Thursday, August 10, 2017

There Are Better Ways To Make Money Than MLM Schemes

Amway’s literature shows that the average IBO earns $115/month gross. Those statistics are 10 years old now. My guess is that Amway hasn’t updated them because that $115 has taken a nosedive but we’ll never know for sure because too many things about Amway are hush hush and very secretive. Amway’s literature spells out that less than a quarter of 1% of IBO’s reach Platinum level or above.

A system designed for failure.

The Internet is full of stories of former IBO’s who’ve lost thousands of dollars. Some of these people have also lost their homes and their families and their sanity. The Amway business opportunity sucks in IBO’s with dreams and hope and spits them out financially and emotionally devastated.

Every now and then a story emerges of an IBO who actually makes money in Amway.

Well we all know how they make money - by walking over their victims and scamming them into spending a lot of money buying Amway products and tools. I do recognize that occasionally someone in Amway earns a few hundred dollars a month. I don’t even want to think of the amount of money they had to fork out to make a few hundred a month or the countless hours spent bullying others to sign up with Amway or buy their products, attending meetings, and wasted time spent with their upline.

And then I get to thinking if you have what it takes to make hundreds of dollars a month in Amway, can you imagine what kind of money you’d be making as a legitimate business owner where you don’t have to scam and lie to people. There are all kinds of business opportunities out there some with little start up costs and others that are huge investments in purchasing a business and buying inventory and marketing.

Recently I visited a friend and she told me her sister had someone on a bicycle roll up and offer to clean up her yard or do her gardening I’m  not sure which. I can tell you that I’ve been to the sister’s house a few times and house and garden are neat as a pin so its more likely Mr. Man-on-the-bike was offering gardening services rather than clean up. Its not like she has abandoned vehicles and appliances stacking up in the back yard! He came with a letter of reference and charged $250. Seems a little high to me but sister was agreeable to the price and set him to work. I say $250 is not bad for a few hours work especially since he’s on a bike and not carrying his own tools so he must use the homeowner’s tools. His overhead is real low. Oddly enough the town he lives in is about a 20 minute drive from the sister’s house, so that’s some bike ride. Anyway he did a good job and sister was very happy and thought the $250 was a good deal. She even drove him home.

So in one day this guy on a bike makes more money than the average IBO grosses in two months. He has no overhead costs. Not even vehicle gas and insurance. He works less hours for more money than an IBO does.

That’s just one example of going into business for yourself. Surely if an IBO is driven enough to earn more than the Amway $115/month average they’d be able to figure out a business where they don’t have to lie and peddle shitty overpriced products.

Here’s an article that visitor Connie directed me to called 1,357 Ways to Make More Money than in MLM! 

The article also states what us former IBO’s know to be the truth particularly with Amway - 99.9% of participants in an MLM lose money. So for the tiny percentage who actually make money at MLM take the author’s advice on one of those other business opportunities and you’ll be making good money at a legitimate business opportunity, setting your own hours and your own prices. No scamming or lying required. And best of all you’re no longer associated with a company that has a scummy reputation.

And while you’re on that mlm-thetruth website, get yourself to the Home page. There’s a video that’s worth watching. I was literally ROFLMAO! LOL! OK enough of the text speak. The video is about 30 minutes long so give yourself some time and even though it mostly pokes fun at Herbalife everything YES EVERYTHING applied to Amway too. The scamming the lying the bullshitting everything’s the same with these 2 pyramid schemes. And the host was so funny. Total LOL watching it.

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