Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting Life Back To Normal After Stint In Amway Cult

Its always good to hear from a reader whose life is starting to get back to normal.
Anna Bannana and everyone else who was so kind in responding to me with such support, thank you so much. I apologize it's over a year later and I am just now responding with a thank you. To be honest, after I wrote a response, I wasn't sure I would get a reply. I feel so silly for not checking back. ...

I am still with the same man. However, the wedding date has been on hold for quite some time. I am letting him explore this "opportunity"...

He has yet to make any money ...

Rather, what I have realized is that these cult leaders operate on building relationships and fostering a sort of emotional attachment. They become mentors. No one wants to dissapoint their greatest "mentors". It makes me queasy.

My opinion on the business has not changed. Although, I have tried. Truly. I have gone to the meetings with him, the trips, met with his upline etc. I just can't bring myself to trust it. It isn't genuine. ... Genuine people get caught up in it. They bring other genuine people with them. And the scammers screw all of them. ...

I apologize for the lack of a refined description. Luckily, it is becoming less of a prominent fixture in his life. He is slowly coming back to seeing the beauty that exists in the life we lead together--- jobs and all! There is loveliness in the routine of life and so often, we forget to appreciate it.

Soooo, to surmise WWDB/amway is a sick cyclical cycle of being sucked in and conned. Every time, I have ever subjected myself to sitting in one of those meetings, The exit doors become the most prominent things in there. All that being said, thank you with all my heart to each and everyone of you who showered me with wisdom and advice. And Anna Banana, thank you for creating this blog. It's much needed :).


  1. You won't be safe until your fiance is OUT OF AMWAY TOTALLY. Don't let him dawdle on this subject. You have no idea how psychologically dangerous and powerful Amway brainwashing can be.

    1. Anonymous - I think many Ambots dawdle their way out of Amway. Mine stopped attending nightly meetings, though he still got bullied into going to some and he stopped buying so many shitty overpriced Amway products until he got bullied into pulling out the credit card. Sometimes they stop doing Ambot things like that and then some fucking asshole in the Amway upline phones and bullies them into something. It is scary and frightening the hold the Amway cult has over its followers.


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