Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ambots Brag About Amway IBO’s Low Divorce Rate

One of the bullshit things I remember hearing from the assholes in my Amway upline is that people in Amway have a low divorce rate. Like it’s a 1% divorce rate. Or 5% divorce rate or whatever number the liar throws out compared to the rest of the world’s divorce rate.

I know this bullshit lie is still being taught years after I heard it because some brainwashed ambot recently left a comment that the divorce rate in Amway is 1%.

These brainwashed ambots have to give this some more thought than just parroting the lies they hear from the assholes in their Amway upline.

Who keeps these kinds of statistics? More importantly who’d want to?!!! Everyone in Amway line up on one side of the country. All normal people line up on the other side of the country. Who’s divorced? Then someone from the statistics dept. who keeps track of marriages write down the number and figures out the percentage.

There’s just no way no one keeps track of divorce statistics in Amway or probably any other organization either.

If an official was actually keeping divorce rate statistics of people in the world belonging to different organizations and if there really was 1% divorce rate in Amway then Amway’s head office would be bragging about this all over their web page and in magazine and TV ads with some kind of a slogan that Amway saves marriages and there’s a 1% divorce rate in Amway compared to the divorce rate in the rest of the world. So sign up now before its too late for your marriage!!!!

Any of you ambots find that information on Amway’s web page? No? There’s a reason for that. Nobody keeps track of that kind of shit and nobody officially on behalf of Amway is going to make an outrageous claim like that. The only liars who say things like that are the upline assholes like the Platinum, Emerald, or Diamond that stand on the stage and lie to their cult followers and expect them to duplicate their lies.

Belonging to any cult is stressful on a marriage, more so if only one half of a couple belongs to the cult and the other half wants their partner OUT. The demands Amway makes on a marriage cause a lot of stress: financial, emotional, no time together. Any marriage where there is money problems, emotional and verbal abuse, and no time to spend together as a couple is going to have trouble. These are all reasons why people get divorced. People in Amway probably face a higher possibility of getting divorced than everyone else because on top of there is no time together and the financial and emotional stress there is the added stress of a cult.

Any time someone gets married there is a 50% chance they’ll get divorced. Add the Amway factor with all the stress it brings to a marriage and maybe there’s an even higher chance of divorce.

Any ambot who can show official statistics that Amway has a 1% divorce rate is welcome to post a link to the US Census Bureau. Any ambot who says “because my beloved Amway leader says so” will be laughed out of town.


  1. A great many of the Amway Diamonds have divorced. If Amway really helped a marriage, why are these bigshot Amway heroes getting divorced?

    The "one percent divorce" bullshit is just another Amway lie, designed to convince gullible types that joining Amway is some kind of upright, moral, old-fashioned proclamation of one's good character.

    Anna is quite correct -- Amway is in fact a viciously anti-family organization that encourages breakups if one partner is skeptical about the Amway cult. Amway wants a marriage to be permanent only if both partners are think-alike zombies who are totally brainwashed Ambots.

    1. Anonymous - there's a lot of Diamonds that have gone through divorces. Karma bites them in the ass right. These are the bastards that go around destroying other people's marriages and let's see if its so entertaining when it happens to them.

      As you said I guess they throw out those bullshit 1% divorce statistics to scam prospects into believing they're old fashioned morals and upstanding citizens of good character.

      The truth is marriages are tough enough without the added pressures of one person belonging to a cult that is causing emotional and financial distress.

  2. Kosage, Brooks, Wolgamott, Danzik. Are there 200 WWDB diamonds in the US? If not, then the 2% number is bogus. And these are only the ones I know about.

    1. Joecool - seeing as how those Amway losers are always lying and bullshitting about the dozens of Diamonds WWDB and Amway are breaking each month I'd say there aren't 200 WWDB Diamonds. Probably not even a tenth of that seeing as how it's always the same old tired crew showing up at Amway functions. But are those guys you mentioned even Diamonds any more? In Amway Diamonds are not forever. Except in the minds of the worshippers.

  3. Also the Radcliffe’s in WWDB. I haven’t heard of them recently though.I agree that it is incredibly difficult on a marriage and family.

    1. Anon - whoever they are. I've had countless readers leave comments that Amway destroyed their marriages and most of them would have been at the bottom of the Amway pyramid.

  4. Given the churn rate and the fact that the vast majority of Ambots bail in less than a year. I don't even see how this be calculated...

    Product-based pyramids can't exist without lies.

    1. Exactly pinkvictim. How could this be calculated. Amway Ambots will lie about anything and then brainwash themselves that it's the truth.


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