Thursday, June 29, 2017

Amway River House Still For Sale?

After many years there doesn't seem to be any movement on the mansion the Puryears built from their income scamming poor little ambots into buying overpriced Amway shit and useless books and tapes and CDs and other products that make up the Amway tool scam.

The original price was $20 million back when this blog first started. Then the cult leaders dropped it down I think by 2 million and then dropped the price again and its sat priced at $15,995,000 for years.

Has it sold? I don’t know for sure. Maybe and the new owners are trying to unload this elephant at a loss. Now that the kingpin Amway cult leader bit the dust and when you’re the name of the game business is going to hit the shitter so the widow must be getting worried about unloading this monster and dropped the price. The last link from the last time we updated this house doesn’t work, so figuring they’re using the same realtors I did a search for properties over $5,000,000 and came up with --- NOTHING! Did the fucker sell? And then we discovered they changed to Century 21 and this link  The last price was $10,995,000 in 2015 and today’s price is $8,995,000 so I’m not sure when in the past year or 2 it dropped in price whether it was one big chunk or it dropped in increments over 2 years or if the lower price came when they switched realtors. Pictures look the same. Looks like the same cul-de-sac- those 2 guys on the minibike were riding on while yelling “Go Diamond”! Looks like the same stairway to the river. Looks like the same boathouse. What are the odds that more than one dumb fuck built similar looking mansions in an area undesirable for these monster houses. (edited to add - we found that dumb fuck! LOL!) They might as well built it in Detroit! The place hasn’t sold. Has dropped to less than half the original asking price. And it still won’t sell. Come on you Amway Ambots who brag about paying for everything in cash. Just buy it and put your cult leaders out of their misery!

Obviously it’s a huge beautiful house. You’d think ambots would be lining up to buy this place. I mean they’re always showing up here bragging about how much money they’re making in Amway. They should be able to afford it no problem – right? Unless they’re lying little bastards about how much money they’re really making in Amway – right? Yeah I must be right. I figure the mortgage has to be around 40-50,000/month, maybe less now that the price dropped. Ambots are always showing up here bragging they make way more money than that so that measly little payment should be no problem. Ambots claims Diamonds make gazillions of dollars a year and they pay for everything in cash so you wouldn’t think this house would be sitting on the market all these years when Amway ambots must be beating the shit out of each other for the privilege of buying this house. And if not ambots you’d think there’s got to be other millionaires out there who’d want to have a beautiful house like this that’s built for entertaining.

Location location people. You first need to find a qualified buyer and then find one who's interested on living on a mosquito infested river in Idaho.

Like we always do whenever we run this post, we feature better properties in the same or lower price range in more desirable parts of the country as comparison. And Damn! The ones we last listed for cheaper in Florida, Arizona and Hawaii have all sold. But then those are more desirable locations to live in.

But not to despair. I have found a gorgeous house in Hawaii for a lower price than the river house is being sold for to use for comparison’s sake.

And here’s another water view home in Oregon at the bargain basement price for a few mil lower than the Puryear white elephant.

If you’d rather keep up with the Kardashians instead of Amway cult leaders, this little gem is going for lower at $5.5 mil

Back to the no sale on the Puryear house. Its kind of like buying Amway products isn’t it. You can find similar items for better quality and better prices just about everywhere. Amway real estate follows the same pattern.

How come the Puryears haven't approached that little British heiress who bought Aaron Spelling's mansion for $150 million. Now there's someone with a few extra bucks to spend.

Of course there's a huge difference between living in the glamor of Beverly Hills compared to the Spokane River. Let's see Beverly Hills has movie stars, rock stars, millionaires, mansions, nightlife, and warm climates year round. Spokane River has potatoes, mosquitoes, and probably very cold winters.

Or maybe its just the whole Amway creepy factor keeping buyers away.

Its like they're always saying at Amway meetings: dream......


  1. The Puryear house hasn't sold because, for the price being asked, you could get just as nice a house in a more desirable area. That's strike number one.

    Also, when a house (no matter how attractive) has been on the real estate market for several years, buyers are bound to ask themselves questions about the place. Is something wrong with it? Is it structurally sound? Is it haunted? Are there serious plumbing or electrical problems? Are there skeletons buried in the cellar?

    When you're being asked to spend five million dollars, you really think very hard before biting.

    1. Anonymous - yup strike number one is being a house like theirs in an undesirable area.

      And yes, when a house has been on the market for many years buyers got to ask some questions even more serious that is it just overpriced, which is like taking a page out of Amway's handbook where everything must be overpriced.

      You bring up some good points about things that could be wrong with the house. Amway cult leaders get their followers to do work for free on their houses. It's one thing to get Ambot free labor on cleaning. Remember in the Merchants of Deception where the Emerald shows up at a Diamond's house and is promptly handed a can of cleaning solution and a rag and told to get busy removing oil stains on the driveway. If you don't clean something good enough for someone else's standards that's a whole different ball game than rewiring the electrical system after watching a Youtube video. Or doing the plumbing after getting instructions online. Or roofing. You get my point. You got a bunch of dumb fuck Ambots who want to spend time with their cult leaders and brag that they can do all kinds of home repairs like installing a new hot water tank and they have no experience or qualifications or licenses. When you're buying a house you bring in a home inspector who hopefully catches all the shitty handiwork. I mean people can cover up some problems,like a band aid solution, like putting a painting over a crack in the wall to scam the buyer. Or maybe the home inspector is an Amway loser who doesn't know piss all. Some friends of ours in Florida got nailed with an existing termite problem that the inspector didn't catch. You don't know what kind of infestations might be going on inside that house either.

      Skeletons buried in the cellar might be true in this case too. Amway Ambots are devoted enough to their cult leaders that they'd murder for them. And maybe that's a good place to bury the bodies.

      Any way you look at this house has the whole creepy Amway vibe going on here.

  2. Crappy repair work is a problem in some houses. It's always a mistake to do a repair job yourself if you're not qualified in the field. It's one thing to plaster a crack in the wall, or to repaint a room. Anybody can do that well. But plumbing, electrical, roofing, and structural problems have to be handled by well-paid professionals.

    The up-line scum in Amway are CHEAP BASTARDS. They don't want to shell out cash for anything that they don't have to. So yes, they allow their dumb Ambot subordinates to do household repairs for them, for free. It's penny-wise and pound-foolish, because when your house is riddled with problems caused by lousy, amateurish, and crummy repairs, you won't be able to sell it easily.

    This is what probably happened with the Puryear house.

    1. Anonymous - yup that's what I'm thinking. Amway cult leaders rely on free Ambot slave labor when it comes to home maintenance because they're cheap bastards and they bullshit their cult followers by saying they get to spend time with their beloved worship by showing up to do work for free. It wouldn't surprise me at all that the Puryear house was at least partly built by Ambots offering free labor and ongoing home repairs are also done for free by the Ambot slaves. A good home inspector will figure out when a home owner is trying to hide something by putting some decor in a place where it's weird to have that item which only purpose is to disguise amateur crummy workmanship and repairs.

  3. › Idaho › Post Falls › 83854

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think you're right. This house is white which is more what I remember from the wood/brick finish of the house in the above link. The house is now listed with a different realtor Century 21 and I was having trouble bringing up the link but is as good as I can get. The price is now $8,995,000 so dropped 2 mill from the last 2 years and trying a new realtor. It also answers the question that more than one dumb fuck built a big house on this river maybe another Amway cult leader is in the area. We'll update this blog post later today to show the new link.


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