Saturday, August 26, 2017

Married To An Ambot Celebrates Another Year!

7 years baby! Happy birthday Married to an Ambot!

Sometimes it seems like blog years are equal to dog years because 7 years is a long time to be blogging.

We’re still going strong and that’s thanks to our readers who are a big part of this journey and your encouraging comments that reinforce to us that a blog that mocks and curses out Amway Ambots is totally needed.

Also no small part to the fucking Amway assholes who stop by to lie, leave nasty comments, brainwashed comments, and prove Amway Ambots are fucking arrogant pricks and that is the whole point of the blog. Thanks for proving that we know what we’re blogging about! It’s that negative Amway attitude that is so important to get out there to the world so that people know what members of the Amway cult are really like and to stay the hell away from those fucking lying scamming bastards.

This blog has an amazing community of supporters from the bananas who help out behind the scenes, people who contribute posts, people who tell us their stories and other bloggers who talk about why Amway is a bad business opportunity and involvement will only end in financial and emotional distress. 

People in Amway are a bunch of fucking assholes out to destroy other people’s lives. Amway is a scam. Amway is a pyramid scheme. Thanks to the dedication of bloggers getting the word out - fewer people are getting scammed by Amway losers and their sales have been dropping by about 10% every year. How low can you go until you shut down for good?

Thanks for all the shares, comments and questions over the years. This keeps us motivated to keep providing content featuring Amway’s shitty overpriced products and how Amway IBOs are brainwashed Ambots, followers of Amway the Cult of Greed. Worshippers of the Great Amway God.

Here’s to another 7 years of cursing out fucking Amway assholes!

And now a little song to celebrate 7 years. It appears that Jimmy Buffet devoted this song to drivers on I-95 but I like to think he was singing about the dumb fucks that we all know as Amway Ambots!

And asks the all important question that people who are not in the Amway cult want to know about Amway Ambots - Were you born an asshole or did you work at it all your life?

A happy birthday song about Amway assholes.



  1. I love it! So fitting to the stubborn assbots who are digging their heels in trying to get rich by purchasing soap and all the other shitty products for themselves to consume. Assbots for sure!

    1. Hi Living the Nightmare. I knew you'd love it! I take it your daughter hasn't hit rock bottom yet......

    2. HI Dear Anna. No my daughter is still entrenched in this bullshit cult. It's just freaking unreal. I keep doing my best to not enable her. Keep up your great work. I keep reading your blog to stay encouraged and get new ways how to positively influence her to break free of this mother f'n cult.

    3. That's too bad. Not enabling the Ambot is the way to go. Not providing free rent or free babysitting or giving them hope by buying their shitty products is all part of it. Otherwise it takes the ambot longer to hit rock bottom. When they can no longer afford their expensive Amway habit then they quit. The worrisome thing is your daughter has been in for awhile. If she hits longer than 2 years in this cult she's probably going to be a lifer. Most Ambots quit after a few months when they realize they're not making money and they got scammed.

    4. It's time to recognize that Amway is a disease, like drug addiction or alcoholism.

    5. I'd say Amway is more like a virus than an addiction.

  2. Thank you so much for this website. At my parents request, I recently reconnected with my brother and his wife after years of not talking. Long story short, everything was going great and we were redeveloping our friendship. They would talk a lot about this "mentor" couple they had met and vague business related stuff but I never looked into it at all. Last weekend we went to stay at their place to have what I thought would be a great time. Instead they were awful to us. I have never in my life been so obviously mocked, doubted, and put down to my face with no clear reason or argument. It was so startling and different that I knew there had to be a reason. I still hadn't researched WWDB, and when I did all my questions about their behavior were answered. I have been in the business management field for over a decade. Im no business guru by any stretch, but if you want your retail locations or food establishments run right, tight, and by the numbers then I'm a good guy to call. Just discussing basic but real business techniques with them must have accidentally put me on the list of "dream killers". If this site didnt exist I would have forever wondered what possible perceived slight had turned them against us. WWDB is still going strong in the pacific northwest and every bit of information you have relayed is accurate concerning their current tactics and lies. Luckily I found your site quick enough to be able to send him some bullshit positive lies to lessen the impact of any basic concerns I had expressed to them about "the business". Sadly I didnt get here quick enough to learn everything first, because I would have undercover Secret Squirreled this shit and went to their creepy sounding meetings while secretly recording. Oh well. It is a persons ego and greed that WWDB preys on and egotistical and greedy people probably mostly deserve what they get. Thank you and all your contributing visitors again for your time and effort.

    1. Hi Jim Jones. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Yeah well I guess you could have gone on for another real long time without talking to them and it would have been much better for you!

      Dream killers now? Amway Ambots used to call us dream stealers.

      Ambots love to brag about their "mentors" which is just some jackass who signed up to Scamway before them.

      All Amway Ambots do is mock and put down everyone who is not in the Amway cult. The main reason this blog exists is to throw it right back in the Ambot's face. Around here we treat Amway Ambots how they treat the rest of the world. Except Ambots are too brainwashed dumb to get the irony! LOL!

      Ambots have scripted Amspeak responses for everything. We know their lines and have put them out there many times on this blog. And nothing ever changes. Those Ambots still use the same lies and lines and bullshit. Canned Amspeak.

      If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There's a link on the right side of this page under more Amway information. It'll help you understand more about the Amway cult your brother is in and how the odds are nearly 100% against making any money in this pyramid scheme.

      Amway the cult of greed preys on everyone, especially the naive and gullible and destroys lives.

      The next time your brother bugs you about Scamway tell him you're going to be producing gay porno flicks and ask if he'd like to invest. Ambots are prudes and they don't have an answer for that one so that's the best way you can get rid of them!

      Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. Dear Jim Jones --

    I think I can read between the lines of your story about the disastrous visit to your brother's place.

    From what you mention about yourself, it's clear that you are a successful businessman who knows his trade and performs it well. You make a good living and you support your family.

    Anybody familiar with Amway could have told you what was coming. Your brother and his wife are LOSING MONEY. Almost everyone in Amway does. And they hate it when they meet persons who aren't losing money. So quite naturally, when the conversation turned to business techniques, and it was crystal-clear to your brother and his wife that you were an intelligent, experienced, and on-the-ball businessman who was doing well, they became filled with envy and suppressed rage. People in Amway simply can't endure it when they meet someone who isn't in Amway, and is nevertheless a success. It violates their entire world-view.

    They couldn't attack you directly, so they just made snotty remarks and indirect criticisms. That's the only way they could express their anger and resentment.

    Also, consider this: they probably told their "mentor" that they would be entertaining you, and the mentor must have made a big thing about how they had to recruit you into WWDB (World-Wide Douche Bags). When they saw that this was impossible because of your experience and intelligence in business, they knew they would have to confess defeat to their mentor. And that's a scary thing in any Amway system. Confess defeat, and you're branded a "loser."

    Your story is just another confirmation of what Anna Banana has been saying here for seven years: Amway loves to destroy human relationships.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Amway Ambots are full of rage and anger. And whenever someone who has a real business, not a fake pretend Amway business, is doing well that just increases the Ambot rage. At Amway meetings they're taught that there is no other business out there except Amway and all the other bullshit brainwashing that goes along with it. Ambots put down real business owners. It's just incredible what goes on just to make those sitting at the top of the pyramid ever richer.


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