Monday, July 24, 2017

Who Agrees To Be A Brainwashed Amway Ambot?

When I attended Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum used to play this dumb ass game that I call “do you agree”.

Its all part of the subtle brainwashing techniques that are used in the Amway cult.

He’d start off by saying things to get the group to agree with him, things that would be hard to disagree with like does everyone agree that there is a painting on the wall of a lighthouse. Does everyone agree that Washington DC is our nations capital. That sort of thing.

Now that the Platinum has the group agreeing as one on what he is saying is true and cult chanting yes after everything he says he moves on to other points that people may or may not agree with but due to peer pressure and the cult setting you don’t dare disagree with what everyone else in the room is nodding their heads to.

Does everyone agree that its stupid to have a job where you make the boss rich.

Does everyone agree that their boss should pay them more money.

Does everyone agree their boss gives them more time off work and still pays them.

Does everyone agree that its better to be a business owner than an employee.

Does everyone agree that if you own your own shop that its smarter to do all your shopping from your own store instead of shopping at someone else’s store and making that other business owner richer.

I can argue all those points though I’d probably look like a moron if I argued that the lighthouse painting looks more to me like a bunch of dogs playing poker or that New York City is the capital.

Is it stupid to have a job? No not when theres bills to be paid. Who says the boss is getting rich. Maybe he’s just covering all his business and personal expenses and has nothing left over. Not all businesses are high earners and make the owner rich. The real point here is that the Platinum is planting the seed into the Amway cult followers head that having a job is stupid.

As for more money and time off work we’d all like that. Most people think they’re worth more than what they’re being paid. There are probably tons of business owners that don’t take time off work for vacations especially if they’re a one man show. Didn’t think of that did you you sack of shit Platinum! Those questions don’t do much other than get the Amway cult follower to start disliking their job and their boss because they don’t get enough salary and vacation.

Does everyone want to be a business owner instead of an employee? Not necessarily. Not everyone has the finances, brain power, leadership, drive, interest, physical or mental ability to be a business owner. Not everyones got what it takes. Doesn’t mean they’re any less of a human being even though that’s how the Amway cult leaders want to make their ambots feel that they’re low life bastards if they’re employees instead of business owners.

As for buying from your own shop, if your prices are too high then you’d be a fucking moron to buy from your own shop if you can get better quality and better prices from a competitor. The sack of shit Platinum wants the ambots to understand that they better do all their own shopping from Amway. They better not sneak off to the drugstore and buy toothpaste.

The best thing to do anytime an Amway asshole asks you if you agree with something is to say no. Fuck no, that grass is white not green. That sort of thing. Really fucks up the Amway ambot if you disagree on something that’s obvious but makes it easier on the prospect when the do you agree questions start aiming at the be a business owner instead of making your boss rich bullshit that’ll come out of the ambot’s mouth next.

NEVER agree with an Amway asshole!!!!

If you’re a brainwashed ambot and agree with the sack of shit Platinum on simple points that just makes it easier for him when the more intense brainwashing into the Amway cult gets underway.

So do you agree to being a brainwashed Amway ambot?

The next time an Amway cult leader plays do you agree just answer “FUCK NO!”

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