Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Money Doesn’t Go To Me

Our sack of shit Amway Platinum ordered all “serious business builders” to buy a Premier Membership to World Wide Dream Builders. Cost is $49.95/month.

What does an IBO get from WWDB for this awesome “business” investment?

Mostly they get a portal web page. You have your own link and this is the web address you give to any suckers to entice them to shop online at “your” store. You can also slightly customize your web page. If you’re one of these weirdos who likes XS Energy Drinks you can promote that on your portal page. I think you can also put your name and phone number. And of course that would be hooked up to Communikate. Add another $35/month for that messaging program which the Platinum will also demand you purchase.

With this monthly membership you also got a discount on buying Amway books and CDs from the recommended list. Now don’t get all excited its not a big discount. Maybe a dollar or two off. Its cheaper to buy them used off Craigslist or Ebay or even new from Amazon except you would be a very bad little IBO trying to save money instead of buying from WWDB/Amway so your upline can profit from these tools you’ve purchased. 

At a meeting we attended our Emerald was talking about buying a website. I believe he was skirting the issue of saying buying WWDB Premier membership because he did say the website cost $50/month which coincidentally is a nickel off the WWDB premier monthly membership and is the only tool that is flogged at Amway meetings that includes a web page portal.

Then the Emerald said if you buy a website the money goes to Amway and World Wide, not him.

He is probably partially correct and the money does not go to him. After all he is only an Emerald. If you’ve read Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception he talks about income sharing from the profits of the Amway tool scam. The Diamonds get the bulk of the profits from the tool scam. As an Emerald he received around $900 for speaking at a seminar or function but they were few and far between. I’m a little foggy on the details since its been a couple of years since I read the book but I think he got a small discount on the tools which he was able to sell to his downline at retail cost and he got the profits.

I think it also came to light both in his book and from other Emeralds who’ve written about their experiences on the Internet that they occasionally get a piece of the pie from the Amway tool scam but that depends on the generosity of their upline Diamond. Being the greedy bastards those Diamonds are, most do not share in the profits from the tool scam with a lowly Emerald.

Scheibeler also said in his book that he was earning just over $35k/year from Amway and that certainly was not the money he was expecting to earn at this level with about 1000 downline beneath him. I watched a video on Youtube a couple of years ago and a former Emerald said he earned about $2000 to $3000/month from his Amway income. He also came to the realization that the money just wasn’t there and there were more honest ways to make better money than that and he also quit.

Around the time that Ambot finally agreed to leave Amway and was reading Merchants of Deception - unknown to his upline of course they’d have been horrified! - the sack of shit Platinum had sent out a message that the Emerald required a fence built. He was asking who in the goup knew someone who provided those services. Ambot actually knows someone who owns a fencing company. Then Ambot laughed and said the asshole only earns an Emerald income so he can’t afford to hire someone to build a fence!

I think the Emerald managed to coerce an army of IBO slaves to come out and do the work for free for the privilege of “being around the Emerald”. To add on to his statement that the money doesn’t go to him, it doesn’t go to his downline either!

Yeah! That’s a bargain! Free labor. You get what you pay for. I’m sure that fence blew over in the first strong wind!


  1. At least the Ambots aren't panhandling on behalf of their upline bosses. No, Amway might be the only cult in the world where the adherents HAVE to have a J.O.B. to afford to belong to it.

    1. Ray - that could be true. Ambots MUST have a J.O.B. in order to afford to buy Amway's shitty overpriced products and to tithe their Amway cult leaders.

  2. I recently started seeing someone (3 months only) who, when I first met them, talked about their "business" and their mentor and important meetings. I thought I nothing of it at first but as time went on I started to think the meetings and the whole mentor thing was kind of weird plus the fact that he was always broke and also going away to these conventions a bunch of weekends. While he was at one of these meetings I started to search online for things like "business meeting Virginia" etc and finally came across the Whole amway thing -- verified by the amway vitamins he had given me a few weeks prior. I had never heard of Amway before, I guess I don't appear gullible enough, and I was rightly appalled when I started reading about it. All the signs were there -- obsession with motivational tapes and books, everything the mentor says/does is gospel, meetings two hours away are necessary etc. he even sent me a picture from the last convention of a picture of some "diamonds" talking about how he had to go diamond no matter what etc. admittedly, after reading this I tried to talk some sense into him but was shot down with "I'm not encouraging" "I don't know his mentor or team" etc. tbh the fact that someone can fall for this scam is a major turn off -- made worse that he said he's been with this for five years!! I've tried to be supportive and steer clear of ant conversations of this but it's hard when it's such a blatant scam! Thanks for this blog!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Here's some more signs for you besides the fact that you're dating a broke loser. He's been in the Amway scam for 5 years so that pretty much makes him a lifer. In other words he'll always be a broke Amway loser. He can't quit now. Not when success is right around the corner. If you get hold of Amway's brochures that he's supposed to be giving out to prospects with the compensation look for the small print where Amway says what tiny fraction of 1% of IBO's are actually make the promised money. Does he think he's going to be in that tiny percentage.

      More importantly - do you?

      The fucking assholes in his Amway upline are already harping on you for not being supportive. This is their mantra for decades. If the wife/girlfriend isn't part of the Amway cult they'll call her a negative unsupportive unchristian dreamstealer. And they'll be putting the screws on him to break up with his negative girlfriend who doesn't want anything to do with the Great Amway God.

      That's what's ahead of you for as long as you continue in a relationship with a broke Amway loser. You will never be #1 in his life. Never. Unless of course he gets out of the Amway scam. You won't even be in the top 5 most important things in his life.

      There's a free book called Merchants of Deception. You can find the link on the right side of this page under more info about Amway. The author was an Emerald who was only making tops $35,000/year in Scamway and he had 1000 people in his downline. How many people does your boyfriend have in his downline?

      Amway is a system designed for failure. Over 99% of Amway's cult followers will lose money, not make any money. But you'll never convince an Amway lifer of that.

      This loser is an Amway lifer and unless you want a life of emotional and financial distress you should get away from him before investing more time in this relationship because all you'll have ahead of you is hell. Your boyfriend has a much higher opinion of himself than the way others look at him. He thinks he's some hot shot hot shit successful businessman who only hangs out with others like him and he's involved in this mentorship and leadership program or whatever bullshit those Amway assholes are flogging these days. Everyone else looks at him as a broke loser.

      Come on. You can do much better than dating a broke loser from the Amway cult. The way he is right now is as good as he gets. It's all downhill from here.

      RUN! And read Merchants of Deception and thank your lucky stars you got away from these Amway cult followers.

    2. You are right to be leery of any life you'd have with this guy. 5 years? He's sounding like a "lifer". Broke, nowhere near turning it all around, but keeps buying into their constant "success is just around the corner!!" hype and "we're all going Diamond! I'm fired up!" smoke and mirrors they throw out there despite all facts and reality showing nothing of the sort.

      Anyone that his upline sees as not "encouraging" their victim to remain brainwashed in the cult filling up their pockets will be marked as trouble that they will work on prying you away from him. Can't have you blocking his wallet from them!

      Be aware that life with an Ambot will not be an enjoyable experience and you (and any children you had) would always be secondary in his life to the cult. Oh, he'll say they are the most wonderful, loving, supportive and caring people in the universe. That's because cults "lovebomb" their victims.

      Good luck to you, but at least you have your eyes wide open in regards to what he is mixed up with.


    3. Hi Dave. That's some good advice and I hope she (he?) comes back to update us.

      This Ambot is looking for a meal ticket to help him support his expensive Amway habit. There's a lot of women who pick up the tab when dating but they don't want to do it all the time. Typically the man pays for many outings but the woman should pay for some. But when you're dating an Amway Ambot they're broke losers so the date must pay for meals and movies, etc. There's not too many people around who will put up with dating an Amway Ambot.

      Get out while you can! Don't invest any more time or money in this relationship with a broke Amway loser!

  3. u can mke 6k figure in amway busines. its vry good and mentor take good care n guide u to become financial free. u r just saying nonsense. if u dnt know fact, dont go around saying false thing. amway generate $15 billion in profit yearly. its big company.

    1. Anonymous - look at the small print on Amway's brochures and you'll see only a tiny fraction of 1% of Ambots make 6 figures. There's over 99% chance you won't be one of them especially with your bad spelling.

      And that's a bunch of fucking bullshit you're spouting off. Amway's sales figures for 2016 were about half of that $15 billion you're lying about. So when Amway released their sales figures in February of this year were they lying or are you lying? If you have proof that Amway has fudged their income by half to avoid paying taxes you better report them to the IRS. If your proof is because some lying scamming loser in your Amway upline says so then you're coming off looking like a bigger fucking loser than you already are.

      Why don't you take some of your own fucking advice and if you don't know facts don't go around saying false things you dumb fuck.

    2. u truly r a ignorant and silly women arent u? i did not said that all amway. listen to me sweaty, instead of spiting ur nonsense, y dont u stay in kitchen n do housewrk like ur meant? Leave business matter to men who want to better there future. ur holding ur husband back from his dreams. ur the exact typ of ppl our mentor say to avoid. its a shame he trap himself by marrying u. if u truly want to b a good wife, u shoud support ur husband.

      Secondly, dear, we are not am"bot" we are Business Owners. GET THAT THRU UR STUPID HEAD PLS. Our upline want best for us and want to see us succeed. ppl like u always like bringing others down. typical "crabs in a bucket" mindset. shut ur mouth n delete this stupid misleading website. thanks

    3. This blog is all about getting the word out about what the people in Amway are really like. They're a bunch of broke losers. They're male chauvinist pigs. They're a bunch of fucktards who don't catch on that real business owners create a product or service they sell to real customers. They're too fucking stupid or too brainwashed to understand that when they sell products or services that someone else created then that makes them sales reps. Not business owners. This blog is all about warning people who are thinking of joining Amway understand the type of people they'll be forced to put up with: Amway cult followers are the most nasty vicious motherfucking bastards out there.

      So thank you Anonymous for stopping by and leaving comments providing real proof what people in Amway are really like.

      And YAWN. Because I've heard this many times before from the fucking assholes in our Amway upline and every Amway loser who stops by this blog to defend their beloved cult.

  4. To Anonymous @ 10:50 AM --

    If u dnt know how speak English proper, dnt cum 2 this website and type semi-literate horse shit.

    Got that, pal? Now go sign up for remedial English.

    1. LOL Anonymous! And those fucking Amway losers are showing up here screeching at us that we're not educated! LOL!

    2. Fact: 99% of billionaires r clg dropouts. u dont have to be smart to be financial free. just hav to work hard. understand buddy?

    3. Just some more bullshit Amspeak propaganda that Amway losers spout off.

  5. Hi I posted about the Amway bf I posted twice after the original post but they never showed up. Anna you are absolutely right! After initially confronting the bf about the Amway scam I heard all the responses you said I would hear on this site: "you don't know my team" "my team is special" "my upline is a man of integrity" "they're my family" etc etc. I was literally disgusted. The Amway scam is such a complete and absolute turn off. The other week before I really started looking into this scam I had to loan him some money for the week bc he was broke -- yet he had two cases of Amway water, five boxes of energy drinks, energy bars, etc all in unopened boxes stacked up. In retrospect I regret ever loaning him money -which I HAVE done many times before. And you're right, woman should pay but not all the time and I paid at least 80%. I even heard the one about Amway being connected to Starbucks and apple etc. I haven't completely ended the relationship yet bc it's been disheartening to think someone can be so blind they can't see this scam but I think st this point, five years in, he's gone. We argued all weekend and I refused to go see him over this. Now, in addition to his Monday meeting, he said he got a very important call from his upline he needs to see him and the "team" today and is on the way there two hours away tonight! It's ridiculous and I just wonder what exactly Amway does to brainwash these people! It's serious mind control! i never thought a seemingly normal looking regular person could be so stupid! I should have known something was amiss when I saw random circles around his place. Added to the fact that I discovered it was Amway -- he ever once mentioned the name of this "business". Anyway thanks for the blog and speaking the truth for those who might get lost in this cult.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I guess your prior comments got eaten by blogspot. They didn't end up in the spam filter.

      You can't lend money to someone in Amway because they're in the business of scamming and stealing your money.

      All Amway Ambots have a canned Amspeak response to everything.

      To put things in context those waters cost about $50/case and depending on the flavor those energy drinks and bars cost around $30 to $40. Ambots are encouraged to pay the "retail" price instead of the "wholesale" price so they can get commission back and it looks like they're making money at this scam.

      And you've got a look at how nasty and vicious Amway Ambots are if you've read some of the comments from that fucking Amway loser above. This is how people in Amway really are. They might love bomb you in the beginning to hook you but then their true colors show. Those fucking Amway losers are a bunch of miserable motherfuckers who are only out to destroy other peoples lives.

      As for seemingly nice people getting involved in the Amway cult, there's a link to IRS cases somewhere on this blog and it's a dentist who you'd think has to have some brains but was brainwashed by Amway. Ambots are taught by Amway cult leaders to cheat on their taxes and the IRS will eventually catch up.

      I hope you get your money back but I doubt it. You need to dumb that ambot's ass and find a man who will treat you better. That'll leave the field pretty much wide open. You stay with him long enough and he'll start complaining about you're an unsupportive negative dreamstealer and the reason he's not successful in Amway is because of you. Amway Ambots are male chauvinist pigs as evidenced by that fucking Amway loser who's leaving comments on this blog. Your guy is no different. Amway is a good old boy's club and the only thing he wants out of you is your money.



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