Monday, May 15, 2017

What Happens If You Don’t Attend Amway Meetings?

An ambot who must be on the verge of quitting posed the question “if you don’t attend Amway meetings what happens” into the old Google search engine.

Well first of all and most importantly you will feel a tremendous amount of relief that you have escaped from an Amway cult meeting! No brainwashing tonight!

The next thing that happens is that you’ll be up shit creek with your Amway upline. Remember how when you were a kid and your mother used to bitch at you everytime you brought a frog or snake into the house? Well your mama ain’t got nothing on those fucking Amway assholes who will bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch because you didn’t show up for a cult meeting!

When you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot there ain’t NOTHING in your life that comes ahead of Amway. NOTHING!

If you skip a meeting because your spouse or family has something else planned or you got called in to work, the fucking assholes in your Amway upline will phone and text and bitch and bitch and bitch at you for missing a “very important” Amway meeting. And they ain’t done giving you shit just for missing one meeting. The sack of shit Platinum will mock and ridicule you to the group of people who did show up for the Amway meeting and the next time you show up the sack of shit Platinum will mock you and embarrass you in front of the other ambots for your disobedience because you have a life and had something else to do than go to a fucking Amway cult meeting.

So that answers the question of the hell you’ll go through by the Amway upline assholes if you miss an Amway meeting.

And really why even do an Internet search to find the answer to that question because you pretty much know the answer because you’ve been to other Amway meetings when an ambot didn’t show up and listened to the Amway cult leader rant about it for an hour. You know what’s going to happen when those Amway assholes gossip about the missing ambot. You’ve heard it before and been part of the ambot group mentality who laughed at the expense of the dumb ass ambot who dared not to show up for an Amway cult meeting.

The bigger picture is once you miss an Amway meeting then its easier to miss another Amway meeting and then another and another and then skip the next Amway function. That’s what the upline Amway assholes are afraid of. Missing ambot = missing money going into their pockets. Once an ambot stops going to Amway meetings and listening to the fucked up Amway assholes on CDs and functions they begin to deprogram themselves and stop buying shitty overpriced useless Amway products. With a clearer head they realize they’re not making money in Amway and start looking around on the Internet and realize that over 99% of IBO’s lose money. That suggests that “success is not right around the corner” as the Amway upline assholes pretend it is.

Yup. Good bye! See ya!

But hey what happens if you still want to hang out with the assholes in your Amway upline? Maybe you actually like the WWDB world wide destructive bastards. You can still be friends right?

Nope. Amway assholes are only friends with people who pay them to be friends by buying Amway products and motivational tools. These greedy bastards are not friends with anyone who is not giving them money.

So besides saving time and money what happens if you don’t attend an Amway meeting?

Once you get past the shit kicking the Amway upline assholes give you and that abuse is going to make most people not want to go to any more Amway meetings then a peaceful calm descends over your life once again. You start to get your financial situation under control. Emotionally you start to get your life back on track and repair relationships you destroyed while in the Amway cult.

The best part is you no longer have to put up with Amway assholes!

It is so liberating to say to your Amway upline: FUCK YOU!

Or in the case of this blog: fuck all of you Amway assholes!


  1. I was once given the spiel - and rejected it, because I was making too much money in my current job - I did have a second job that paid a decent amount of money and had no time to sign up for this.

    The bullshit alarm went off when I said "look, I'm really too busy to do this, but you can do me a big favor -- give me your catalog. I can use a lot of this stuff - the soap, etc., there's a lot in there I need, because I don't have the time to go shopping..." ... the guy went ballistic and said I'm mentally dead.... and told me that I don't really want a catalog....

    I had a family member who got into it (and out of it) ...

    1. Anonymous - the spiel you got was probably the same one your family member got! Nothing ever changes in Amway.

      Amway Ambots always go ballistic when someone doesn't want to join their cult. Throwing out insults and sneering at you because you're not a "business owner" and you'll be broke or dead by the time you're 65.

      Amway Ambots are a bunch of broke losers and nothing brings them more happiness than bringing misery to other peoples lives.

      You dodged a bullet.

  2. What's great about not attending an Amway meeting is that it is like the Declaration of Independence. You are telling your fat-assed and arrogant up-line that you aren't taking shit from him any longer. You are also telling him that there are many more important things in the world than selling low-grade soap products and crappy cosmetics.

    This is why your non-attendance at an Amway meeting is like an earthquake for your up-line. It shows (publicly and openly) that not everyone is a mindless robot who follows orders blindly. And your non-presence at the meeting is a sign of that to other Ambots. This is why your up-line has to spend so much time abusing and berating you as a "loser" and a "traitor" when you don't show up. He has to reinforce the obedience syndrome in the other Ambots, lest they too decide to exercise their freedom.

    I suggest the following to Ambots: When your up-line calls you on the phone in a rage, demanding to know why you missed a meeting, just say "I had more important things to do," and hang up on him.

    The stupid Amway fuck will get the message.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Love it! "You are telling your fat-assed and arrogant up-line that you aren't taking shit from him any longer. You are also telling him that there are many more important things in the world than selling low-grade soap products and crappy cosmetics."

      Yup that's why Amway cult leaders spend so much time attacking and berating and mocking the Ambots who didn't show up at meetings. It's to keep the rest of the cult followers in line as a warning they better not show that kind of disobedience.

      I disagree that an Amway Ambot will get the message when you tell him you have more important things to do and hang up. Amway cult leaders are unrelentless in their vicious attacks against disobedient Ambots. There will follow a never-ending barrage of insulting text messages and phone calls.

      Way to motivate and encourage your followers! Way to bring up moral!

      Its just more reasons why people hate those fucking Amway assholes.


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