Monday, July 17, 2017

Unsupportive Wives Blamed For Lack Of Amway Success

Our sack of shit Amway Platinum says the girl you date is going to affect whether you grow in the company.

Just another chauvinistic comment from the Platinum. And what proof does he have that I’m cheating on my husband and dating a girl! Asshole!

The point of him saying that is because he’s too chickenshit to say “wife” in an Amway meeting where only one or 2 wives are present so he focuses on the younger single men in the audience that he assumes may be dating girls. Self righteous son of a bitch would be horrified to hear these guys are in same sex relationships and those he would really be trying hard to bust up because I heard him say enough homophobic comments in the meetings he ran.

Whatever. His ultimate goal is breaking up the relationship.

I get enough ambots showing up here leaving comments that I’m an unsupportive wife. Like I’ve never heard that one before. The fucking sack of shit Amway Platinum said those same words occasionally in my presence and 100% of the time to my husband when I was not present. He uses his position of authority as an Amway cult leader to destroy relationships because his job is to separate the IBO from anyone who might have the power to cut off his income supply.

So to any brainwashed ambot who accuses me of not supporting my husband I will agree with that statement only when it refers to Scamway. I did not support my husband in an Amway “business” because I don’t support him scamming other people out of their hard earned money. I don’t support him spending 30 or 40 hours a week wasting his time chasing an elusive dream. I don’t support him throwing away his hard earned money and going into credit card debt so he can make his upline’s dreams come true.

There are many things that I support him on and anyone who’s been in a long term committed relationship will understand. Its called living life’s journey together.

We don’t need a dangerous Amway cult leader interfering in our lives poisoning my husband’s mind.

I get some brainwashed ambots asking who am I to judge people involved in Amway. I mean, what the fuck? Pot calling the kettle black? Seeing as how I was the one who witnessed the upline abuse, watched my husband max out his credit, watched shitty overpriced Amway products coming into our house and watched his personality change from a nice sensitive human being into an ugly snarling, sneering Ambot I have all the ammunition I need to judge!

Some brainwashed ambots want to know what am I doing to make my life better? For starters I got my husband out of Amway! The profits from our real business that we don’t invest back into the business go into our house, our retirement savings, our hobbies, our vacations, etc. Can you ambots say the same thing? Our Platinum told us that he would tell us how we would invest any meager profit we made in Amway. Invest it back into Amway. Buy more Amway products and invest heavily in the tool scam.

Isn’t it interesting that all these ambots want answers but don’t say what they’re doing to make their lives better. And no being a fucking arrogant Amway scamming “business owner” doesn’t count. Ambots never say how much money they’re making in their Amway business or provide links to their tax returns. They throw in a bomb and run because they’re too chickenshit to come back and read the responses.

Sometimes I get told to mind my own business. Nope. My work is not done yet. There are a lot of people out there who need to know the horrors of what its like being married to an ambot.


  1. As a general rule, wives are much quicker at catching on to a financial scam. The husbands are the ones with pie-in-the-sky notions that will cause bankruptcy.

    Amway has always had a running battle with women who see clearly that Amway is a goddamned racket, designed solely to enrich up-line. These women do their best to warn their husbands, and get them to avoid Amway or other MLMs. That's why Amway is so fixated on destroying any marriage or relationship where one party sees the truth about Amway's racket, and the other party doesn't.

    On the other hand, when there is an "Amway couple" (one of those absurd middle-class Barbie-and-Ken couples, where the wife is a subservient drone to the big boss husband), then Amway sings their praises to the sky, and holds them up as a model of a perfect marriage.

    It's all just hype and publicity.

    1. Anonymous -you got it summed up nicely.

      What's so sickening is some of the Barbie and Ken Ambots talk about how their marriage was in trouble and Amway saved it. Like what the fuck! Amway is responsible for destroying more marriages than saving them judging by comments left online of broken families.

      Amway Ambots are quick to point fingers at the unsupportive wife as the reason the husband isn't rolling in big bucks thanks to Amway and trying to break them up.

      Amway is a horror movie come to life for the women who are dealing with these evil bastards.

      Hype and publicity for sure at every Amway dog and pony show out there.

  2. My daughter is engaged to an Ambot. When they first started dating, I mentioned my concern that the family was involved in Amway. I didn't push the issue because the boy didn't seem that involved himself. Time went by and I met the family. What a bizarre experience that visit was! It seemed like every conversation was an infommercial for Amway product, leaving me to look around for the hidden camera. Normal conversation would start and then it would shift to how great this or that product was. I would politely smile. Other events were postponed or cut short to make the 8pm meetings. I spent one long evening hearing from his parents how they retired from their career 30 years ago thanks to Amway. Again, I just politely smiled. When my daughter and her fiance announced their engagement on social media, his parents suggested he talk to everyone who posted their congratulations and try to get a few leads. The time came for my daughter to prove her loyalty to Amway. She was invited to a conference. She agreed to go because the ex girlfriend was labeled as "negative" for not supporting the Amway dream. My daughter had hopes that her fiance would soon lose interest and get out himself but until then she would avoid conflict and just go along. Right before the conference, there was a lot of gossip behind my daughter and her fiance's back, which they heard about and confirmed. The family apparently wasn't too fond of my daughter so she decided to skip the event. The fiance said that he wouldn't go without her and called his parents to tell them that he was not going either. This is when all AmHell broke loose. After that conversation, the fiance stated he had to go to the conference due to obligations. My daughter was upset that he was being forced to go and spent the car ride to meet his parents trying to get him to quit. At first he was very resistant, saying all the things I've read online. By the end of the ride, he had agreed to quit. But yet he still went to the weekend conference, liked all the social media posts on the event, etc. I'm not convinced he actually quit. He returned home to my daughter and hasn't heard from his family. I don't think they will allow him to quit so easily. So I've now armed myself with more Amway facts and figures for the next go around. My daughter is thinking of calling off the engagement. This boy is so nice and a perfect match for my daughter. His biggest flaw is the fact he doesn't know what to do with his life because his parents sold him the Amway dream and now it's over (I hope).

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. An oh crap I have so much to say I have to break it down into 2 comments!

      RED FLAGS!

      You are right to be very concerned. You don't want your daughter marrying into a family with strong ties to an evil cult. How thrilled would you be if she announced an engagement to Jim Jones son and that they were moving to utopia in a South American jungle.

      Amway is no different. A cult is a cult.

      As for how "involved" the son is. I don't know how old he is cause you didn't mention it but I can tell you the parents signed him up as downline pretty much as soon as they signed up with the Amway cult. Or if not as downline (there may be a minimum age requirement I don't know) the parents signed him up as a customer. It's very normal for Amway Ambots to sign up their kids, their dogs, fictional cartoon characters, etc and make purchases under those fake accounts to make it look like they're driving "business" and earning commissions.

      Nobody ever "retires" from Amway. If his loser parents have been inside Scamway for 30 years how come they're not big shot hot shit executive Diamonds by now. That's the Amway 2 to 5 year plan. What's taking them so long? Ask those losers about that and they'll come up with some flimsy excuse about not trying hard enough and only recently putting in the hard work or some similar bullshit.

      When a person is an Amway Ambot nothing is more important than Amway and their devotion to the Great Amway God. That is why they turned the conversation into a big old Amway infomercial. They want to sign you up and sign your daughter up.

      I really hate to refer to Amway commissioned salesreps as a "business" but I'll loosely call it that here. A lot of parents own a family business and sometimes the kid falls into it and other times the kid has their own plans and doesn't go into the family business. That could be the situation with this son. He's got other things on his agenda than being a lowly paid commissioned sales rep for Amway.

      Do not discount the power of the Amway cult and the influence those Ambot parents and other Amway cult leaders have over the fiance. He said he wasn't going to an Amway brainwashing conference and then holy hell broke out and he felt obligated to go.

      Tell your daughter to get used to it. That will be her life if she marries an Ambot or at least this son of Ambots. Nothing is more important than worshipping Amway. Nothing!

    2. Here's another red flag. This guy's previous girlfriend was negative and unsupportive. Your daughter is already being labeled that and you can be pretty sure the parents are already putting the screws to their son to break things off. And sure it would be better and cheaper to break things off before getting married.

      Nothing brings Amway Ambots more happiness than destroying other people's relationships.

      His biggest flaw is he doesn't know what to do with his life. Well that and the Ambot parents. If he's 20 or older he should have some idea of a career. It's OK to change careers when you get older if the first one wasn't a good fit but by his mid 20's he should be settled into a career choice and know what to do with his life at least for the next 10 years.

      This guy has no plan! No clue! Brainwashed by the Amway cult!

      Your daughter is right in calling off the engagement or at least postponing if a wedding date has been picked. She will be supporting him if she has a job. He will be chasing the Amway pipe dream. She will be paying for it literally and figuratively. It's hard enough being married and dealing with money and everything else but when you throw a cult into the mix - danger ahead! You don't want your daughter marrying an Amway loser. All money they have will go to tithing the Great Amway God and her husband will never be home. He'll always be running off to Amway cult meetings or doing what his parents tell him to do.

      An Anna Banana public announcement message to all women out there: Don't marry an Amway loser or a mama's boy. And run like hell if he falls into both categories!

      The Amway cult isn't going to let go of him without a fight.

      Get your daughter to read Merchants of Deception. It's a free ebook and you'll find a link on the right side of this page under more information about Amway.

      And check out what Anonymous below has to say. Losing money and sanity to a stupid cult is not the way you want to see your daughter live.

      Good luck to all of you!

  3. Dear Anonymous at 5:45 PM --

    You and your daughter are really in a tight spot. The outcome will depend, of course, on how much these two young people love each other. If the young man sincerely wants your daughter as his wife, he'll not force her to enter into the sick Amway world that is represented by his parents.

    I hope your daughter realizes that the way her prospective in-laws behaved when you came to visit is a warning sign. People dedicated to Amway are FANATICAL. The Amway business is all that matters to them, period. They cannot have a simple conversation without turning it into an infomercial for some stupid Amway product, or to rope you into listening to "The Plan." Tell your daughter that THIS WILL BE HER LIFE if she marries a man who is enslaved to such a family.

    Also, point this out to her -- if her boyfriend's parents have been in Amway for 30 years, then why the hell are they still working at it? Weren't they supposed to become rich within 2 to 5 years? How did they manage to "retire" from their career? And why are they still attending 8 PM meetings and going to conferences? Their whole story sounds like pure bullshit to me.

    Another point: does this boyfriend have ANY JOB AT ALL other than his Amway work? If he doesn't, then he's probably insolvent financially. Does your daughter want to marry someone who can't support her?

    You've gotten involved with what is called a "Core" Amway family. These are the most dangerous and fanatical type of Amway adherents.

    1. Anonymous - those are good points. And obviously the daughter is in a tight space. You can't help who you fall in love with. Even if its an Amway Ambot! LOL!

      But the daughter is wise that she knows she has to protect herself and if that means calling off the engagement. Yup. You don't want to be married to a broke Amway loser. That'll head you to divorce court soon enough. Women like security. Amway Ambots can't offer that. They can only offer dreams.

      Well dreams ain't gonna pay the rent and put food on the table.

      Good point. Why haven't these losers retired after 30 years. That's what the Amway pitch is all about. Working the scam for 2 to 5 years and then retiring and sitting back and doing nothing except walk the beaches of the world while bazillions of dollars roll in from Amway in residual income every month.

      And yeah its unknown if this guy has any job at all other than making $10 a month in commission from Amway while he runs up the credit card debt. Although a woman might be open to marrying a man who can't support her and she's OK in the breadwinner position, no woman wants a man who's going to fritter away their money on a scam like Amway.

      Yup this is a very dangerous family the daughter has gotten involved with. No matter how perfect he is for her.

      A perfect match runs more along the lines of a man who is financially responsible, can support himself (and a family), and knows where he's going in life. It sure wouldn't be some Amway loser or any loser who comes running when mommy and daddy demand his presence. When you marry your first priority is to the new family you're now creating. Let mommy and daddy go do their own thing.

  4. "I can tell you the parents signed him up as downline pretty much as soon as they signed up with the Amway cult. Or if not as downline (there may be a minimum age requirement I don't know) the parents signed him up as a customer."

    He is on their downline and he's also a customer. When he stopped buying product, they actually put $150 into his account and made him order something. Their upline is calling him an "all star" recently but he has no downline??

    "If his loser parents have been inside Scamway for 30 years how come they're not big shot hot shit executive Diamonds by now."

    I asked him about this. He said they weren't seriously involved until now. ;) I did a little public records search on their financials and they are in pretty bad shape. The son has no clue of their true financial situation but it's mind blowing.

    "They want to sign you up and sign your daughter up."

    His dad has texted him suggesting he sign my daughter up but the boyfriend wouldn't even ask her. He knows where she stands.

    "The Amway cult isn't going to let go of him without a fight."

    This is my biggest concern.

    1. Anonymous - now how did I already know those answers?

      That's because nothing ever changes in Amway.

      Saw it and heard it myself. Not to mention seen it in comments left here and other blogs. Too many years knowing how the Amway scam operates and the canned bullshit responses Amway Ambots have for everything.

      Creating fake customers has been around forever in Scamway. I'm not sure how the parents could force their kid what to buy if they hand over $150. Unless things have changed there's no actual Amway account like a bank account. If someone buys something they use their credit card. Maybe they paid his credit card down by $150 and told him to stock up on laundry soap cause they don't already have enough boxes of it in the garage.

      And speaking of which.... they don't park their cars in their garage do they! LOL!

      Amway is a blame the victim scam. Ambots are brainwashed to believe the reason they aren't making more money is its their fault they weren't trying hard enough.

      It doesn't matter how hard you try. A system that has over 99% failure rate is a system designed for failure. In the small print on Amway's brochures for compensation it'll show something how many participants make money and that number is something like .00000666%. Of course the Ambot parents answered exactly as I knew they would when questioned why they're not Amway gazillionaires by now.

      Of course their financials are in bad shape. They're in Amway. Home of debt, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce. Ask to see their tax returns and they'll refuse claiming its private. The main way Ambots make money is by claiming everything Amway against their regular income and getting a tax refund. That works just fine except Uncle Sam is on to the Ambots and those tax cheats don't do so well in tax court. That's what taught at Amway meetings. You get most of your Amway income through a tax refund.

      The boyfriend needs to figure out where his loyalties lie and a plan for contributing to the household. Most women don't need a broke Amway loser hanging around the house doing nothing except text and call their Amway upline and be on call to their cult leaders 24/7.

  5. Update on the Ambot fiance: parents have remained silent so far. His mother posted a loving post on social media on his birthday yet didn't contact him directly. If a period of silence is their plan to win him back, I don't think it's going to work. He rarely texted them back before this happened.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the update. The way Amway cult leaders punish disobedient Ambots is ostracizing them. Amway Ambots have such a high opinion of themselves that they think ambots will be tripping over themselves to get back into their good graces. As for me anytime an Ambot doesn't want to talk to me or be around me that's a good thing! Just because kids are brought up in a cult doesn't mean that's a lifestyle they want when they're older. There are many stories of kids leaving their parents behind when they escape a cult.

  6. To Anonymous @ 7:35 AM --

    The Bible says "A man shall leave his mother and father, and cleave unto his wife."

    If your boyfriend is serious about you, he'll take this to heart. His primarily loyalty is not to his parents or (least of all) to the Amway racket. It is to the woman whom he will marry.

    I hope he stays strong, and resists the terrible pressure that will soon come from the entire Amway network of cronies connected with his parents. Be prepared for this. It will be vicious.

    1. Anonymous - whether or not that's in the bible as you pointed out the boyfriend/husband must change his priorities from the family he grew up with to the new life he's making with someone else.

      And the Amway priorities should be flushed just like those stinking jobs Ambots hate so much! LOL!

      I suspect if he can't make a clean break of his family in the Amway cult - disaster is ahead.

  7. Update on the Ambot fiance: His parents called him a week ago and asked if they could keep his account active. Basically, they want to pretend to be him and buy stuff from themselves. He said fine as long as he didn't have to do anything. He hasn't heard from them since that time. They have been going out of their way to love, like, and reach out with well wishes to his ex girlfriend on social media. My daughter sees this and feels most unwelcome. That relationship has been over since early 2015. They never even liked the ex girlfriend but now they do? Maybe they don't think she's so bad now because she never successfully got him to quit Amway...

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the update. In Amway the Ambots are told to create all kinds of fake accounts to give the illusion they have customers so that's what they're doing with the Ambot fiance. If they use their credit card to buy stuff for themselves it looks like they have a customer they're making commission from.

      You didn't mention if the ex-girlfriend has responded to those Amway losers. Most women probably would ignore, delete, block because the first thought would be these Amway Ambots want me to buy some of their shit or sign me up to their cult and I wasn't interested 2 years ago and I ain't interested today either.

      Amway Ambots make everyone not in their cult feel most unwelcome. Members of the Amway cult have very high opinions of themselves and those arrogant bastards think the rest of the world wants to hang out with them. Your daughter is being treated the same way all Amway Ambots treat outsiders who won't "support their business".

      Just tell her that because she loves him doesn't mean she has to like the rest of his family.

      Nobody loves Amway losers.

      Except other Amway cult members who'll love bomb them to death.

  8. To Anonymous at 6:30 AM --

    His parents will now try to convince the ex-girlfriend to somehow get in touch with your fiance. It might be via social media or maybe by a seemingly "chance" encounter.

    They'll tell the girl how "lonely" he is, and how he's pining for her, and how he would love to get a phone call from her. If the ex-girlfriend is smart, she'll ignore all of this bullshit.

    But it seems to me that their actions show a kind of desperation. His parents hate you, and they realize the only thing left for them is to get him back together with this old girlfriend. Make sure your fiance resists all of this manipulation and maneuvering. Be especially careful if he is "invited to come see them," without you present.

    And be prepared for more hostility and attacks from them, and possibly from their Amway associates. These vermin don't give up easily.

    1. Anonymous - it's hard to figure out what goes through the mind of a brainwashed Amway Ambot. You have to ask why would any parent want to keep in touch with their kid's ex unless there's grandkids involved.

      What you wrote reminded me of a guy I dated years ago. I met him because I worked at the same place as his mom and he stopped by occasionally and he asked me out and we dated for about 4 months or so until I decided he was too much of a mama's boy. No woman needs one of those in her life! Before me he had a pregnant girlfriend and the two of them lived in his bedroom at his mother's house. By the time I met him he had his own place about a mile away from mom's. I guess he liked that the girlfriend was already pregnant when they met because he was kind of lazy in that department! This is back in the days before cell phones and Internet but his mom kept in touch with her. His mom was always kind to me and we got along very well and about 2 months after we started dating I'd left the company and she kept working there. Mom kept bringing up the formerly pregnant girlfriend even if it was just to say they'd talked on the phone that day or she'd got a card from her - the ex moved to a different town. But reading what you said maybe mom wanted us to break up so her son could get back together with the ex and in a way provide her with a ready made grandkid. Looking back maybe there was some desperation and manipulation. And there's no way of knowing what mom was saying to his ex like how he missed her and would love to be in a relationship with her again.

      Parents need to mind their own business when it comes to their kids relationships.

      We all know Amway Ambots can't mind their own business so this is a double edged sword. Preprogrammed Ambots and their son.

      There's no doubt in my mind that those Ambots would be a lot nastier than my ex's mom was.

  9. Anna, I think you are right. The old lady wanted an instant grandchild, and that's why she wanted her son to get back with the other girlfriend.

    As for the guy being too "lazy" to have sex with his current girlfriend (you) -- man, that is more than lazy. That is totally exhausted debilitation!

    1. LOL Anonymous. He was lazy and I'm not just talking about bedroom activities.

  10. Engaged to an AmbotAugust 21, 2017 at 2:58 PM

    The ex-girlfriend has been polite and responded to them but she never liked Amway either. I have no doubt he will be attending Christmas at his parents alone this year. Luckily the ex lives in a different state so there won't be any chance encounters. I will definitely remind my daughter of the Amway ideal that they above/better than regular society who have J.O.B.s for a living. That will make her laugh, as she has been working since she was 15 and has a sizable savings to show for it.

    1. Hi Engaged. Well who does like Amway? It doesn't reach out past brainwashed Ambots.

      Really? He's going to do his own thing and do Christmas at his parent's house? He's done that for his whole life. It's time to start new traditions with his new family.

      She better makes sure she protects her assets. Ambots are only out to steal and destroy other people's lives.

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    1. This is what life is like for this former Amway Ambot. Flogging a different scam.

      The only guys who give mixed signals are Amway losers and that's cause they can't keep track of their lies.


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