat-assed Platinum.

    And that's why there are so many stupid Ambots searching the internet for answers to their inquiries about "Amway Sex."

    There ain't no Amway Sex.

    1. Anonymous. I'd agree that unless a woman is independently wealthy and doesn't require a man to provide for her, in many instances women do not make enough income and a 2nd income provided by a significant other is required to provide security and eliminate financial distress.

      Amway is not about eliminating financial and emotional distress. Instead Amway is the cause of it.

      Not all men have it in them to provide a nice income and as you said if a woman is truly in love for richer or poorer that's the choice she made. You can't help who you fall in love with.

      However when poor financial choices are made such as getting involved in a pyramid scheme that's a whole other story. Its not the same thing as making a bad choice on the stock market. You buy stocks and hope they increase in value. You buy in to Amway's sucker "business plan" you got no hope of increasing your assets no matter how many lies an Amway cult leader feeds you.

      Women don't want to sleep with idiots who are leading them to bankruptcy just cause some fucking Amway sack of shit platinum is holding out the road map.

      Its like the Seinfeld soup nazi. If you're a brainwashed Amway Ambot - no sex for you!

    2. "Amway is not about eliminating financial and emotional distress. Instead Amway is the cause of it."

      Ugh. I was raised Mormon (another cult that takes your money-- luckily only 10% of it), and one of the best summaries of it I've seen, and applicable to all cults, is that it creates a problem for you (you are fallen, sinful, and unworthy of heaven) as well as its solution.

      I'm pretty pro-capitalism, but one of the more annoying parts of capitalist markets is that companies try to sell their product by convincing you to have an anxiety that only their product can cure. For Amway, that's "needing financial freedom." One of my good friends fell into Amway's embrace, despite the fact that his job right after college paid extremely well for where he was living, and yet all he could talk about was how he was burdened and chained by debt. Student loans aren't fun, but. . . really? Your boss is exploiting you by giving you a salary that you can live comfortably on?

      One of the things that REALLY bug me about Amway is the disdain for the every-man. Jet-setting, walking-on-the-beach lifestyles are only sustainable when you have things like factory workers to make your flip-flops, and hotel night attendants to check you into your destination. Partying is fun, but all of the elements of a party come from ordinary people often doing very boring jobs. Garbage men, factory workers, truck drivers, janitors, farmers, waitresses, the list goes on. Showing disdain for the people who make the luxurious lifestyle Ambots desire seems a little counterproductive. And rude.

    3. Hi Ally. Thanks for stopping by with your story.

      One of the reasons this blog exists is to treat Amway Ambots the way they treat the rest of the world. But those dumb Ambots are too stupid to get the irony.

      Ambots have this snotty snobby Amway attitude that they're better than everyone else.

      Of course Ambots show up here denying it but too many people leave comments saying how their friends and family have changed for the worse after signing up to Amway. The Amway pyramid scheme takes nice people and changes them into nasty sneering condescending bastards.

      Mormons may only have to tithe 10% of their income. The Great Amway God demands all of the Ambot's money and wants more than they have - in the way of making the Ambots go into debt to keep buying Amway products and tools.

  2. I've lost my wife to this Cult.
    She beat the shit out of me when i mentioned i didn't think it was working.
    I would feel safer burning the Quran in Iran than saying anything bad about amway in my house.
    Fuck you Amway! Ive spent 4 years raising our child whilst her mother has been out getting fed with your false promises.
    Thanks for fucking up my marriage.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear your wife is in the Amway cult. And that was a good point about being safer burning a Quran in Iran than saying anything bad about Amway or their cult leaders. That's exactly how I felt too. Saying anything against the Amway cult to a devoted worshipper of the Great Amway God means hell to pay.

      Yours is one of the stories I've seen more of the past 2 or 3 years where its the husband complaining of the wife in Amway. Usually its the other way around, more men in Amway because its a male chauvinist pig club. One of our readers went through a nasty divorce because of his wife's in the Amway cult and then becoming romantically involved with someone in her upline.

      After 4 years you need to accept your wife is a lifer in the Amway cult. She's not going to quit, not when success if just right around the corner. You're supporting the household and probably her expensive Amway habit too. She can't do Amway without you covering the living expenses. Do you really want to be married to someone who is dragging you into financial ruin, doesn't give a shit about you, your child, or your marriage, and is causing you emotional distress?

      I'd say get your ducks in a row and talk with a lawyer. Maybe you can sue the fucking assholes in her Amway upline for fraud.


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