Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yikes! The Craigslist Ambot!

One night somebody in our upline - or perhaps crossline I was never quite sure where he fit into the equation but he was at every meeting I attended - brought a guest with him to an Amway meeting. A young lady who didn’t look quite right. As is par for the course whenever someone manages to drag a prospect to a meeting all the IBO’s in the room welcomed her with loving arms and showered her with phoney attention and interest. After a few minutes of talking to her you could figure out she wasn’t all there. Something not quite right in her head. Perhaps a high functioning autistic? She could carry on a reasonably decent conversation but after spending a few minutes with her you’d see something wasn’t quite right. Due to her disability she was unable to drive and so the IBO who was prospecting her was driving her to and from the meeting.

She sat down beside me and I asked how she’d met the ambot. She told me she had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for friends and good conversation and he’d responded.

That stunned me because you never know what kind of weirdos you’ll attract doing that. I’m aware that Craigslist has a personal section but I thought it was mostly for people looking to hook up. Well maybe she was trying to do that too I don’t know.

But I get the picture. The ambot who’d brought her to the meeting was trolling Craigslist ads looking for women with no other motive other than to get them to an Amway meeting. Well maybe he was trying to get them into bed too! I think this young lady enjoyed the companionship of a room full of people happy to shower her with fake love. The price to pay? Listening to the bullshit from the sack of shit Platinum for 3 hours.

Did she ever join up with Amway? Not that I know of. I saw her at 3 meetings I think and oddly enough I saw her at Free Enterprise Days. I was walking through the lobby undoubtedly on my way out of there to find a Starbucks or Burger King for some nourishment and I spotted her wandering around by herself. Fortunately she didn’t spot me and I was able to make a clean getaway! That was the last time I ever saw her. Obviously her potential sponsor had given her a ride to FED, paid for her ticket, and then ditched her once inside the arena. I knew if I stopped and talked to her curiosity would get the better of me and I’d ask about the sleeping arrangements. Some things its just better you don’t know. None of my business anyway.

The real sad thing is the ambot who’d stalked her on Craigslist lost interest in her real fast after he met her and realized she wasn’t fully functioning. By the second or third meeting he’d driven her to he didn’t want the burden of responsibility for her anymore and was checking the room to see if anyone else could give her a ride home. Yeah just the type of really nice guy you want in your life. Asshole! But what else do you expect from a self absorbed fucking Amway ambot? The reality was this young lady was just looking for people to hang out with for a few hours and she didn’t have the mental or financial capacity to buy into the Amway scheme. The IBO figured that out fast enough that his plan didn’t work and tried to ditch her but she kept showing interest in going to Amway meetings to be around people. So desperate to spend time with someone, anyone she’ll go to an Amway meeting! Shit!

I don’t know about posting personal ads on Craigslist. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Craigslist Killer. The second thing that now comes to my mind thanks to the young lady’s experience is the possibility of getting prospected by some Amway IBO thinking this is a cool way to pick up recruits.

But where will it end on Craigslist? Perhaps ambots are trolling every category and calling people who’ve put phone numbers on their ad. Can you imagine if your cat didn’t come home and you placed an ad on Craigslist and some ambot phones you to say he spotted your ad and you get all excited thinking he’s found your missing cat only to find out he’s prospecting you to join up with Amway. Or you place an ad looking for a boyfriend with similar interests only to get a response by some ambot pervert. Or people looking for a job and post an ad on Craigslist with their resume and qualifications and someone calls and says they’d like to hire you and set up an interview. You get all excited about landing an interview and go to the meeting which is oddly enough being held at Dunkin’ Donuts only to find its a scam and an Amway IBO wants to show you the board plan.

Craigslist does put up a warning about affiliate scammers who prey on people posting on their classifieds but people can get all the warnings and red flags waved under their nose and they still might not realize they’re being set up by a scammer.

Get a clue you lousy ambots! People put up legitimate ads on Craigslist and they hope for legitimate, helpful responses. They don’t want to be recruited into Amway! You’re just contributing to Amway’s bad image by pulling shit like this.

It just seems creepy to me that Amway IBO’s are stalking people on Craigslist. I bet some kingpin has a CD out there on how to troll for prospects on Craigslist.


  1. First off, trying to find friendship and companionship on something sick like Craigslist is like trying to find a safe place to sleep in the Amazon jungle. Close your eyes for a second, and you're dead.

    Women looking to hook up with men on such a social media site should expect abuse and rape. But hey -- maybe that's what some women want. The guys who hang around Craigslist are predators or losers.

    If Amway assholes are actually trying to get recruitment prospects from a personal connection website for dating, that only shows how utterly desperate they are. No wonder Amway has dropped 25% in sales over the last three years.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I agree if you're just looking for friends Craigslist is not a good choice. Probably bad people that no one wants around them are the only ones trolling Craigslist ads. Bad people include Amway Ambots because no one wants those losers around!

      There was a woman who left a comment here after meeting a man through an online dating site. I can't remember where they met, Starbucks or McDonalds or wherever for coffee, but she said right away he grabbed a napkin and started drawing circles on it and pitching Amway to her. Guess he left his flash cards at home! That budding romance ended before it started and she said it was too bad because he was really cute and might have had a chance at getting laid if he wasn't in Amway!

      Amway Ambots are desparate to sign anyone up no matter how many times they show up here screeching about "qualifying" prospects. If they're breathing they qualify. LOL! That desperation turns to anger when they show up at sites like this that talk about real experiences and real money losses in the Amway cult. I'm sure all us bloggers are helping with Amway's dwindling sales.

  2. All cults hate it when the light of rational thought shines on their lies and deceptions. That's why Ambots are enraged at all websites critical of MLMs, but this one in particular.

    Why? Very simple: THIS WEBSITE KICKS ASS. No Ambot shows up here and leaves without being savaged, ridiculed, and beaten to a pulp.

    The other anti-MLM websites are good and informative, but sometimes they lack a certain "oomph." They don't take the gloves off when fighting. John Doe's site is absolutely fine as regards information and analysis, but it can be somewhat intellectual and rarefied. Joe Cool is a solid fighter, but he seems to be a very polite and well-bred person who avoids bad language and vituperation.

    But Anna Banana is a hellcat! She's a street fighter, and you sure wouldn't want to meet her for a knife fight in a dark alley! That's why not too many Ambots have the balls to show up here.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! LOL! THIS WEBSITE KICKS ASS.

      Especially Amway Ambot ass!

      I find The American Dream Made Nightmare is very intellectual and hard to understand because it's written by a highly educated person. And many of the other blogs are very informative. Joe Cool is level headed and mainly polite and its funny when he curses out an Ambot.

      This blog aims to entertain as well as educate. It's all about cursing out the fucking Amway assholes and the products they flog. Ambots seems to think its OK to make fun of everyone in the world who's not in the Amway cult but when someone mocks them they hate it. LOL!

      I wouldn't even want to meet me in a dark alley! LOL!

  3. I bet some kingpin has a CD out there on how to troll for prospects on Craigslist.

    If an MLM victim can make some money from it, it's out there. Maybe not CD's per se:

    (Do not click on either link. For demonstration purposes only.)



    1. Hi pinkvictim. Yeah I'd echo not clicking those links. The Ambot who put them up probably has some techie think going on where he can harvest email addresses that land on the web page and then hounds the prospects! LOL!

      I agree. If an MLM scammer can make money from it, they've got a plan out there somewhere.


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