Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time Frame For Ending The Vicious Amway Cycle

I’d say my husband is average when it comes to figuring out how long many IBO’s stick it out with Amway. Most ambots will quit Amway somewhere between 6 months and a year. That can be an eternity to a wife as she’s subjected to the abuse from upline, their attempts to destroy the relationship, and the money going down the drain while the upline badgers her husband to buy more products, attend all Amway meetings and functions, and invest heavily into the Amway tool scam. Depends on how much money they had in their savings account or how much room is available on his credit card, the losses could be small in the hundreds of dollars or more substantial in the thousands.

The time frame could vary too. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that there might be a small number of Amway cult leaders who don’t badly abuse their downline and chastise them and insult them and try to destroy their relationships. These slightly kinder cult leaders may have the power to keep their ambots toeing the line for a longer period of time in order to suck more money out of them.

Amway is a vicious cycle. It starts off with some fucking asshole sponsoring your husband into Amway. Then he must go to two or three Amway meetings each week generally held in someone’s living room or basement but might occasionally be held in a hotel meeting room. There usually is no charge for the meetings held at someone’s house but there will be a fee if the Amway meetings is at a hotel. At least a couple of times a month a Diamond in need of a few thousand in cash will show up to speak to the masses. Again could be a hotel meeting room or maybe a school auditorium or similar venue. These cost $10 to attend. And someone who got out of Scamway about a year or so ago said the cost of the meetings are $15 so they might be a bit higher than that now too. About once a month there will be a rally where new pins get to “walk across the stage” which also costs $10 or more to attend and is held in an auditorium with a stage. There has to be a stage otherwise those brainwashed ambots would be unable to brag about “crossing the stage”. Also about once a month is some useless product seminar probably held in a hotel meeting room where an Amway product is showcased. Probably costs $25 to $50 to attend. So in an average month there will be 10 to 20 Amway related meetings the ambot must attend.

If the ambot stops attending he will be chastised by the Platinum cult leader who will be relentless in phone calls and text messages bullying the IBO until he buckles down and starts attending again.

That’s why I call Amway a vicious cycle. Once the wife has hope - and remember Amway is all about selling the hope! - that her husband is getting ready to quit because he’s stopped attending all these damned Amway meetings, some upline asshole badgers him and reminds him of his duties to the cult until he breaks down and goes back and buys more Amway products.

Eventually the ambot will find the strength to stop and this will be difficult because of all the love bombing the ambot actually might like some of these Amway assholes. Quitting Amway means quitting all these new friends because no one is allowed contact with former ambots. Quitting these new friends may be hard for the brainwashed ambot because he’s been cut off from his former friends for months now and he’s spent maybe 20 hours or more each week with these new friends attending cult meetings. His priorities are screwed up over who the real friends are. I’ve said it before - if friends are only interested in you for your money then they’re not real friends at all.

Amway is a vicious cycle. Always on the lookout for its next victim. And not discriminatory. Amway will recycle former victims of its cult. I know. Watched Ambot been there done that.

Financial roller coaster. Emotional roller coaster. All I wanted is for this terror park ride to end.

End the Amway cycle.

It will never really end until Amway is shut down and closes its doors forever.

Not everyone learns their lesson the first time around.

Amway is a vicious cycle.

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