Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Legend Of Bad Harry

One day a bad man came to town. Let’s call him Bad Harry who is a snake oil salesman.

Bad Harry was looking for sharp businessmen who could buy his very expensive snake oil, consume it, and find other people who could do the same. You find 6 people and they find 6 people and they find 6 people and so on and so on.

Bad Harry called it duplication. Others might call it an instant crowd - that is if the theory actually worked. It did look good on paper though to the adoring masses.

It was important to find more people below you that Bad Harry called the downline and you’d make money off their sales of snake oil. As long as you had people underneath you, you’d make money. Everyone would become rich!

The plan was a pyramid scheme. It was very important for the downline to try to scramble to the top of the pyramid.

They did this by spending lots of money buying snake oil.

Little did the downline realize all the only thing they were doing was making Bad Harry rich.

It was very difficult to claw their way up the pyramid.

Bad Harry kept brainwashing them with mantra that the higher up the pyramid you got, the more money you make.

But there were big sacrifices to make along the way. You had to spend a lot of money buying snake oil from Bad Harry's company even though other companies sell snake oil much cheaper.

It took many hours each week to try to sell snake oil and try to find other people to come to meetings and try to get them to sign up to sell snake oil. It became very clear that the downline were only making pennies an hour.

And most of the time they didn’t make any money at all. They usually lost more money than they made.
 Harry told the downline they must buy tools and this would be the path to helping them sell more snake oil and becoming rich.

The downline had to spend a lot of time with Bad Harry learning how to sell snake oil and how to sign up other people to sell snake oil that they had to miss family functions and parties.

Bad Harry told them not to worry because the other snake oil comrades would now become their new family.

If the downline thought it was hard scrambling up the pyramid they soon learned that its even more difficult living inside a pyramid.

Soon the only thing that consumed their thoughts was escaping the pyramid and getting away from this cult that was destroying their lives.

Especially why they looked outside the pyramid windows and saw everyone else enjoying their free time with their families and going on vacations and having fun.

Finally someone figured out the truth. Even though they might find a few customers to buy snake oil eventually these customers would go to another store where they could buy the snake oil for so much cheaper. The sad reality was customers were hard to find and even harder to keep around. Then they found out that the snake oil cost one tenth the price they were selling it for. Someone was getting rich and it was not the downline.

It was Bad Harry! He’d lied to them about how the snake oil was priced so high because it was much higher quality than its competitors. But snake oil is snake oil. People are going to go where they get a better deal. And the downline snake oil salespersons were going to quit because they couldn’t find any customers and because they couldn’t sign up any other snake oil salespeople.

What about those worthless tools? Motivational CDs telling the downline to never quit and they were all winners. The books that said one day someone was digging a ditch and the next day he was a millionaire snake oil salesperson. What about those speakers from the stage who said that everyone who didn’t buy snake oil was a loser. Those same speakers who said that everyone who quit didn’t try hard enough. They’d been brainwashed! Worse than that many of them had lost their life savings, taken on credit card debt to buy snake oil, lost their houses to foreclosure, declared bankruptcy, marriages ended in divorce, and families were destroyed.

All for the sake of overpriced snake oil!

The realization sunk in. Bad Harry was a thief!

Even worse than a thief Bad Harry was a cult leader!

Bad Harry must be lined up and shot before he could destroy any more lives.

Put a target on Bad Harry right where eveyone wants to shoot him!

They tossed Bad Harry’s body down a well and filled it with concrete so no one would ever find him.

 RIP Bad Harry. NOT!!!!

The End

Yes this is what one can come up with after a few pina coladas!


  1. Snake oil.... aka shit stain products that are absurdly overpriced. Everyone in my Amway cult was a Bad Harry. They all cried and boasted to the world about how life changing Worldwide Group is. They shouted to the heavens about how nice and loving everyone is in their cult. Even though they would talk extremely negatively & bash on people who worked jobs. Their passion to sell shale oil and be the best Bad Harry out there was far more important than visiting their dying grandmother in the hospital. Got a funeral for a loved one coming up in a couple weeks? Better ask your fuckface coked out upline if it's okay to attend this funeral. Most likely his response would be "Fuck your worthless family, we are your family. Now go out and go duplicate some more Bad Harry's and sell more overpriced snake oil and tell everyone who works a J.O.B how stupid and worthless they are. After that drop to your knees and worship all the diamonds." ...typical response from any amscam cult leader. I remember a 19 year old kid in my amway group. He actually had a nice job where he got paid pretty damn well for being so young. Cult leader took advantage of this and encouraged to spend more money on his business monthly to up his PV. Every meeting cult leader would point at the kid and talk about how brave he is for spending so much money on his "business". And he would pretty much call the rest of us losers for spending less money on our "business". Poor kid his been in the cult for almost a year and hasn't gotten any results. All the Bad Larry's in our group would encourage him to "step your game up" ..."try a little harder". Poor fucking kid could have bought a car by that point or even moved out into his own place. But Amway had him by the balls!!! Another quick story. Poor girl in the cult was about 18 years old. Been in it for more than a few months. She would always tell me how funny it was that her mom would tell her that she was concerned that worldwide group was a cult. The girl would just laugh it off and say "my mom's really old school." This girl would even tell me her mom went as far as showing her this exact website (married to an abot) to help her escape the clutches of the cult. Poor girl would just laugh it off and call her mom crazy. LOL looks like she should have listened to her mom. Our coked-out cult leader would literally do anything in his power to make sure people stay in. He would tell so-called girl his mom he's trying to destroy her dreams and she shouldn't listen to a word she says. When I dropped out a couple months ago cult leader texted me saying "What's wrong buddy I havnt heard you kate in a couple days" ... I responded by telling him how financially burdened I was and that I couldn't even afford to buy toilet paper to wipe my own ass. I told him about the stress I have gone through by not having enough money by the end of the month to buy necessities and support myself. I told him about how spending all this time trying to recruit people has taken away from my social life and I'm losing all my friends. I told him this business almost ripped me away from my own family... Cult leader just read my message and didn't bother to respond at all. What happened when cult leader would tell me "I love you buddy" and " I care about you buddy"...LOL maybe when he told me that he thought he was talking to a brick of cocaine! Fucking Amway and their Bad Larry's and shit stain snakeoil products can all put it so far up their assess they'll be screaming "all hail Brad and Juli Duncan!!!!"

    1. Hi Archer. Thanks for stopping by!

      And yeah to everyone you said. Heard it countless times in Amway. You can't go to funerals or hospitals or parties or whatever if it interferes with anything Amway. Had someone stop in once to say her husband went to an Amway function while she went to the hospital without them when she went into labor. That's life when you're married to an Ambot. Nothing is more important to them than Amway and worshipping the fucking assholes in their Amway upline.

      As for the 18 year old girl laughing off this website well what else can ambot do but defend their beloved cult. Ambots are banned by the Amway cult leaders from looking at this site or any other blogs that get the truth out there about what it's really like in Amway.

      Once you get out of Amway you'll have less stress in your life. You don't have to buy overpriced shitty Amway products. You don't have to go to Amway cult meetings. And you don't have to put up with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. You can start to get your life back under control when you're no longer dealing with the financial and emotional distress that Amway causes.

  2. Only $1 a bottle!

    1. LOL pinkvictim! Guess that snake oil salesman is gonna have to buy some overpriced Amway soap to get rid of that stain. LOL!

  3. SA8® to the rescue!! LOL

    Check out what Mr. Carpet Bagger is doing in this scene:

    It can do most anything.

    1. Maybe that was the Amway Masturbator acting out the part of the snake oil salesman!


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