Thursday, October 12, 2017

The I Got Screwed Over By Amway Club

A club that nobody wants to be a member of is called the “I Got Screwed Over By Amway Club”.

Looking at it from a distance the business Amway is a bricks and mortar building and contains within its walls their products that they sell to IBO’s who do with the products what they will: consume them, sell them, or toss them in the garbage.

The people who work inside the Amway building are not directly screwing over ambots. Indirectly yes because that's the nature of this business. When it comes down to push and shove I can say that aside from a few unpleasant encounters with the useless bastards who work on the customer service desk I have not had any contact with Amway head office employees and none of the people who work within their 4 walls personally screwed me over or coerced me to buy Amway products or invest in the tool scam. Or I would have just told them to fuck off.

The Amway company leaves dirty work to their cult leaders and tries to keep an arm’s distance away and denies any responsibility of the shameful behavior, lies and scams their commissioned salespeople do.

At every Amway function someone was always introduced from Amway's head office so unless this person only came on stage to say a few words and then got the hell out of there and left the building cause they had better things to do than attend a Scamway meeting (well fuck don’t we all!), someone from the head office is present and listening to some pretty outrageous stuff from the cult leaders and turning a deaf ear to it.

The people who screwed me over were our upline. They used Amway the business as the vehicle to screw me over. The upline enticed us to join up with Amway with their false promises and lies. Almost everyone in our upline from our sponsor up to the Diamonds promised we’d easily be making $100,000 a year but the amounts could run hundreds of thousands more than that a year depending on which upline asshole was talking and how long he’d been talking for cause the compensation kept getting higher and higher the longer the bastard droned on. A million! Hell Yes! A bazillion! You bet! Easily gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month while you walk the beaches of the world. Hell easily a million rolling in while you’re taking a shit!

Amway is responsible for what their commissioned salespeople say at Amway meetings no matter how hard they try to deny responsibility. Generally speaking most employers are responsible for what their employees do while conducting company business. Some would argue that IBO’s are not actually employees because they’re under the false impression that they are “business owners” and own their business. These people are still acting as agents for Amway selling their overpriced shitty products signing up new cult followers and making representations on Amway's behalf and Amway is responsible for their actions.

When we became members of the “I got screwed over by Amway club” we really got screwed over by our Amway upline and their brainwashing to spend money on buying Amway products, invest in the tool scam, and spend hundreds of dollars on Amway functions and all the travel related costs and admission.

The only way people get rich in Amway is by screwing over the people below them and bringing new recruits into the Amway scam that is why everyone in the downline can claim to belong to the “I got screwed over by Amway club”.

Getting screwed over by Amway Independent Business Owners all under the guise of doing Amway business its the same thing as getting screwed over by Amway.

I know I’m only one of millions of people who became members of the “I got screwed over by Amway club”.

Membership into the “I got screwed over by Amway club” is generally reserved for people who were hoping to make a better life for themselves and their families. The hardest hit members of this club are usually the people who can least afford to lose money: new immigrants, people on social assistance, people already drowning in debt, etc.

Without a doubt I know the people who screwed us over the most were our sponsor, our Platinum, and the others in our upline. I still blame those fucking assholes for our misery and I doubt that will ever completely go away but I see the bigger picture and know that we were really screwed over by Amway on behalf of their agents.

Instead of investing in the Amway scam we should have taken those thousands of dollars and found a better club to become members of like membership at a golf club. Works for me!

And yup once again lets send out another big old FUCK YOU to all those Amway assholes out there!

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