Monday, September 4, 2017

Children Of Amway Ambots

I’ve been getting a few messages from children of ambots that I’ll post soon in case readers have missed them.

They had horrible childhoods because of their parents involvement in the Amway cult. A lot of it is neglect. The parents didn’t spend time with them because they were too busy going out of every night of the week to Amway meetings or prospecting. Same with weekends. Full of Amway events.

These parents put a box of soap or a case of water as more important than their children. Wasting hundreds of hours to maybe make a $1 commission on an Amway sale was more important than spending time with their children.

Stories from the children that they could not attend their friend’s birthday parties because their parents would not buy a birthday gift for the friend because they “counseled with upline” and the fucking assholes in the Amway upline told them it was more important to use that money to buy Amway tools or products than buying birthday presents.

The children also suffer humiliation because their ambot parents prospected the parents of their friends or classmates. Stories of schoolyard teasing from the other kids because their parents are in Amway.

People involved in Amway have no business having children. They don’t spend time with their children because they have to spend time with the assholes in their Amway upline. Any spare money must be spent on Amway instead of clothes or other items the children need. Imagine sending your kid off to school with an Amway food bar, Perfect Water, and a Nutrilite vegetable/fruit vitamin.

Sure these ambot parents say they’re in Amway to make a better life for themselves and their children but its only happened to a handful of breakout Diamonds. Everyone else is in for a lifetime of poverty if they stick around the Amway cult long enough.

The weird thing is even with the way they’re treated the children of ambots still say they’d rather stay with their parents than be taken away and placed in a nurturing home. They don’t know anything else. They have a driven in sense of love and loyalty to their parents no matter how bad their life is.
These ambots who think they’re making a better life for their families by denying them time, attention, and basic needs end up with adult children who resent them. This probably doesn’t apply to parents who tried Amway and quit after a few months and can recover from this horrible experience. I’m talking about parents who are lifers and are in the Amway cult for years.

Your children will hate you for it.

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