Thursday, June 1, 2017

How 2 Broke Girls Got Even Broker The Amway Way

When this post was originally published on this blog the CBS show 2 Broke Girls was just about to begin on September 19, 2011. In May 2017 CBS announced they’re cancelling the show. Too bad because I kind of got into watching it but I suppose it’ll be around in reruns. Speaking of reruns, here’s this post being rerun.

Has everyone seen the previews of a new series coming to CBS September 19 2011 called 2 Broke Girls.

The premise is two girls in their twenties who are roommates and work as waitresses. They’re trying to raise a couple of hundred thousand dollars so they can open a cupcake store but in the meantime they are barely scraping by.

Gee don’t they just sound like prime targets for some crazed ambot?

You know the bullshit lines those IBO’s use on people like what do you do for a living and if its some minimum wage type job then the ambot jumps all over them.

Wouldn’t you like to be making an extra $2000/month working part time from home?

Sure, who wouldn’t?

What about your dreams?

Owning a cupcake bakery.

How much money will that take.

A couple of hundred thousand.

Hey how would you like to be making a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year working part time from home.

That’s how it always starts.

Then when the IBO digs deeper and finds they’re barely scraping by, their eyes light up and they rub their hands together in glee. Got a prospect!

The problem is if those 2 broke girls sign up with Amway if they thought they were broke now they don’t know the meaning of the word broke! Spend at least $300/month to meet the minimum PV requirement to get a bonus check of around $10. Then there’s Premier Membership to WWDB for $50/month, Communikate for $40/month, books and CDs at least $100/month, and $10 for every Amway meeting attended in the month. If its a major function cost of ticket, food, travel, and hotel, at least $1000.

After a few months the 2 broke girls have thrown at least $5000 each at the Amway scheme and are way deep in the hole. They had a couple of friends buy Amway products at the beginning but their friends don’t want to buy from them anymore because they can buy similar products at Walmart that are better quality and cost less money. As hard as they prospect every customer that walks in the door of the restaurant they can’t convince anyone to come to an Amway meeting. They’ve even tried all the tricks upline suggested inviting prospects to a tea party, movie night, or beer bust disguised as an Amway event.

The 2 broke girls find themselves getting broker and broker by the second thanks to the Amway scheme.

They decide to quit.

Their upline rides their asses.

“You can’t quit now. Not when success is right around the corner.”

“Only losers aren’t in Amway.”

“I guess your dream of owning a cupcake store just wasn’t big enough.”

“Think of all those poor homeless little cupcakes that are going to die because you don’t open up a store and sell them.”

The 2 broke girls tell their upline to fuck off and die.

To celebrate getting the Amway albatross off their necks they stop at a 7-11 on the way home and buy a lottery ticket. They win half a million dollars and are able to open their cupcake shop anyway. Unfortunately it becomes a hang out for ambots to hold meetings at and they pester the cupcake clients. The 2 formerly broke girls file a complaint with Amway’s head office who don’t give a shit and do nothing.

Well if you can’t beat them join them. The 2 formerly broke girls start to offer ambots free chocolate cupcakes and that really packs their restaurant when word gets out.

Specially made for Amway IBO’s they’re loaded with ex-lax.

Ironically out of service signs always are posted on the cupcake store’s restrooms whenever ambots are in there.

And they said Amway doesn’t give a shit!


  1. Amway never goes after successful people. Amway always tries to recruit persons who are basically down-and-out losers.

    Ambots begin by telling you that "You look like a sharp guy who has a real great future ahead of you. How would you like to..."

    The real translation of this is as follows "You look like a luckless schmuck who can't hold anything but a crappy job. How would you like to..."

    1. Anonymous - the majority of Amway Ambots are a bunch of down and out losers. But every now and then you hear about someone in a career you figure has to have some brains to get there. Like that doctor who got into tax court due to being an Amway tax cheat.

      But yeah most successful career people wouldn't fall for some bullshit about looking like a sharp guy.

      LOL on the real translation of the Amway line: "You look like a luckless schmuck who can't hold anything but a crappy job. How would you like to..."

    2. The best example of that would be Joe Cool's immediate up-line, who is in fact a medical doctor, and who has been in Amway for decades.

      The guy has basically wrecked his medical career because of Amway, and he has never even reached Platinum.

    3. Anonymous- that's right. There's a guy who's wrecked his medical career in order to devote his life and money to the Great Amway God. So every now and then the Amway cult sucks in a professional who has money or the potential to be a good income earner in their career and brainwashes them to believe they'll be an Amway bazillionaire in 2 to 5 years.


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