Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dick DeVos: Lifestyles of the Rich & Infamous

Here's a parody from someone who did not want Amway's head honcho destroying more lives.

Rub a dub dub three men in a tub!


  1. Heard their business is down 5-7% a year. Its quite entertaining and within ten years it'll probably go belly up. Maybe we anti Amway cult members online should hook up for a BBQ party :)

    1. Hi Anonymous. Over the past several years Amway sales have dropped around 10% each year. Hopefully that has something to do with people who got scammed who share their stories online in hopes that others don't go through the same financial and emotional distress caused by the Amway cult. We can only hope that the evil Amway goes belly up soon and then instead of a BBQ maybe we can get together in Hawaii for a luau and show those Ambots that we can afford to walk the beaches of the world because we didn't throw our money away tithing the Great Amway God!

    2. Wow the drop is even more than I thought. No surpise though. Third world country where all the growth are. People there can't afford 20.00 shampoos and 80.00 containers of vitamin c. The kingpins and owners all have offshore bank accounts and investments. They'll never go broke.

    3. Anonymous - I agree. The Amway kingpins and the cult leaders all have hidden their money somewhere. This is the group that's well known for being tax cheats. I don't understand how they're getting growth in 3rd world countries where people can't afford to buy shitty overpriced products. Though someone showed up here a couple of years ago, I think from Thailand, though it doesn't really matter which country and says the government controls the pricing. It seemed odd to me because Amway is a company that's all about ripping people off with overpriced shitty products. Why would they want to flog their shit in a country where the government is dictating the final price. And as you pointed out, can't those people really afford $20 shampoos and $80 containers of vitamins? But then again, who in this country can afford those high prices either. As long as the suckers have credit cards that's all that matters to the Amway cult leaders.

    4. Truly evil people. It galls me that one of the DeVos who has ZERO experience with education is now in charge of it and like all of that greedy crew are only figuring out ways to line their own pockets with taxpayer money by funding their private/charter schools of which they have a stake in. Same thing with wanting private prisons which, again, they have a stake in. For them it's all about making themselves ever more wealthy while siphoning off money from others, the same way they got rich by screwing people with Amway while devastating families and other's bank accounts. Seeing Betsy smirk as she is questioned about all this just shows how much they delight in other's pain as long as they can get richer off of them.

    5. Anonymous - I agree. But its hardly the first political assignment thanks to campaign contributions. And you're right. The evil grin taking delight in causing misfortune to others all to make a buck.

  2. The devos chick is taking the education job not for the money. The chick is a billionaire. Well that's just my opinion. Some do it for name recognition.

    1. That's what its like being a kingpin in Amway the Cult of the Greed. It's never enough money.


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