Thursday, August 24, 2017

Amway Ambots Chant: Freedom Flush That Stinking Job!

Yes I actually had a searcher end up at my blog after doing a search for “Freedom! Flush That Stinkin Job!” In fact it took the searcher to the post about GetYour Wife Free.

Actually here I’m going to pretend I’m our Platinum and go off topic. The damnedest thing about that particular post is that I’m getting tons of hits from (I assume) men looking for information on how they can get a free wife. Sure there are some countries where the groom buys a bride from the bride’s parents but some of the searchers are here in the USA! Boy did these guys end up in the wrong spot if they’re trying to go el cheapo when it comes to buying a bride!

The only time I’ve ever heard the phrase “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” was during the NBC Dateline story about Amway. For anyone looking for those links, its on Youtube:

Part 1
Part 2

And don’t all those morons look like they’re in a trance while they’re chanting?

Even more disturbing is what legitimate business operates in this manner? Amway the corporation tries to convince themselves and everyone else that they’re a legitimate business and for sure their ambots try their damnedest to convince everyone that Amway is not a scam but then you see a video like this. It screams CULT! I’ve been to a few business meetings over the years and never have I witnessed anything like that with any legitimate company.

To the best of my recollection I never heard that chant at any Amway meetings I attended. Could be another line of sponsorship that gets the cult followers to scream out that chant or perhaps the cult leaders have decided to lay off the chanting for awhile following the Dateline story.

Those Amway cult leaders stand on the stage and get their followers fired up leading them in the chant “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!”. The unfortunate reality for the cult followers are that they won’t find freedom and they won’t flush their stinking job. This is a scam! The only people in the arena who have the freedom to flush their stinking job are the cult leaders on the stage. They are ripping off their cult followers charging them big bucks to come into the arena and listen to their bullshit motivational speeches. The cult leaders are peddling dreams that won’t come true for their followers.

Don’t flush that stinking job! You need it to pay for functions like this and make your cult leaders rich!

“Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” That’s the battle cry of Amway warriors.

Those ambots need to stop chanting and get a clue.


  1. Actually, Scamway corporate is a legitimate business. As a publicly traded company, they have the FTC and the SEC keeping them in line. They have customers that buy their products, they have real employees, they have expenses, they report their profits to the IRS, they pay taxes the same as any corporation. Scamway Corp is a legitimate business.

    The IBO's on the other hand, are NOT actually business owners. They are Scamway Corp.'s above mentioned customers. Being an Ambot victim of mind control, buying products from "your own store" (in reality they buy over-priced products from Scamway Corporate), and spending money on "The System" is not a business. They are independent contractors severely limited in their ability to sell and market the over-priced products while enriching Scamway corporate to the tune of $9,500,000,000 a year and enriching a dozen or so Double Diamonds and Crown Ambassadors to an unknown number of millions every year.

    1. Hi pinkvictim. Scamway is a private company not a publicly traded company. Companies that are public usually have a web page and then a tab for investors where one will find the current stock quote, quarterly and annual reports, press releases and other info. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case anyone was dumb enough to get hold of their broker! Companies go public mainly to raise funds for operating and acquisitions. Amway relies on a bunch of ambots to raise money for the owners. LOL!

      IBO's are a bunch of dumb fucks who are brainwashed to believe they are "business owners" when all they do is "buy from their own store" and try to find others who are dumb enough to do the same. All they do is make those sitting at the top of the pyramid richer.

    2. Yes, thank you for the correction. I was sloppy and was thinking of HLF (recently saw Betting On Zero). Confusing the two is understandable - one of these pyramid scams is essentially the same as another.

      My statement still stands: Amway Corp. is a legit business. It's the mind control victims of the distribution network that are not legit businesses.

    3. Hi pinkvictim. Amway might be an actual business with a real office and warehouse and staff and real products for sale. How legit Amway is has been a huge source of debate for decades!

  2. True, Amway is an actual corporation, and has to follow the rules, at least on paper. But the various LOS subsystems such as WWDB, Network, Team, BWW, and all the others are much less regulated and supervised. In fact, these various subsystems have in the past told Amway to fuck off when the company tried to reel in their less-than-ethical practices. As one of them told the Amway higher-ups, "You just make the goddamned products. We'll determine how the business works after that!"

    Today, any Amway IBO is a part of one of these subsystems. And corruption and ripoffs and lies are an integral part of the way the subsystems work.

    1. Anonymous - I'd say Amway just straddles the legal line and hop back and forth on both sides of the fence. Sometimes its easier to pay the fines and keep operating as you want.

      There's a lot of corruption in Amway and their cult sects and Amway doesn't give a shit how the various sects operate as long as the money keeps flowing up to them. Amway's head office position is they're not responsible for what is said and done at Amway meetings. LOL! Then who the hell is responsible?

  3. The reason Amway cult members don't make any money (outside of their J.O.B.) is because they don't actually sell any of their crummy overpriced Amway junk, no instead they just keep BUYING more and more of it and then waste their time and money trolling the public looking for suckers just like themselves once they've gone through their family and friends. Now storage lockers for Ambots who want to reclaim their closets, basement and garage and don't have the heart to properly dispose of Amway crud at the dumps, that sounds like a real business opportunity.

    1. Hi Ray. It's ironic that Amway Ambots go around sneering at people who work J.O.B.s and how they're making their boss rich. When what Ambots are doing is buying more and more Amway shit so they can make Amway's owners - their bosses - richer.

      Can you imagine if you're an Ambot and you rent a storage locker to keep all your overpriced shitty Amway products in that the upline bullied them into buying. Then you abandon the storage locker. Then it goes up for auction and some poor sucker ends up with a bunch of Amway shit that'll have to go straight into the dumpster.

  4. The poor guy who buys that storage locker with all the Amway crap in it won't be able to sell it on Amazon or eBay. Amway fights viciously to prevent such private sales.

    I dare any Amway asshole who is reading this to come forward and explain or defend why this is so. If I have a product that I have bought legitimately, why can't I sell it to anybody, in any venue that I choose?

    Come on, Amway assholes. I dare you. Come here and explain why Amway products can't be sold except through an Amway IBO. Let's see what stupid reasons you can come up with.

    1. Anonymous - I'm pretty sure in that restrictive IBO contract that Ambots are forced to sign for the "privilege" of buying overprice shitty Amway products that there's a non compete clause that they can't sell Amway products online. Because Amway already sells products online. LOL! Ambots have to sell shitty overpriced Amway products in places that Amway doesn't already sell to and that would be by word of mouth to friends and family.

  5. OK, but if I'm not an IBO, and I have some Amway products because I bought a storage locker filled with the stuff, why can't I sell it? I didn't sign any contract.

    1. Then that just makes it harder for Amway to fire you!


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