Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Strike It Rich In Amway? Unlikely

Have you ever had an Amway Ambot ask you if you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss and be rich? That’s a common line used in Amway the Cult of Greed when prospecting new cult members.

Unless your last name is Van Andel or DeVos you don’t own an Amway business. And you will never be your own boss as long as you’re working for these shysters as a low paid commissioned sales rep.

What about being rich? Again unless your last name is Van Andel or Devos you’re unlikely to strike it rich in Amway unless you’re a Diamond who’s started his own cult sect and sells tickets to suckers who want to listen to him spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak bullshit.

Can you get rich from Amway? To see the Scamway “business plan” on paper or drawn on a chalkboard and all these circles and you find 6 people and they each find 6 people and so on and so forth and then you’ll all be rich it looks good. The reality of actually executing it is pretty much impossible. 

You got a better chance at winning the lottery than getting rich in Amway.

But what does rich mean? Well it means different things to different people. Just like the word success. People define it differently.

As for rich, well let’s start with fucking Amway losers and their definition of rich. Or more precisely their definition of broke. Those fucking Ambots show up here sneering at me for being broke. An Amway Ambot’s definition of broke is someone who owns their own house, a real business (NOT a pretend Amway “business”), has nice cars, income of around the same amount that Amway’s brochures say a Diamond earns, has savings and a net worth in the mid 6 figures. That’s the Amway Ambot definition of broke. 

However there are many people out there who could say that the Amway Ambot definition of broke actually sounds pretty decent to them and compared to their current circumstances might be considered rich to some people.

Amway Ambots apparently have very high standards of what they consider rich. Or broke.

For some people they might define rich as running their own business, able to pay all their bills and not having to work a day job to get by.

That above definition will never apply to an Amway Ambot as long as they’re playing pretend Amway “business owner”. Shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to make $10 commission will not allow them to pay their bills and they’ll have to work a day job to afford their expensive Amway habit and struggle to pay down the credit card they’re using to buy shitty overpriced Amway products.

For some people striking it rich might mean the freedom to set their own hours and not answer to a boss ever again.

The above definition is something that Amway Ambots aspire to be but won’t happen as long as they’re playing  pretend business owner and answering to an Amway cult leader.

On another level some people say their idea of rich is working a part time job or running a business part time so they can spend more time on their hobbies and family and friends.

What is more valuable to us than time. That’s how some people define rich. Time. You can’t make more of it.

Other people say being rich is earning enough money to take nice vacations or savings for their retirement.

Some people say their idea of rich would be making 100k either from their job or running their own business. Others say that 100k is too much for their idea of rich, they don’t need that much to live a nice life.

Anyway you get my drift. Everyone has different ideas on what they consider rich. An Amway Ambot has fucked up ideas on what they consider rich and broke. But their idea is actually the idea of some fucking asshole in their Amway upline. Brainwashed Ambots aren’t allowed to have original thoughts.

Yup let’s just send out another big old fuck you to every fucking Amway asshole out there.


  1. The Amway definition of "broke" is this: If you're not involved in Amway, you're broke and are a loser.

    I remember when that asshole Charlie Marsh was around in the old days. He'd say that he actually liked it when someone said "No' to him after he showed them the Plan.

    Charlie's reason was as follows: "When somebody turns down the Amway Plan, I know that I've just met another broke loser who is stupid!"

    So the Amway attitude is basically religious: "If you're not a part of our sacred church, you are an infidel who is condemned to perdition!"

    It has nothing to do with your money or your net worth. If you are a multi-millionaire and you aren't in Amway, the freaks will call you a broke loser.

    It's ironic that the people calling Anna Banana and Joe Cool "broke" are people who make ten bucks a month commission, and who drive around in a 1970s jalopy held together with chewing gum and baling wire.

    1. Anonymous - and my definition of people in Amway is that they're broke and losers!

      LOL! Ambots hate it when you force back in their face what they preach!

      And Charlie is no different than every other Amway cult leader I've met. They all say the same thing whenever someone tells them no to Amway its because they're too stupid to "get it" and they're doomed for eternity to be broke losers.

      Exactly. It doesn't matter how much money you have - you could be Bill Gates or the Queen of England - and Amway Ambots will still call you a broke loser if you're not in the Amway cult.


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