Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Amway Ambots Leaving People Behind

Part of being involved in Amway is listening the cult leaders talk about destroying existing relationships the ambots have with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Like any cult,the brainwashing techniques are used to separate cult followers from others who can show them the proof that they are in a dangerous cult, they’re throwing their money away at a scam and paying off cult leaders and that they are being lied to.

Obviously the leaders of any cult don’t want the cash flowing to them to stop. They also are control freaks who require others to worship them with undying love and affection so they don’t want that to stop either.

One phrase I heard a lot from our sack of shit Platinum went to the effect of “leaving people behind”. This had to do with people who were not in Amway. Ambots are brainwashed to believe that they are better than everyone else who is not in Amway. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway are stupid and losers. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway all have jobs working for someone else and will always be broke.

Leaving people behind? Clearly our sack of shit Platinum is not a team player. He could never be a marine because he would never accept their motto about leaving no man behind. Our fucked up Platinum is no different than any other ambot only out for themselves and their greedy materialistic aspirations that the great Amway cult will bring to them. I wouldn’t want to be in a train wreck with that fucker. That’s one asshole who wouldn’t help any other survivors escape a fiery carnage.

Leave them people behind!

That’s the Platinum’s message to the ambots because the good things in life only come to selfish, greedy people in Amway.

Its no different than other religious cults who are brainwashed to believe they are better than everyone else and that they should not associate with people who are not in their cult. Every cult promises some sort of paradise to their followers.

The only way for ambots to gain admission to this paradise - the good life with residual income and plenty of it rolling in forever - is to leave other people behind because they are not in Amway.

Our fucked up sack of shit Platinum cult leader would preach at his followers about why they would want to associate with someone who doesn’t “get it” about Amway. Those people who don’t “get it” don’t “get it” because they’re too stupid to “get it”. Leave them behind!

Burn those bridges!

“As soon as you get rich in Amway then everyone you know who laughed at you will want to sign up and it will be too late for them.” Yup the typical cult leader’s message of doom and gloom for people who are not cult followers. The reason it will be too late for the people you’re leaving behind is because the marketplace has been flooded with ambots and the only people who can make money are those at the top of the pyramid.

But those people have been sitting at the top of the pyramid for many years, decades in some cases.

Leaving people behind to scramble up the slippery sides of a pyramid is the business plan shown to brainwashed ambots.

I got a better plan. The people I leave behind are brainwashed ambots.


  1. The Platinum said "As soon as you get rich in Amway..."?

    That's like saying "As soon as you scale Mount Everest in your underwear..."

    The arrogance of these Platinum assholes is astounding. Ninety-nine percent of everyone in Amway fails to make money, according to Amway's own literature.

    And these shithead have the chutzpah to say "As soon as you get rich in Amway..."


    1. Anonymous -our sack of shit Platinum was the biggest arrogant bastard around but that sounds like its true of most Amway Platinums.

      He also used to say "as soon as you get rich in Amway" he'd add on "I'll tell you how to spend your money."

      LOL! I think I know how to spend my money without some arrogant Platinum asshole telling me to buy more overpriced shitty Amway products.


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