Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amway Ambots Are Dumb Shits

Someone searching on the internet for “Amway dumb shits” found their way to this blog. We spend a lot of time pointing out the things that Amway ambots due that qualify them for being dumb shits. And don’t worry. If I had to list all the reasons for Amway dumb shits this post would be pages long but I’m only going to pick on a couple of points that Amway IBO’s like to show up here and gloat about.

How about the ambots that show up here bragging that Amway is accredited by the BBB.

What the fuck? Did you not read Amways code of conduct for IBO’s you dumb shit? It says that Amway is not accredited with the BBB has no association with them and that Amway IBO’s should not be going around saying Amway has any kind of affiliation with them because it ain’t true. In fact if you read the fine print you dumb shit you’d see that Amway can fire you if you break any of the policies in their code of conduct. If Amway went around firing all their IBO’s that brag about their BBB accreditation then there’d be no one left! So Amway probably ain’t going to fire you you lying dumb shit. You want to know how BBB works? Consumers file complaints about a company with the BBB. The BBB then forwards the complaint to the company and asks them to respond within a time period lets say a month. The company responds within the time limit so the BBB is happy and gives them a good rating. It doesn’t mean that the company’s response has to satisfy the consumer who made the complaint. Sometimes the company comes up with a resolution that makes the consumer happy but that has nothing to do with how the BBB rates them. It has to do with whether or not the company responds within the time limit or ignores them.

I’m sure Amway keeps several people employed full time making sure they respond to the BBB before the time limit is up.

That’s what it means you dumb Amway shit! It doesn’t mean that the BBB endorses Amway. I don’t think the BBB is allowed to endorse any company but that don’t stop lying Amway ambots from bragging about it. Bottom line is who gives a fuck? Only dumb shit ambots.

The other thing Amway dumb shits like to gloat about is how much money Amway made last year. The most recent ambot to leave a comment to this effect states that Amway has been around for 50+ years and made 11 billion in sales last year a drop of about a billion from the year before and dropped from a couple of years ago when ambots were crowding around this blog gloating about 13 billion in sales. Guess the bastards at the top of the pyramid aren't keeping the cult followers whipped into a big enough frenzy to keep buying overpriced shitty Amway products. FYI Amway reported 8.8 billion in sales for 2016. If any fucking Amway assholes try to tell you it’s much higher than that, they’re fucking liars.

Amazon began business in 1994 and in 2016 made 136 billion in sales. That tells me when compare to Amway that Amazon is a much faster growing business, offers a wide variety of products, and sells them for a good price to keep customers coming back. To the best of my knowledge no one goes around complaining that Amazon is a cult. At least not in a bad way.

Either company either sales amount who really gives a flying fuck except for Amway dumb shits. Those sales figures are good news for the owners of those companies that’s more dollars in their bank accounts. How much of those billions are the company owners sharing with their employees? In Amway’s case the number of employees I have showing up here complaining about the shitty pay and shitty working conditions I would guess no profit sharing. Amazon I have no idea about because their employees don’t show up here saying one way or the other!

So perhaps some Amway dumb shit who is gloating about how Amway’s sales are around a twentieth of Amazon’s can shed some light on why Amway’s sales figures are such a big fucking deal and how Amway employees benefit from those numbers.

I’m sure all I’ll get is silence from those Amway dumb shits.


  1. Hey Ally L.

    We didn't want to post your comment because of your email. Amway Ambots are the most nasty vicious bastards you'll ever come across and you don't need to be the victim of endless emails from those Amway losers. When someone quits Amway they're faced with a barrage of vicious texts and emails from the other Amway cult followers and you don't need to be another victim when you didn't even join their cult.

    Anyway I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and I'm sorry to hear you're friend got sucked into this cult. You'll now be invited to every Amway meeting and bugged to buy shitty overpriced Amway products. And when you refuse you'll be insulted and accused of not supporting his/her business.

    If you want to tell us your story, just put it in comments. Depending on how long it is you might want to write it first in a word document and copy it into the comments. There's a character limit that Blogger has set and I don't remember what it is so if you go over it you'll have to put your story into more than one comment. Just don't want you to type it all up and then lose it.

    You might want to read a free ebook called Merchants of Deception to get a better understanding of the cult your friend has gotten messed up with. There's a link on the right side of this page under more info about Amway. See if you get your friend to read it too.

  2. Hi Anna! Yeah, I commented before learning more about what Ambots can be like. . . I think it was on "truth about amway" or something where the author was basically stalking critics and posting their personal information (!). Seriously, wtf!

    My friend (let's call him "Jack") got involved with Amway about a year after we'd both graduated college. I went to visit him, and he told me that he'd started his own business. I was excited about this; during college (we were both in food science) we'd talked about maybe someday opening a cheese shop, and he'd also developed a soft drink that I thought maybe he'd sold to somebody. But nope! Not a food science related business. Well, okay then, Jack, what is your business going to be selling? Businesses can make money one of two ways, either by selling a product or by providing a service, so what exactly would the business be doing?

    He seemed to dance around the question, which I thought was weird but after having read up about Ambots, I now realize was something he was trained to do. He basically said that he'd be teaching other people how to start their own businesses.

    Keep in mind that he wasn't a business major, and this was his first year out of college. He'd never started his own business before this point. While Jack is extremely personable, he doesn't have the technical knowledge or experience to be training anyone in entrepreneurship.

    And he still hadn't explained how he was going to make money off of this; I asked if people would be paying for his mentorship, and he said no. After prying for probably 15 minutes, he finally revealed that this was. . . *trumpet sound* Amway! And that him "owning his own business" was, in actuality, a commission-based salesman position.

    "But Jack, do you really want to run a business where you're selling people granola bars and laundry soap?" I know Jack pretty well; we had a brother-sister type relationship back in college. I really couldn't picture Jack being happy being a salesman. Jack pooh-pooh'ed this; he didn't care about selling the products. And then he revealed what really drew him to this "business": Financial Freedom.

    He then jumped into a bizarre rant that didn't sound like him at all (again, the culty lingo slipping in and hijacking any actual thought) about how when you go to work, your boss is exploiting you to get rich, and he's so sick of being in debt, and it's ridiculous to work a 9-5 grind.

    This seemed pretty absurd to me at face value; I get paid when I go to work, and my efforts aren't lining my boss's pockets, they're assisting the company to grow (which would also allow for people like me to get raises). If I did feel like my boss wasn't paying me fairly and was lining his pockets instead of doing the right thing, I would quit and find a better company. This isn't Victorian-era London; I have options if my workplace sucks, and I don't find the expectation of working 40 hours a week totally irrational; people have always worked in order to live. As for debt, yeah student loans can suck, but Jack was making more than $60K, again, right out of college, and based on his apartment he certainly wasn't suffering.

    But oh, "financial freedom." The beautiful euphemism for "being rich." As far as I could gather, that's Jack's one and only motivation. I asked "but will this job make you happy?" "Being financially free will make me happy." "Is this a company you can really support? Do you back their products? Do you see them as ethical?" "I see them as a way to become financially free." He actually got frustrated with me, asking questions about if this is really going to be a fulfilling way to make a living-- because apparently the only thing to consider in your employment is the $$$.

    1. Hi Ally. Wow thanks for sharing your story. I'm out all day but will respond tonight when I have more time...

    2. Hi Ally. Yeah you commented last week on a post comparing the Amway cult to Mormons. The big difference is Ambots have to tithe more money to the Great Amway God!

      Amway Ambots are the most nasty evil vicious motherfuckers you'll ever meet in your life. Avoid them!

      Your friend Jack ought to know better if he went to college and if you were looking to start a cheese business or develop soft drinks.

      The bizarre rant you heard from Jack is typical of all Amway Ambots. They must lie, deny, defend, distract, destroy, and then hopefully disappear. Most businesses that people work for they don't have to work so hard to defend the business. And if you did, why work there. Find a company with a better reputation to work for.

      As you pointed out, people can always quit their job and find a better company. Slavery went out a long time ago. Except in Amway.

      Ambots all dance around the A word. I mean its really fucking embarrassing to admit you're a loser in the Amway cult.

  3. After he vehemently explained how Amway is totally-not-a-pyramid-scheme after I suggested that it looked and sounded like one, I went back to my hotel for the night but rejoined Jack for breakfast the next morning. While eating breakfast, we listened to an Amway tape (or MP3?). Immediately my "this is a cult!" alarm went off; the audio first asked you to visualize your success ("success" meaning having a fancy car and traveling the world, not "success" in the sense that you've created a business that improves society, gives you personal fulfillment, or creates real employment opportunities for others), and then told the listener that the only way to achieve their "success" was to CONTINUE LISTENING TO THE TAPES. Gee, an authority figure telling you that you need to continue listening to an authority figure in order to get what you want? That doesn't sound cult-like AT ALL.

    At that point, I could take no more. I brought up my concerns to Jack, that the tape gave no business advice at all, that he wasn't actually passionate about the business, just the money, and a statistic I'd read the night before, that 99% or so of all MLM distributors actually LOSE money. He got upset by this, but to his credit did not accuse me of being a dream-stealer or negative person (though I'm pretty sure he thinks I am one; I'm pretty cynical and skeptical and am fairly suspicious of people telling me to be happy all the time (which with my depression is not even possible)). He DID however say that those 99% of people just weren't trying hard enough, and HE would succeed where they failed because he wouldn't give up like THEY did.

    Again, cult-alarm. If someone says to you "If you do X, you will get results Y" and you try X and do not get Y, normally that would mean there's a problem with the premise. In cults, especially cults of positivity, the response is always "Well, you just weren't trying hard enough." It's always, always, ALWAYS "your fault" in a cult if you aren't happy with the results, because a cult exists to perpetuate itself, not to actually provide you with help or answers.

    He let me express my concerns and dismissed them, though interestingly he said his parents said about the same things I did. I went back home, a little disappointed; honestly I do think it would be fun to open a cheese-shop with Jack, but I am very unimpressed with his business ethics if he thinks Amway is a good thing. Jack fortunately didn't try to bombard me with Ambot products or anything like that, but his facebook feed got REALLY annoying for the next two months. He constantly shared "Positivity!" memes, many of which were extremely judgmental (because being critical and actually bringing up problems in order to address them is something only "negative" and "unsuccessful people" do, and people who watch TV are "unsuccessful" while people who read are "successful". . .even if the TV watcher is enjoying documentaries and the reader is enjoying a shitty romance novel, we can TOTALLY make broad generalizations about "successful" and "unsuccessful" behaviors). He would also share stories about people who have been "on vacation" for three years or something dumb like that. There were a number of other posts, too, often with a lot of disdain for people who work "normal jobs." Do Ambots ever realize that the people who make their overpriced products work normal jobs? Do they realize that their "road to financial freedom" is only possible because there are a lot of people out there who are willing to work in manufacturing jobs for 8-12 hours a day? Biting the hand that feeds you, is all I'm saying.

    It's especially ironic because those factory workers-- all of them-- will be bringing home net profits from their work, even if they're making minimum wage. Amway reps? Less than 1% of them are actually making anything.

    1. Ally - all Amway Ambots and all other MLM scammers will deny that their beloved employer is a pyramid scheme. I'm sure he then accused your employer of being a pyramid scheme.

      LOL! Amway Ambots read and follow the PeeWee Herman handbook - I know I am but what are you.

      Yes, Amway Ambots float around in this land of positivity. They are crazed in their obsession to point out all things negative.

      As you figured out from listening to that CD - that Jack paid anywhere between $5 and $10 for - that it's a sideshow freak show of the Amway cult leaders. There is no training. They just jabber on about what's going on in their lives and taunt if I can do it so can you. The Amway cult leaders make their bulk of their money selling these "motivational tools" that are better known as the Amway tool scam. You went to school. I'm sure you've bought CDs. They come in a pack of however many. You transfer a recording over to them. The cost is probably no more than 50 cents. That's a pretty hefty mark up that Scamway Diamond just made off the suckers who bought them.

      Amway Ambots are very judgemental - about everyone and everything else in the world that is not Amway. Around here we're only judgemental of Amway losers. We throw it right back in their faces. Judgemental of all the other businesses in the world and all the other people who live in this world, we're not so much! LOL!

      And what is it about these Amway losers who bitch about people who watch TV. Like who the hell cares if people choose to watch TV as their entertainment? There's a post up around here somewhere about how Amway Ambots are banned from watching TV. I heard it myself at Amway cult meetings where it was drawn on the white board at what level you're allowed to watch TV. Generally everyone at the bottom of the pyramid wasn't allowed to watch TV. Well I'll be damned if I do anything a fucking Amway Ambot is going to tell me to do. Amway cult leaders don't want their followers watching TV because it's information control and the Amway cult leaders must control the information the Ambots get. We've had Ambots from India show up here who still think Bush is President and he's an Amway salesman stocking up the White House. LOL!

  4. Jack and I don't talk a lot anymore; he's busy living his life and I've got mine, but I recently got married and my sister-in-law is also an Ambot-- and my husband is starting to feel the draw as well. Sigh. Again, the motivation with them is pretty much the same as it was for Jack: sheer, unadulterated greed. Money makes a lot of things easier, but it doesn't actually make people happy, and it's frustrating to see my SIL waste SO much money on this-- especially since this is 2017, and it's really, really easy to start up a legitimate small business, often with very little to no startup costs. I started a coloring book business as an extension of my hobby of drawing, and aside from the hundred bucks to register an LLC it has cost me nothing to run or maintain and has even brought in a few dollars on some months. Small businesses are not hard to build nowadays, and with my SIL's talents she could be doing a lot more than pretend she's a business owner when she's actually a salesperson for Amway.

    To all of you out there considering Amway-- THERE ARE BETTER AND EASIER WAYS OF MAKING MONEY! Whether you're starting your own business or not, make sure you're picking something that makes you happy at your job, not just happy with your paycheck. Pick something that makes your corner of the world a bit better of a place, pick something that you can stand behind and be proud of-- even if others sneer at you having a "J.O.B." You've only got one life and you should live it in a way that you're happy with; don't let Amway use greed to corrupt your dreams of being happy with dreams of being rich.

    1. Ally you didn't mention how long Jack has been with the Amway cult. Most Ambots quit after a few months when they realized they got scammed and aren't making money. Amway released statistics a few years ago that 95% of their IBO's quit within 2 years so the law of averages is on his side.

      If he bugs you about Amway tell him you've started a business producing gay porno flicks and ask if he'd like to invest. Amway Ambots are prudes so that'll scare him off.

      You could have big problems ahead of you if your husband wants to sign up for Scamway. You can be sure your sister in law is putting the screws to him because most Ambots try to sign up their family and friends. You might want to try a counterattack by getting your husband to read Merchants of Deception before he gets caught up in Amway hype. You'll have a life of hell in front of you if he signs up to the Amway pyramid scheme.

      Yes there are better ways than Amway to make money and from time to time we put up a post here with suggestions. No Ambot would believe that! They are so brainwashed they don't believe there is any other business opportunity out there except Amway.

  5. I haven't read "Merchants of Deception" but I have watched that Dateline expose. MoD might be next on my reading list, but I'll probably have to keep that on the DL; my husband's sister is into Amway and he's kind of defensive about the company (Amway sympathizer. Sigh.).

    Unless you're really passionate about the product, I don't see why anyone would want to get into an MLM. It's NOT your own business; if it were you'd have more say in how much you want to buy and how you want to sell it and there wouldn't be all this "PV" business.

    I haven't gone through all the posts here; have you or could you write up what "PV" means? I understand that it's somehow a point system that determines your "level" in the company, but I don't get how it works with your upline and downline and all that jazz.

    1. Hi Ally,

      Thanks for sharing your story through that series of comments. Your experience pretty much mirrors the head-scratching frustration of dealing with anyone who has gotten caught up in a cult, regardless of if it is religious or financial. The power of a cult comes from various forms of brainwashing and the deeper a victim falls into a cult the less independent thought they have. Thus how you heard Jack spouting out talking points that sound more like parroted spiels rather than something that sounds like him. Cults require constant meetings and functions and reading and listening to their doctrine to reinforce the hold they have on their minds.

      I have have cousins caught up in koo-koo religious cults and friends who fell into Amway and the similarities of how difficult it is to speak "logic" and "facts" with them it is. Because the cult teaches them "don't listen to friends or family that tell you negative things about us. They are the enemy trying to keep you from finding success. They are jealous, they don't know what is right for you. Only we do." It's amazing to watch someone who at one time seemed reasonable and thoughtful become almost a mindless drone dependent on this new group of "friends" they are caught up with to tell them what to think or do, and to ignore all else. And like you mentioned, they are trained to see any lack of success as being their own fault for not "doing it right", regardless of if the victim follows what they are told to do to the absolute letter.

      I am worried that your new hubby seems to be sympathetic to Amway. In the con/scam world they are known as "rubes" ripe for picking. I can only hope that you get him to research Amway before letting his sister rope him into the cult. Once they get their fingers into him they will work diligently to twist his mind. And if they see you as a threat to their meal ticket they will also begin poisoning his mind against you for not "being a supportive wife". Reading posts here through the years Amway has destroyed so many marriages doing that.

      If your husband is still level-headed (once in the cult the members refuse to do this) try to do the math with him. Figuring out using how much one has to buy in Amway in order to get a "bonus". I'm not sure what it is now, but I think I once read it's something like $300 a month to get a $10 check back. Now multiply that to however much a month has to be sold to get to "financial freedom". And one also has to factor in this can't be done just by self-consuming. That's an enclosed system with no money coming in from the outside and one is STILL losing money with the bonus checks because they overpaid for the product far beyond that bonus to begin with.

      .... to be continued...

    2. ... continued....

      So then the next thing with Amway is "you need to recruit others to come in and be your downline and you get a percentage of what they sell". But, again, doing the math, how many people would need to be in that downline in order to find "financial freedom"? It would be in the HUNDREDS. And as most people find, the simplistic circle drawing of "you find 6 people and each of them find 6 people, etc, and voila! you are a millionaire" doesn't work in the REAL world. It's hard to find one or two people willing to get scammed let alone hundreds. The 99% failure rate isn't because 99% of the cult members were "lazy", it's because it's a system that is pyramid based and like all pyramids only the folks at the top make the big bucks. That's the nature of them.

      A cult member will come back and say "a regular business is a pyramid, too" just because of it's diagram, but you can tell them "in a regular business even those at the very bottom make money (salary/benefits). In a pyramid SCAM the people at the bottom LOSE money in order for those at the top to make theirs. That's where the money comes from.

      Sorry for being so wordy. You just seem like a nice, intelligent person and I would hate to see you become an Ambot spouse. As others here can tell you, you end up losing so much of the person you fell in love with as the cult sucks them in deeper with brainwashing.

      Good luck to you!!!


    3. I'm not too worried about it ATM. . .we've bigger things to worry about. Trouble is, my husband is a Feeling personality type, and sometimes when he sets his heart on something he has a hard time listening to logic, facts, and statistics. Usually his personality works really well as a complement to mine, but it does make trying to explain my point of view difficult at times.

      I think it does help though that he's seen how much money his sister dumps into her business with nothing to show for it. Props to her, she actually DOES like the Amway products that she uses; her husband has some medical problems where he can't control his bowels, and apparently Amway detergent has managed to save a lot of sheets and blankets. So at least she can give a thumbs-up on a product or two. She's still wasted a hell of a lot of money on this friggin' company, though, and that's depressing.

      I think my best argument against it is to say "how much money has your sister spent on this? And how much has she made?" Like I said, my very-part-time-whenever-I-feel-like-it coloring book business, which barely pays to maintain my website most months (this month I made $30! raking in the dough!), has made more money for me than her "business" has for her.

      Thanks for your kind words. It's nice to be able to talk about this and get it off my chest. :)

    4. Ally - to sum it up you and I and all the rest of the world who aren't brainwashed Amway Ambots know that entrepreneurs are people who create a product or service and sell it to real people. I can't tell you how many times I have Ambots showing up here screeching at me what do I have against entrepreneurs. And as long as they're not scammers - not a thing. Ambots aren't entrepreneurs though they're working for one. They're just low paid commissioned sales reps flogging overpriced shitty products that someone else created. Ambots are too brainwashed to get that.

      Ironically Amway Ambots go around screeching that you work a J.O.B. to make your boss rich. And Ambots are working so passionately to sell shitty products for people with the last name of DeVos or VanAndel.

      As for PV I gave it a shot in a comment last week and no one corrected me so let me try again. I think PV stands for points volume. Every Amway product has a point value. An Ambot buys products and all those points add up. They have to add up to at least 100 points in order to be eligible for a commission check from Amway that month. Products with points totalling 100 PV is approximately $300. Some Scamway products have higher PV such as their overpriced Nutrilite vitamins. Products with low PV would probably belong to products sold by the partner stores that Ambots proudly gloat about. If an Ambot has any downline or customers buying products then all those points add up to help them out with something called BV bonus volume. And it's got to do with percent like 3% where most Ambots are at just by their mandatory self consumption, then 6%, 9%, 15% and so on but I really don't know what the numbers are. An Ambot earns a few pennies commission everytime someone below them buys Amway products.

      Amway is all about confusing people by tossing around a lot of numbers.

      Thanks again Ally for taking the time to write such a long story to share with everyone. I'm going to coy it and put it into a new post sometime down the road.

    5. Hi Dave. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I'm thinking you're the same Dave who sometimes posts here and it's been awhile since I've seen you.

      I too am concerned if Ally's husband gets involved with the Amway pyramid scheme. She'll be in for a whole lot of financial and emotional distress all while watching her loving sweet husband turn into a nasty sneering Amway Ambot.

      Thanks for tackling the PV BV thing. Yes an Ambot gets a commission of around $10 or should we just call it a rebate if they buy around $300 worth of Amway products. They get 3% back, the level most Ambots are at if they do the minimum 100 PV. That would be around $9 but most Ambots would probably go over that $300 or 100PV after being pressurized by some asshole in the Amway upline to buy some more Amway shit because someone else upline has goals to meet that month.

    6. Ally - one last thing. Ask Jack or your sister in law for their profit and loss statement the next time they bug you about Scamway. They probably won't show it to you claiming it's private. The reality is Ambots are told not to keep track of their losses. LOL! What you can't see won't hurt you I guess. We all know real business owners keep track of their expenses and income. Amway Ambots are pretend business owners.


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