Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Amway IBO’s Are Commissioned Sales Reps

One of the biggest arguments that people being prospected by an Amway IBO come up with are that they are not salespeople and are not interested in being a salesperson. The brainwashed IBO fights back with the response that Amway is not about selling: register, set up a store, buy from your own store, convince family and friends to shop at your Amway store, and sign up others to join Amway and teach them to do what you do.

Yeah almost anything looks possible on paper but the reality of trying to get it off the ground is another story.

Ambots argue that Amway is not a pyramid scheme because they have actual products for sale. Overpriced, substandard products, but nevertheless an actual product for sale.

Amway’s own sales figures show that less than 4% of their sales are to people who are not registered IBO’s so the other 96% are IBO’s who are self consuming their own products or inventory loading. When the IBO’s are not self consuming their own products or inventory loading they are on a rabid quest to recruit others to do the same thing.

Self consuming, inventory loading, recruiting new cult followers. Pyramid scheme!

I argued with Ambot that I am not a salesperson therefore Amway is not a good business choice for us. I don’t have a sales type personality like many people who are not comfortable approaching a stranger and striking up a conversation and hope to sell them a house, a car, or a pair of shoes. Our upline told us we didn’t have to be good salespeople to make our riches in Amway. That was one of many lies told to us. Amway “independent business owners” are really commissioned salespeople and to some extent everyone has to sell either the Amway business module or Amway products.

Or those who can’t do either self consume and inventory load Amway products so they can get the PV and into a higher bonus bracket for paltry commission checks from Amway.

Ambot had been brainwashed by his upline to believe he didn’t have to sell Amway products to make it big in the business which is what he tried to convince me. What!? What do all those fucking board plans say? You make your money in Amway buying their products and recruiting other people who will also buy Amway products. You have to be good at selling Amway products and good at selling the business opportunity to convince someone else to pay $150 to sign up and spend $300 month buying Amway products to consume. In other words be good at selling hope and dreams. You have to also be good at motivating any downline you sign up not to quit and to keep buying Amway products and investing in the tool scam.

Seeing as how I’m  not good at selling I was unable to sell Ambot on the truth that he was really a commissioned salesperson in a futile business venture. Nobody wants to buy Amway’s shitty overpriced products and no one wants to join the Amway cult. That has nothing to do with his sales ability. Its just that he’s chosen a lousy product to believe in and a lot of people in the states are already aware of the Amway scam.

Amway’s shitty reputation for overpriced substandard products and cult practices makes it really hard to sell others on this poor business opportunity no matter how good a salesperson you are.


  1. A business where you don't sell your products but consume them yourself, or get other people to self-consume products with you as a supplier, is NOT a business.


    Amway freaks cover up this fact by giving the practice weird and meaningless names, like "prosuming" or "buying from your own store."

    For IBOs who are even too stupid to understand those fake terms, the Amway freaks say "You're helping others!" or "You're making friends!" or (the stupidest line of all) "You're becoming a better person!"

    Imagine if Coca-Cola only sold 4% of its soda to the general public, and 96% of it was self-consumed by the employees of the Coca-Cola company. We'd all recognize this as laughably insane. But people in Amway don't see that this is exactly what is happening with their so-called "independent business."

    1. Anonymous - Amway IS an act of insanity! How many times do I have to say if you "own your own business" and your only customer is yourself - then you're a dumb fuck! That's an unsustainable business. Real business owners need real products that real people actually want to buy so they can turn a profit.

      In Amway the fucking assholes in your Amway upline constantly say even if you don't make money you'll be a nicer person. Like WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! You don't own a business to become a nicer person, though that might end up being a side effect. You own a business to make money, make a profit.

      Who owns a business to help others, make friends or become a better person. As you said - Amway FREAKS! Ambots know piss all of what it's like to be a real business owner. Real business owners have to make real decisions when it comes to profit and loss and sometimes cutting their losses and shutting down. You can't keep running an unsustainable business with continuous losses.

      The Coca Cola analogy is a good one. An Amway Ambot won't get it.


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