Thursday, July 20, 2017

Amway Responsible For Rage And Hate

There is something about Amway that creates hate and rage. To those of us who used to be in “the business” and have done some research and read other stories we can understand why the rage. Amway with the assistance of their cult leaders causes financial distress, debt, bankruptcy, divorces, destroys relationships, and screws people up emotionally.

A searcher found their way to this blog typing in: “I’ll just have to kill everyone at Amway”.

My first thought is this person has just got off the phone with one of those useless unhelpful bastards that work in Amway’s (lack of) customer service department.

I’ve dealt with those miserable assholes with the I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude. It is a lesson in frustration and futility that’s for sure!

I do not like Amway. I do not like people who are involved in Amway. I don’t like the lazy ass bastards who answer the customer service phone at Amway. That doesn’t mean I personally wish anyone connected to Amway ill harm or death but then I like to think I’m a rational, law abiding person. I’m one of many thousands who swallowed the losses, chalked it up as a bad learning opportunity, a horrible business, and walked away.

And then got involved in a real fun blog cursing out fucking Amway assholes!

I can see how there would be a small percentage of people that Amway has driven over the edge of despair. The phrase going postal comes to mind. If someone is having difficulty with an Amway product or their Amway upline and phones in to head office for assistance and are met with “there’s nothing we can do for you” or “Amway is not responsible for what is said at Amway meetings” or “Amway is not responsible for the IBO’s we hire”. You call in to head office for assistance and nobody gives a shit. You’ve lost a lot of money in the Amway scam and all you get from customer service is “ha ha we fucked you over!”

Someone voicing thoughts to kill everyone at Amway shows emotional imbalance. Maybe quite rightly so after what Amway has put them through. But killing everyone at Amway? Unfortunately this is not the first searcher who has put in similar criteria.

People who work at Amway are no different than people who work for other companies. The most common reason people accept jobs and stay with them is because its a paycheck. Most employees have no particular loyalty to their employer. If a better job comes along they are out of there. Sure some of us who were involved in Amway think that only a low life scum sucking son of a bitch would actually work for a company that causes so much misery around the world but when people have bills to pay and need a job who are we to judge why they work for a scumbag employer. I wrote another post where I said Amway employees are no different than other corporations. Most companies only 20% of the employees actually like working there and excel at their position. 80% of employees its just a paycheck and they are only putting in time while waiting for something better to come along. This is obvious to those of us who have had the misfortune to phone in to Amway’s head office for assistance and have dealt with employees at the customer service desk who don’t give a shit and who aren’t helpful. I see this a lot in Google searches with people showing up at my blog who are frustrated after trying to get assistance from Amway’s help desk which should be more aptly titled the unhelpful desk or the I-don’t-give-a-shit desk. Either title the customer phoning in rarely gets good service. What else do you expect? Chances are very good the person answering the phone at Amway is one of the 80% of employees who doesn’t give a shit about their job.

I’ve had the experience of working for a company many years ago with a weirdo employee - fortunately in another department! - who would fly into rages. I always said if he ever lost his job that I wouldn’t want to keep working for that company because he’s the only person I’ve ever known that I thought might show up with a gun and start shooting. When he got laid off I moved on myself about 3 months later. Even though I’d never had any run ins with him and shook his hand and wished him well on his last day, I had my doubts about his emotional stability and I’m sure not going to work for any company where I have any cause of concern about my personal safety.

In case anyone’s wondering a few months after I left the building was sold and the company merged with another company and relocated about 20 miles away. Probably too confusing for him to try to track anyone down.

Likewise I would never work for a controversial company that inspires rage in people and has received death threats. You just never know when that gun wielding crazy person is going to storm through the door.

Amway is getting search engine hits from people wishing death to the employees. I would never work for a company where people have voiced death wishes towards employees. Maybe some of those Amway employees that are surfing the Internet and reading my blog when they’re probably supposed to be actually getting some work done will think twice about their choice of employer and death threats. No job is worth dying for.


  1. i'm praying for you, and whoever posted that comment.

    Life is meant to be lived beautifully!

    1. Unknown - around here we don't need prayers from followers of the twisted religious teachings of the Amway cult.

      Life is meant to be lived beautifully but not for the slaves in the Amway cult.

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    1. Hey seoa2 from India - why be a dumb fuck and take down that video? It seems leaving it up forever would be more profitable. I mean if you're going around the Internet spamming blogs you might as well make it worth your while. You've left a comment on a blog that's a year old. Why be a dumb fuck and take the video down "soon"?

      You also failed to say how long it takes a person to earn $500 taking surveys. I'm guessing about 4 to 5 years, approximately the same time an Amway loser takes to make $500 at around $10/month after spending hundreds of dollars in Scamway.

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