Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Amway: A Life Ruining Mistake

Occasionally some of the readers get in a discussion about better things to do with your money instead of tithing the Great Amway God.

Jesus! Doing just about anything with your money would be better than squandering it away in Amway. Like getting tattoos or a new sound system for your car. Going on a vacation. Whatever. Buy something you really want or have a fun experience. Beats the hell out of buying shitty overpriced Amway products that no one wants or vacationing at a fucking stupid Amway brainwashing conference.

Generally speaking if people have extra money they should look towards their future, or funding their emergency fund, their retirement or investing. I was reading an investment article the other day about new investors buying stocks and it went something to the effect of if you buy $500 it ain’t going to ruin you. I took that to mean if you buy $500 in stocks and it takes a shitter dive and goes belly up it ain’t gonna ruin your life. Which is true for most people. Obviously if you’re destitute you don’t want to invest your last $500 in anything with a high risk factor. Most people diversify and buy several stocks in different industries. That way if one takes a shitter you still got other stocks that are doing pretty well.

And I don’t know about the rest of you but how come when we buy a stock it automatically drops in price by a buck or two LOL! And fortunately that’s not true of all our stocks. Whew! Stocks go up and they go down. There’s no one stock we have that if it takes a shit dive that will be a life ruining mistake. Now if all of them took a shit dive at the same time….

That still probably wouldn’t be a life ruining mistake.

Then I got to thinking how much money does a sucker lose in Amway for it to be a life ruining mistake.

The answer varies and has a lot to do with the person’s age and their earning capacity to recover financially.

The other thing to remember is that Amway not only ruins lives financially but also emotionally.

And sometimes kills people.

I can see Ambots sneering at that one but there are reports of Ambots driving home from Amway meetings late at night and crashing and dying. Maybe fell asleep at the wheel. I think Eric Scheibeler documented some of those in Merchants of Deception and another blogger also tracked some of those Amway related deaths. What about those 2 employees who worked for Amway’s tech department who were married but not to each other and were having an affair. They both decided to leave their spouses. The man did but the woman changed her mind. The man killed her and then committed suicide. Again an Ambot might sneer and say that could happen at any company and sure it could. But the point is it happened at Amway and that just adds to the creepy factor and the statistics of Amway ruining lives.

A guy in his teens or 20’s who loses a shitload of money to the Amway scam before quitting has got decades ahead to recover from the Amway mess. He’s probably run up as much credit card debt as he could buying shitty overpriced Amway products but a young guy isn’t going to get a high credit limit. But he might be able to get several cards. Let’s say he runs up $25,000 before he realizes he got scammed. And that’s probably on the high side, most young guys probably can only wrangle $10,000 credit. It might take him a few years to pay off his debt if he’s only making the minimum payment. And only if he doesn’t use that card to buy any more stuff.

A guy that young can probably bounce back emotionally from the brainwashing damage inflicted by the Amway cult leaders.

I’d even go so far as to say that a guy in his 30’s is still young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. Amway is a life ruining mistake because it’ll put these young guys that much further behind to realize their financial goals.

Now let’s kick it up a notch and pick on Ambots aged 40+. These are people who might have debt in the way of mortgage, car loans, credit cards and if they got kids maybe co-signed for a student loan. Amway comes along and they max out the credit card and line of credit probably robbing Peter to pay Paul. They spend all their time on Amway related activities. Work suffers. They might get fired cause the boss got pissed off at all the time the Ambot spent on the company dime doing Amway shit. Not to mention the Ambot’s shitty attitude towards the rest of the staff sneering at them cause they’re not big shot hot shit business owners like him. No job and plenty of debt. What happens next? Heading to court for bankruptcy, foreclosure and probably divorce. When you get past 40 recovering financially from Amway takes years and fucks up your retirement goals and maybe struggle the rest of their lives never fully recovering from this evil Amway shit. Amway brings emotional distress. Some people never recover. Too many stories of seniors who wiped out their retirement nest egg after being scammed by some fucking Amway Ambot to “invest” all their money in their “Amway business”. No one wants to buy all that overpriced shitty laundry soap they got in their garage. Older people who may have been financially secure, or at least building their lives towards financial freedom can be wiped out in months of joining the Amway cult.

Risk factor people. When you’re younger you can take more risk with your finances cause you got more time ahead of you to recover. The older you get you want to play it safer so you don’t lose your ass.

Always always always remember your risk factor. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to go to the casino, play the stock market or play pretend Amway “business owner” you got to figure out your risk factor and how much money you can tolerate losing if things go south. You will definitely lose your money in Amway so that’s got the biggest risk factor. In my opinion playing the stock market is less risky than gambling but my opinion doesn’t count cause my risk factor is going to be different than someone elses and I do enjoy both casinos and playing the stock market. All 3 of these can be a life ruining mistake for someone else. Would you walk inside a casino and start playing a table game you’ve never heard of before sitting down at the stool? Would you buy a stock without doing some reading on it first? Would you sign up with Amway before reading other people’s experiences and their financial and emotional losses?

Yup! Judging by the number of Amway losers out there.

Amway has effectively 100% failure rate at making money. The casino and stock market have better odds you’ll make money.

Amway is a life ruining mistake for too many people. Don’t join the Amway cult and become a fucking Amway loser. Everyone laughs at the dumb ass Amway Ambot. Have some respect for yourself and don’t get involved with Amway shit.

Risk factor when you sign up to Amway? Out of this world.

Fuck Amway!


  1. You know how they say, "There's no such thing as a sure thing?"

    Oh yeah? Meet Scamway...

    1. LOL pinkvictim.

      Gullible suckers.... meet Scamway.


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