Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Communikate Makes Amway Ambots Superior Over Other Amway Ambots

When we were in the Amway cult our Platinum cult leader told all his followers that they had to be on Communikate. He would know who the serious business builders are because they subscribe to Communikate. The cult leader constantly rode his downline’s asses about how he only worked with “serious business builders”. He wasn’t wasting his time on anyone who wasn’t a “serious business builder”.

Of course Ambot rushed to sign up. He MUST please his beloved cult leader!

Communikate is a rip off. When we were in the cult it cost $36.95/month. That’s approximately the same as a monthly cell phone plan for a phone that can do pretty much the same things as Communikate.

But what is Communikate? Or “Kate” as the Amway cultists affectionately refer to it.

When you sign up for the Communikate service you are assigned a toll free phone number. Ambots were told to put this toll free number on their business cards. Oh yes we had to have business cards because after all we were “business owners”. The inclusion of a toll free phone number on the card would make the ambots better than everyone else who had business cards without a toll free phone number. It made them look like real business owners with a long distance presence.

Toll free number. Just for kicks I phoned our old one. I got a recording that seemed halfway through their speech something about a problem and then listed off some numbers. Hmmm. Amway. Communikate. A problem. Yeah they all seem to go hand in hand.

Communikate was like a voice mail system. The cult leaders could bullshit about something and send off the voice mail to everyone in their downline. I often caught Ambot listening to the messages. Sometimes a few messages would back up over an hour or two before he could get around to listening. He would swell with pride if the sack of shit Platinum mentioned his name about something like Ambot is an up and comer or whatever ego stroking bullshit he spewed out. Sometimes Ambot called me over and replayed something he thought I’d be interested in.

He was wrong! Most of the time I yelled from the other room to turn that shit down or turn it off. Its bad enough I have to listen to those fucking cult leaders when I’m dragged off to Amway meetings but putting up with those bastards jabbering in the background in my own house is going too far.

I think Communikate was also a facilitator for conference calls between the cult followers. There were set times that Ambot had to be ready and waiting by his phone for these conference calls.

But mostly Communikate was for voice messages upline sent down to the cult followers. You know all that “very important information” the cult leaders send out as part of their information control brainwashing.

It seems to me that Ambot also had the Communikate toll free number on our Amway web page. That one cost $50/month part of the WWDB premier membership. Cha ching!

Our sack of shit Platinum often sent out messages on Communikate to round up his cult followers to meet him in an hour at a destination of his choosing. All the ambots had to drop whatever they were doing and haul ass to get to their cult leader or face his wrath later for disobedience. The sack of shit told them in his message not to tell any other Amway IBO’s that they were going to a very important Amway meeting. This was his strategy to weed out who had Communikate and who didn’t. The ones that did not show up were presumed not to be spending $36.95/month for this service.

At the next “open” Amway meeting the sack of shit Platinum would get on his pedestal and rant about the cult followers who did not have Communikate.

Then this part would really piss me off. Ambot would pipe up and say “They don’t?” in a tone full of horror and self righteousness and “I’m better than all you fuckers because I’m on Communikate” attitude. Those ambots were always going around with the attitude that they’re better than everyone else for no other reason than they’re an Amway IBO. Then they’d take it a step further and have a “I’m better than the rest of you ambots” superior attitude within their cult group.

Why don’t we just say that every ambot in the room who owns a car manufactured within the last 5 years is better than ambots who drive older cars? Why don’t we just say that every ambot in the room who owns a house is better than ambots who are just renters?

That’s a brainwashed ambot mind at work for you!

As I already pointed out the $36.95/month for Communikate is just another way the Amway cult leaders rip off their followers. Most of Communikate’s features are standard with most cell phone packages. A toll free phone number? So people can leave you messages? Think about it. How many out of towners do ambots deal with anyway? Most cell phones offer texting packages across the country. All good little ambots must have Internet. Email, instant messaging, websites where audio and video can be done for free.

Somewhere upline Diamonds are getting a huge chunk of Communikate commission for every dumb ass ambot that’s conned into getting ripped off purchasing this useless “tool”.


  1. Dear Anna --

    Let me mention something that has changed since 1970, when I was in Amway with my cousin. There was no CommuniKate back then, of course. The only way your up-line could get in touch with you was by a land-line phone. And of course there was no internet or websites or conference-calls or any of that kind of in-the-future technology.

    About the "business cards" -- another big change. You couldn't have your own cards printed up. You had to use the generic Amway card that every other IBO had. You could write or stamp your personal name and private phone number on the back of the card, for convenience, but that was all.

    My cousin knew a few IBOs who had (against the rules) printed up their own personal business cards, indicating that they were "Amway Distributors." You know how it is -- people like to have a business card made up special for themselves, according to their own taste, with the style and print font that they prefer.

    Well, when these guys showed up at a big Amway meeting (something like what later began to be called a "function") and showed off their nicely printed cards, their up-line went fucking berserk. He screamed like a lunatic at them. He told them, and I quote directly, ""You go shit-can those goddamned illegal cards IMMEDIATELY!!"

    The IBOs were dumbfounded by this. They couldn't see what they had done wrong. All they had done was to have some nice business cards printed up with their names, addresses, phone numbers, and the words "Amway Distributor" on them. But their up-line treated them as if they had raped a paraplegic child.

    I still can't figure out what this was all about. In 1970, land-line telephones were the only means of quick long-distance communication. They were essential if you were running a business where you could have down-line, or if you were prospecting new recruits. Why the bloody fuck couldn't you have a business card with your name and number on it? Why did we have to use those stupid generic Amway cards?

    The fact that your husband's asshole Platinum made such a big fuss about the necessity of CommuniKate only proves what I have just said. MLMs involve constant communication. But in 1970, Amway was forbidding you to expedite communication by means of a private business card. Why?

    This indicates to me that they were not truly comfortable with the reality of an "independent business owner" who could make his own decisions. In fact, they didn't use the term IBO back then. You were simply an "Amway Distributor" or "Amway Dealer." Amway has always wanted to keep IBOs on a very short and tight leash.

    They allowed us to purchase boxes filled with books of matches that had the Amway logo on the front. Inside, on the blank surface of the book, there was space for you to stamp your name and address and phone number, asking whoever was using the book of matches to get in touch with you for "the full story." What a crummy, chickenshit scheme! We were expected to leave the matchbooks in diners, coffee shops, restaurants or hotel lobbies for random persons to pick up and use. I can't think of a more stupid and useless way to recruit people into a business.

    I still have a few of these matchbooks. I keep them to remind myself that I once was young and stupid. It helps me maintain humility.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. Especially those matchbooks. LOL! In this day and age you can't hardly find a matchbook anywhere! But back in the 70's every restaurant you went to had an ashtray and a matchbook with their advertising on it to take with you.

      As for the business cards when we were in Amway people could either buy blank business cards at the store and create their own on their computer. Or buy them from somewhere like Vistaprint. Business cards aside and how nice they looked whether they were home printed or purchased from a printer they all had stupid "business" names that you know the Ambot never got around to registering. And then some dumb ass title to make the Ambot look like a big shot hot shit businessman like CEO or President.

      Everyone was told by the cult leader to get business cards. And there you go a few decades ago the Amway cult leaders screamed at the "Amway Distributors" if they did their own thing with business cards.

      The yelling and screaming and being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline has not diminished over the years.

      And the "illegal" products thing. These days its not business cards but its when those scum sucking Amway losers run through your house looking for "illegal" products to throw out because Amway sells a similar product. If you can call much high priced and much lower quality "similar".

      I still think that's funny that Ambots had to leave off matches in public places hoping that some bozo was going to pick it up and call them and say they want to buy some overpriced shitty Amway products. Unlikely. But thanks for the free matches.

  2. I heard that upline gets about $20 profit from everyone on "KATE". In this day with text messages, emails, facebook and twitter, who in the world needs a voicemail system? It's total BS and just a money grab by the money desperate diamonds.

    1. Joecool - a few years ago some guy left a comment here saying he worked for Communikate's parent company. I believe its called Wembley or something similar. He confirmed that the Diamonds got a big piece of pie for every Ambot, so maybe its $20 a month or something in those fat cat's pockets. The other interesting thing is that Amway's owners or perhaps Amway the company bought a partnership or made a loan or somehow has a financial interest in Communikate. Or maybe more importantly to Communikate's profitability so they can get their money back. That would be where the big push is coming from to make the Amway cult leaders force the ambots to sign up to Communikate.

      And yeah who needs "Kate" when these days everyone has computers and cell phones and can contact everyone and it's already included on their monthly fee. People are still going to keep their phones and their computers plus the various monthly fees after they quit Amway. It's not like its an extra Amway expense. Phones are an ongoing expense before and after Scamway.

  3. CommuniKate is one of the least defensible of Amway's tool scams. That why when Amway defenders come here to argue, they always avoid mentioning CommuniKate. There simply isn't a thing you can say in its favor.

    A challenge to all Amway freaks: Come here and tell us why (in a world of cellphones, conference calls, internet Skype, and voicemail) an antiquated system like CommuniKate is essential to your business.

    1. Hi Anonymous - when Ambots show up here to defend Communikate they try to bullshit us into thinking "Kate" is their personal assistant. LOL!

      A personal assistant could have many types of job definitions but probably the main one is that they're a real life breathing human being. A personal assistant might get your coffee, pick up your dry cleaning, do your shopping, take your kids on vacation, etc.

      I mean it is so laughable when Ambots show up with that bullshit canned Amspeak response that Communikate is their personal assistant. But that's what the Amway cult leaders have brainwashed them into believing. Got to justify forking that money over into the Amway tool scam so those at the top of the pyramid can make more money.

      It's like pagers. They were the thing to have in the 90's until cell phones became more cost effective. Pagers are now an antiquated system.

  4. Ambots as a rule are pretty stupid, but you gotta be kidding me about this. They actually claim that "Kate" is a living, breathing person who functions as their "personal assistant"? Like a secretary or a receptionist?

    They must know that this is a lie. And yet they expect us to believe that they are big-shot businessmen with an actual female secretary named "Kate"?

    Man, that takes the cake. I guess Amway really is a dream-world fantasy.

    1. Hi Anonymous. The stupidity of brainwashed Amway Ambots never fails to amaze. Not only were we told at Amway cult meetings that Communikate is a personal assistant but Ambots show up on this blog and leave comments about Kate being their personal assistant.

      Logic tells us that Ambots must know this is a lie. A phone messaging system can not possibly be a personal assistant.

      But when it comes to Amway Ambots all logic is thrown out the window.

  5. Hmm. Haven't experienced what you are all saying. I am an ibo. I am not treated like explained in these comments. I am not forced get communikate. My up line mentors trains and helps me succeed. All of you must have been part of a different family in Amway. Ah yes, a different family. I am part of world wide dreambuilders. Other. Family's within Amway would include information network and many others

    1. Unknown - you fucking Amway assholes all show up here and say "that's not my experience" like that diminishes the Amway experience that millions of others have suffered. Fucking snotty snobby Amway attitude blaming the victim. We were in World Wide Dream Builders and that is the worst Amway cult out there so you showing up and saying you must have been in a different Amway cult sect when over and over and over these posts are about WWDB makes you look like a fucking moron trying to suggest we weren't in WWDB. But you showed up to do what Amway Ambots do best. Point fingers and blame the victim. Now why don't you run off and find some fucking asshole in your Amway World Wide Dream Builders upline who wants his dick sucked off and take care of it for him.

  6. WWDB. Ugh. One of the worst. As for them helping you "succeed" I suppose it depends on what your definition of success is. If it's making a profit good luck to you, you'll need it. The Amway "opportunity" is mathematically untenable. The whole "you find six recruits then they find 6 recruits etc" never pans out. The products are vastly overpriced so even self-consuming with their monthly "rebate" you STILL come out far behind than if you bought from a real store.

    But those nice people are busy lovebombing you right now and indoctrinating you to "fire you up" to load up on stuff you won't be able to sell just to make your monthly PV.

    I know. "My Amway family is different. People who had a bad experience had a bad family". Interesting when you consider that even according to Amway's own fine print less than 1% are successful at Amway. So 99% of the families are bad and you figure you got the 1% good one.

    Again, I know you are being told to ignore friends, family and "negative" sites and just listen to them as they have your best interests at heart, so you won't care what I'm saying.

    All I can say is try to keep a profit/loss sheet and detail what you are putting in and what you are getting back (though your upline will frown upon that). I hope you don't get too fleeced by them.



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