Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shut The Fuck Up And Do As You’re Told!

Our sack of shit Platinum was a dictator who ordered his cult followers around and demanded complete obedience. They better follow his orders or else! The or else would be public ridicule at the next Amway cult meeting where he would berate the unfortunate ambot. And then he would ignore them. Amway cult excommunication.

I remember an instance where Ambot busted his ass getting our chairs to a cult meeting but we had something else going on that night and he was unable to attend. I was pissed off about the chairs. Someone upline had ordered Ambot to bring the damn chairs even though we weren’t going to be at the cult meeting. Of course they asked Ambot who was only too happy to serve them seeing as how the sack of shit Platinum had stroked his ego by calling him a server. No one called me to ask about borrowing the chairs and bringing them to the meeting because my answer would be NO. Wait a second. My answer would have been FUCK NO! If you want to borrow the fucking chairs you can haul ass to our house and get them. And bring them back the next day. Not the other way around especially when we’re not even attending. I had stopped going to Amway meetings and Ambot was not going as frequently by this time. The end was in sight!

We were in the car when the fucking Platinum phoned. It was around 8pm. The Amway warriors would be waiting for their cult leader to get the meeting going. Its my guess the sack of shit was sitting in front of the cult followers and had his phone on speaker.

The whole point of the phone call was to berate my husband because he wasn’t at the meeting. Ambot didn’t have the phone on speaker but I was sitting next to him and could hear the fucking Amway asshole chewing him out. Natter natter natter. Bitch bitch bitch. And Ambot took the abuse silently. Just drove along with the phone plastered to his ear listening to the sack of shit Platinum bitch him out. And taking it. He should have passed the phone to me and I’d have given that fucker an earful!

The next day my husband was talking to another ambot on the phone. I’m nearby and can catch his end of the phone conversation and I gather he was getting the gist of how he’d been the brunt of the cult leader’s rant at the previous night’s meeting. And then he says: “I deserved it.”

Shit! This is how Amway cult leaders brainwash their followers. They are brainwashed to believe when they don’t shut up and do as they’re told by their cult leader that they deserve whatever abuse is doled out to them.

It all comes back to “never question upline”. If upline is abusing you its because you deserve it.

Other “never question upline” comes up when ambots have questions about the Amway scheme. When my husband tried to talk to the Platinum about the compensation and said the numbers don’t add up and make sense to him he was brushed off with “don’t question me. Just shut up and do as you’re told.”

The cult leaders have no answers when downline starts to question how they’re being swindled. Or if the cult leader said something at a meeting and the cult follower investigated it further and found out it wasn’t true. Panic must set in for the cult leaders when they’re questioned so they fire back with the only ammunition they have “don’t question me. Just shut up and do as you’re told.”

Rather than debate controversial issues our upline was quick to point out negativity of various media sources.

“I don't watch TV. You can't believe what you hear on TV anyway.” Of course the WWDB Amway cult leaders don't want people to believe the stuff on TV. The news stories would cause ambots to snap out of the I-only-listen-to-positive drunken mindset of the brainwashed Amway IBO.

There is nothing wrong with positive thinking. The problem is our upline Amway cult leaders who insisted that this that and the other is “negative”. Brainwashing the IBO’s until they refused to even hear about anything negative.

At one meeting the Emerald drew out a quadrant on the white board to indicate IBO’s in various stages of climbing the Amway pyramid in relation to how much TV they were allowed to watch. Lowly ambots who were just getting started were in the zero TV watching quadrant. As an Emerald he was allowed to watch TV I just don’t remember how much he assigned himself. Another example of “don’t question me. Just shut up and do as you’re told.”

Yeah right just cause you tell me I can’t watch TV doesn’t mean I’m going to stop so fuck off!

What about reading the newspaper? That's considered negative as well. An IBO should only be reading positive business material, preferably books that speak positively about the Amway business.

What about looking around on the Internet? That’s considered negative as well especially if you end up at a website belonging to an Amway critic.

What about listening to the radio while driving the car? That’s also considered negative. Put in an Amway CD and crank those speakers!

Uh huh now that’s what I consider negative! Ha!

Success rate of telling someone who doesn’t like you to “don’t question me. Just shut up and do as you’re told”?

Zero! I do the opposite of what you Amway cult leaders order me to do! I hit the Internet looking for real information about Amway, real experiences by real people financially and emotionally devastated by this cult. They might not be happy positive stories but they’re real and true.

Not fakes like you Amway cult leaders.

Our Amway cult leaders were desperate to control the information their followers received because that restricted the ambot’s free ability to think for himself.

Our Amway WWDB cult leaders preached to us about not getting wrapped up in details such as how many customers we’re supposed to have in order to be earning a commission check from Amway. This questioning of upline authority could ruin our business even if we suspect we’re following upline that aren’t exactly running their business morally or legally.

“Don’t question me! Just shut the fuck up and do as you’re told!”

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