Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nasty Amway Shit Rears Its Ugly Head

Just when I thought I’d seen the last of the Amway shit get out of our house I had a nasty surprise when I was cleaning out a kitchen shelf of items I don’t use too much. Downsizing and wiping down that cupboard doing my spring cleaning.

I move a couple of tins and there they were staring me in the face. Nasty Amway Nutrilite twist tubes. You know the snake oil that you’re supposed to add to Perfect Water and whatevers ailing you will be cured.

I think there’s 3 or 4 flavors and we tried them all. They have a sour kickback taste to them. I don’t mind sour things like pass me the sour patch kids dude. The Amway snake oil twist tubes started off with this sour puss taste that didn’t bother me too much but the more I drank the worse it got, nasty sour like you want to puke. I usually was never able to finish off a Perfect Water spiked with the Amway snake oil. And those twist tubes never did piss all for me but what else do you expect when you buy snake oil with all the promised medical ailments being cured.

I carefully pluck out the snake oil tubes, must have been around ten of them and after all these years of being inside a dark cupboard they looked like they’d been filled by some guy with diarrhea who was holding them up to his ass to fill them. So at least that vision gave me a good laugh. Ambot comes in to see what’s so funny going on in the kitchen and I hold them up and say I found some Amway diarrhea twist tubes. I found it way more funny than he did that their color matched what you’d see after someone’s eaten a box of prunes.

Yup they made a quick one way trip to the garbage can. A good fate for any shitty Amway product.


  1. You should have returned them to the sack of sh*t platinum and asked for your money back!

    1. Hey Joecool. What's with the sh*t? LOL!

      Although we attempted a couple of times to get the fucking assholes in our Amway upline to buy back Amway shit (look! no * needed!) they always claimed they had no money to do that. What else do you expect from broke Amway losers.

  2. Let me get this straight. Amway produces a tube of Amway's "Nutrilite" stuff that you can squeeze into a glass of Amway's "Perfect Water" in order to make a drink which is basically the same as taking a Nutrilite pill? Is that the idea?

    This is an obvious ploy just to get IBOs to buy another useless product. If the Nutrilite vitamin pills are so good, then why not just take them with a glass of water? You can use Amway's "Perfect Water" if you like. Why purchase these silly tubes of goo to squeeze into a glass in order to make yourself a drink?

    It's clear as a bell that no one is going to be able to sell that stuff to the general public, who'll ask the same question I'm asking now: Why not just take the Nutrilite pill?

    These tubes of goo were created by Amway solely to sell to stupid IBOs who have been brainwashed to buy anything that Amway peddles. It's a perfect example of how Amway will do anything to bleed money out of down-line.

    1. Anonymous - if Amway's "Perfect" Water is so perfect what do you have to add anything to it for anyway?

      Yup those twist tubes were just another overpriced shitty product that Scamway sells to brainwashed cult followers who think this snake oil has some health benefits.

      Somewhere around here is a post where a friend and I stopped at her daughter's house only to spot some Perfect Water which is now infused with that shit from the twist tubes. And no she's not an Ambot but she must know someone who is and broke down and bought the Pefectly Useless Water. In other words no need to buy the useless twist tubes because Scamway is flavoring the "pefect" water with them. Guess it wasn't perfect enough without screwing around with it some more.


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