Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Amway Ambots Fit To Be Tied

The worst book I ever attempted to read on the Amway reading list was a book about marriage and relationships called Fit To Be Tied. Every Ken and Barbie Ambot that slunk across the stage at major functions was recommending their cult followers read it. Or if they didn’t read it at least buy it. Its part of the recommended reading list and books are part of the Amway tool scam and this is how the Diamonds make the majority of their money. Every little bit helps to make them richer!

Ambot buys the book. Probably the sack of shit Platinum pressured him into it. I’m not sure if Ambot read it or not. I doubt it. He’s not much of a reader. I like reading books so I gave it a shot.

I couldn’t even get through the first chapter. It was all god damn this and Jesus Christ that.

I realize that books are subjective. People have different tastes. What one person likes another person won’t. I had a reader from South Africa show up on a post where I provided a link to a free ebook, David Bach’s financial book Start Over Finish Rich, and s/he called it rubbish. One of our country’s best known financial experts who has written multiple books on the New York Times bestseller lists, frequently appearing on the Today Show and Oprah Winfrey plus many other shows and the guy’s financial advice is rubbish? LOL! That’s a fucked up brainwashed Amway loser’s stinking thinking for you. LOL! If the “financial advice” doesn’t come from a sack of shit Amway cult leader it’s immediately dismissed as rubbish. Although I don’t follow everything Bach says I do like his books and sensible financial advice but I understand how someone who is brainwashed by the Amway cult will not accept financial advice from anyone but their scamming upline.

Back to Fit To Be Tied. 

It was written by a husband and wife and as I recall they went back and forth every paragraph or so making it confusing and hard to follow. Throw in all the Jesuses and it became BORING!!!

There are very few books that are so bad that I can not finish reading them. I’ll plug through hoping it’ll get better. Having an LOL moment here. The only people who call me a quitter are Amway losers! LOL! I don’t like to quit reading a book. Sometimes I’ll put them aside for a few months and get back to them. This is the 2nd book in the past 10 years that I didn’t finish reading. The other was a book written by Derek Lundy called Godforsaken Sea. It was billed as a tight and gripping read as The Perfect Storm and Into Thin Air. I’ve read both of those books and the author was able to put the reader right there onto Mount Everest or the middle of the raging Atlantic Ocean so I was expecting the same gripping thrilling reading experience. Godforsaken Sea was a snoozer. I gave it a good effort and abandoned ship halfway through.

I can  push through a book with biblical references but not one that is littered with them in every sentence so that the point is completely lost. On the other hand someone who enjoys going to those religious revival meetings held in big tents may love reading Fit To Be Tied. The reason this book is shoved down our throats by the Amway cult leaders is because part of any cult’s brainwashing techniques involves religion or religious teaching. Reading an over the top religious book about relationships is not my thing. Its an Amway cult thing. I’m not sure what the author’s connection is to the Amway cult but absolutely there would have to be some serious behind the scenes deal making going on or the cult leaders wouldn’t be flogging this book at the major functions. It would be my guess that printing this book costs a dollar or two and that’s for mass production at least 10,000 copies. The upline scammers sell it for at least $15 maybe more I don’t remember what we paid for it. Lets just say for the sake of argument that WWDB buys 10,000 copies of the book so their Diamonds can flog it on their cult followers. The publisher and authors want to cover their costs and make a little profit because they’re probably not making too many sales otherwise on this little gem so let’s just say they’ve struck a deal with WWDB to sell them for $4 each for bulk purchases. WWDB scammers sell the book to the cult followers for $15. Their profit is $11 per book or making $110,000 net profit on a $40,000 book buying investment. This book can be part of the tool scam over and over because the ambots that attended this year’s Family Reunion and FED will not be the same group next year because most of them have quit so the Diamonds can wave it from the stage year after year and make a few thousand more sales each year.

Fit To Be Tied wasn’t my thing but I could see how a brainwashed cult follower who has been subjected to the cult leader’s screwed up religious beliefs might read the book. A cult audience might not have been the authors intention but a sale is a sale.

I didn’t read it very far but I’m sure the contents must match the WWDB philosophy. Religion and someone of a higher power to worship like your group’s cult leader. Women to stay home while the husband works. Husband to be the sole decision maker. Male chauvinist teachings. Submission. Ask permission. That’s my guess what I would have been tormented with if I’d continued reading because that’s part of the WWDB cult teaching.

Not interested. I give any book that bores me and pisses me off that I stop reading it after a few pages two thumbs down.

Pass on this stinker.

That’s the reality when you write a book. You’re going to get good reviews and bad reviews. Everyone has different tastes.

Why didn’t those Diamond fuckers from the stage flog Harold Robbins novels? You’d think for all the hits my blog gets from ambots searching for “Amway sex” putting those Harold Robbins novels on their required reading list would be flying off the shelves!

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