Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ripping Off People Is The Secret To Amway Success

I’ve attended a few entrepreneur workshops – you know for real business owners not for pretend businesses like Amway's commissioned salesforce who pretend to be business owners. Just about every entrepreneur in the room says their superior customer service is what sets them apart from their competitors. Or their superior customer service will set them apart if they are still in the process of setting up their business. I don’t know why everybody says that. I guess they all want to think their fantastic customer service will be the talk of the town.

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone say their low prices is what gives them the edge over the competitors. To me that would be the huge bonus over customer service. In this day and age customer loyalty is a thing of the past. People go where they get the best deal and the least amount of hassle.

The thing about customer service is the customer doesn’t always require customer service. I walk into the grocery store with my shopping list and I know where I’m going to find things in the store. I rarely have to ask for assistance so I have no idea if most stores offer good customer service or not. And why do the grocers keep moving around the fucking marshmallows every time I’m in the mood to make Rice Krispies treats!

I’ve heard many Amway IBO’s brag about offering excellent customer service. Most of them didn’t have any customers! So yeah I guess its easy to offer excellent customer service to a zero customer database!

All I can say to Amway IBO’s is if you’re ripping off the customers every time you make a sale - how can that be offering good customer service?

A brainwashed ambot will argue something stupid that Amway products are high quality and the high price reflects the high quality. They ignore independent studies that show Amway products are generic at best and often lower quality than much cheaper brand name products on the grocery shelves.

Eventually customers (and here its probably friends of family giving the IBO a pity sale) will get fed up with paying double or triple what they can buy a similar or better product for at Walmart or Costco or wherever and won’t be back to buy any more Amway shit - no matter how excellent and superior the customer service the IBO’s like to think they possess.

If the customer doesn't need it or thinks its too expensive, no matter how excellent the customer service is, the customer won't be back for another sale.

If IBO’s count on offering great customer service as the secret to their success, they fail to realize that not everyone is looking for superior customer service. I prefer to get good deals and no hassles. That means I don’t want to get ripped off by overpriced Amway products and I don’t want to be hounded by an IBO about how Amway is the secret to financial success and a lifetime of residual income in 2 to 5 years.

Word of mouth recommendations about IBO's customer service and Amway products? I think a lot of bloggers cover this topic. Amway ambots can't move past the reality that no matter how superior their customer service might be - or what they perceive it to be - ripping off customers with high priced inferior products means they are really giving shitty customer service.


  1. When my ex and I first got into Amway, the big rebuttal to the high price argument was that Amway products were concentrated and you weren't paying for fillers like with grocery store products. And it was true that Amway"s products were concentrated and grocery store products were not. But not long after the rest of the world discovered the magic of concentration and the price disparity between Amway and everyone else widened even more. Back in the early 2000's, Consumer Reports included SA8 in their laundry detergent comparison. They concluded it was the best detergent of the lot. However they said they could not recommend it because its high price negated the quality benefit, especially since the next place detergent (Kirkland from Costco) was almost as good in quality and far cheaper in price. Repeat that scenario with all their products and you had folks paying way more for household and personal care products than they'd pay in a grocery store or big box store like Walmart. And in today's economy, not too many people can afford to pay double or triple for the things they use every day.

    1. Anonymous - things haven't changed. Amway Ambots are still shrieking about Amway's concentrated products and sneering that everyone else's products have fillers, use artificial ingredients or aren't organic, etc, etc.

      I remember the Consumer Reports laundry comparison though I don't remember SA8 being the best detergent. I remember it coming it last mainly because it's a rip off price but I believe Tide beat it out on getting laundry clean and was the overall winner.

      The only time Amway SA8 comes out the top is when the Amway masturbator shows up here pretending to be an independent product tester.

      The big thing Amway Ambots go on about are other company's vitamins and how they're full of fillers and Amway's prestige vitamins aren't. Here's the thing Ambots don't get. Vitamins that are powder and inside a gel capsule don't have fillers and I don't recall any Amway Nutrilite vitamin coming in that form. Any vitamins that come in tablets or caplets have to be compressed in that shape using fillers. And so what. Who says filler products are bad? Only Amway Ambots. There's a scientist who we occasionally link to who analyzes products and in doing Double X or another Amway vitamin, I'm not sure which one, he noted filler products and artificial products and that sent those Ambots on a witchhunt as they tried to deny it. And he's like look at the ingredients on the bottle you fucking morons! And then someone who works at Amway's Nutrilite facility left a comment saying you're right, you got us we do use artificial and not all organic ingredients in the vitamins. And Amway Ambots still refuse to believe it.

      As you pointed out most people can't afford to pay double, triple or more for every day products that Amway sells. There are higher quality products for lower prices at the grocery stores.

    2. I remember when we went to Ada for our Platinum trip, the guy who did the Nutrilite workshop was stunned at how many supplements most of the IBOs took. He shook his head and asked why they took them. "Because our upline says we need to take them to set an example for our downline," they all said. He shook his head again and told everyone that they were taking far too many supplements and needed to reduce their consumption because all they were doing was having very expensive urine. Urine the color of Mountain Dew was a status symbol in our line of sponsorship. I am just surprised they didn't make us provide urine samples to prove we took Double X.

    3. Anonymous - most people don't need to take vitamins or supplements depends on their diet or if their body is lacking something. In other words it would probably be a medical reason and suggested by a doctor.

      Amway Ambots take just about every vitamin out there because the assholes in their upline told them to. Nutrilite also had high PV or BV if I recall correctly. So Ambots stock up and they can't sell them and they don't want to take them or they can't use the stockpile up fast enough before they expire.

      Of course Ambots went to Amway University which now qualifies them to give medical advice - calling Dr. Quack! Take 2 Double X and text me in the morning. LOL!

    4. I compared some vitamins I got from a Drugstore to some old Nutrilite vitamins I had sitting in a cupboard and guess what? They're the same OR have less in them that what I got from the drug store and they cost triple. That's highway robbery. And I don't care about that bs about it being a superior vitamin because I have NEVER felt extra amazing from nutrilite compared to regular drugstore vitamins. Every pill in the nutrilite system tastes HORRENDOUS, why would I put myself through torture everyday?
      Amway upline and speakers used to make fun of costco because they were charging a "membership" fee whereas in Amway you can buy from yourself and pay yourself. HA! What a load of bullshit. After leaving Amway, I got a costco membership and the Kirkland brand vitamins are a better value and the same if not better than Nutrilite. Plus I can actually buy real groceries, meat and produce with my costco membership and not just shitty brick food bars and overhyped and overpriced energy drinks and water. Conclusion: A costco membership will give you way better return and value than an Amway registration and amway products ever will.

    5. Hi SayNoToAmway. One of the reasons Amway products are so high priced is because the owners have to make a good profit on the products they sell. And then everyone in the Amway upline has to make a profit everytime someone in their downline sells something. Amway is all about ripping people off. As for the Nutrilite vitamins Ambots got around lying about their high quality and how they're made solely from organic materials and contain no fillers blah blah blah. I sometimes put up a link to a man who has a science degree who profiles products and when he did Nutrilite vitamins he got the usual backlash from Ambots when he broke down the ingredients. An Amway employee who works for Nutrilite stepped into the fray basically saying you got us, those are synthetic ingredients.

      You can buy much cheaper vitamins at Costco and practically everywhere else that are higher quality than the shit Amway sells.

      Amway charges an annual membership fee to their expensive buying club. Costco membership is cheaper. And the prices are lower. And Costco sells stuff that people actually want to buy! And Costco has different types of memberships, some where you can get a rebate back on what you buy.


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