Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Being In Amway = In “The Business” Of Giving Away Your Money

It used to crack me up at Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Days and the Diamonds would get up on stage and talk about how they got into “the business” or how “the business” has changed their lives or how “the business” has allowed them to buy all the material possessions they desire.

“The business” indeed! Just call it what it is: Amway! Are you too embarrassed to say the fucking “A” word? I think everyone in the audience knows what Amway is. Isn’t the audience full of IBO’s after all?

Those chickenshit Ken and Barbie Ambots need to tell it like it is. They're a bunch of scammers who want you to be in the business of giving away your money to them all under the guise of Amway. Then they'll do a double whammy to scam more money out of you bullying you to buy tools to help you in your business of giving away your money. Amway tool scam!

Even though all those Ken and Barbies trooping across the stage yap about “the business” what they fail to tell the thousands of ambot worshippers in the audience is that the only business those lowly bastards will be in is the business of giving away their money.

It costs thousands of dollars to place a slab in the crumbling Amway pyramid also known as the money pit.

Real business people are in the business of making money not in the business of giving away money to some lying weasel.

The fucking assholes in our Amway upline used to say even if you don’t make any money in Amway - that would be 99% of all IBO’s - that you’ll become a nicer person from your associations in Amway.

Yet another lie. When a person is in the business of giving away their money to support a collapsing pyramid they don’t become a nicer person for it. They don't become nicer to the associates they gave away their money to.

Amway = the business of giving away your money and your soul.

Wanna hear my Amway acronym dedicated to our Amway upline?

Amway = Asshole Motherfuckers Wanna Attack You!

How about a WWDB acronym dedicated to our WWDB upline?

WWDB = Worthless Whorebag Doublecrossing Bastards!

Ambot mentioned the name of one of those fucking upline idiots today so I have to get my agression out somehow at all the money those bastards cost us! And look! They lied! I didn't become nicer to any of them at all!


  1. even if you don’t make any money in Amway - that would be 99% of all IBO’s - that you’ll become a nicer person from your associations in Amway.

    When confronted with the fact that a bot isn't making, more likely losing, money, MKult programming kicks in and the "I do it for the fun!" old saw comes out.

    Hobbies are done for fun; business are done for money. Which is it?

    1. Hi pinkvictim. Yeah these MLM scams all have similar bullshit to spout off when the participants complain about losing money. Yeah we all want to lose money just for the fun of it and that'll make us nicer persons when we're wallowing in debt.

      Yup real business owners start up businesses to make money. There might be some other reasons too but if there's no profit then the business isn't sustainable. And then its not so much fun.


      I can hear you knocking but you can't come in.

      Go get your box of sa8 and go fuck yourself.

  2. haha every business is a MLM. CEO's at the top. Workers at the bottom. Your logic is flawed. You just like bad mouthing amway beacuse you were too lazy to be successful at it. typical entitled bitch. guess what, you have to work to be successful. youre lucky youre not my wife. I wouldve beat some sense into that brain real quick if you tried to hinder my goals and aspirations.

    1. Anonymous - I see the Amway cult leaders are still brainwashing the Ambots with the same bullshit as they were years ago.

      And you do know that Amway's head office reads this blog daily. I hope they're proud of the way one of their cult followers is living up to their IBO agreement.

    2. Anonymous Ambot talks a big DV game, but I'd bet my eye teeth that in person, he'd run from a blind 85 year old woman in a wheelchair if she raised her voice at him.

    3. Sucrets - Amway Ambots are bullies and they all turn to being cowards.

  3. I am a business owner. I don’t care what others think. I have my own business generating 6 figures :) and you can too if you stopped being so ignorant and lazy. Quitters never make it in life.

    1. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying?

      Their mouth is moving.

      Or in the case of the Internet they're writing something.

    2. William Hansen CPAMarch 11, 2018 at 7:43 PM

      I agree Amway is an excellent home business, If you can recruit and train a good crew the sky is the limit. You will need to leverage your business. Make sure you maintain a low debt to equity ratio.Visit seminars and training meetings so you can follow the professionals in the business.

    3. Hansen, if that's the kind of shitty advice you give as a CPA, I'm glad you're not handling my finances.

      "Leverage your business"? What kind of meaningless jargon is that?

      "Low debt to equity ratio"? Doesn't that simply mean you have more cash than you owe?

      Amway is "an excellent home business"? Yeah, if you're in a home for the mentally retarded.

      As for those stupid seminars and training meetings that Amway runs, they are nothing but pep-talk rallies filled with rah-rah hype.

      Think before you talk, Hansen.

    4. William Hansen CPA - a good accountant warns their clients away from getting involved in a pyramid scheme. I guess we know what kind of accountant you are! LOL!

    5. I'm with you Anonymous. Whether its William Hansen CPA or another accountant giving out that kind of shitty advice about a pyramid scheme - you don't want a loser like that handling your finances.

      Brainwashed Amway Ambots don't think. They repeat what their cult leaders say.

    6. Hi William Hansen. Here, let me fix your statement for you: "I agree Amway is an excellent home business for those enjoy debt and being a pariah to friends and family. If you can recruit (scam and trick) and train (show them hot to lie and deceive other) a good crew (i.e. they are breathing) the sky is the limit (provided the sky is underground). You will need to leverage your business (i.e. have a REAL job to pay for the MLM losses). Make sure you maintain a low debt to equity ratio (pretend you are successful despite being one of the over 99% of MLM distributors losing money) .Visit seminars and training meetings so you can follow the professionals (bigger liars than you are) in the business (getting "fired up" to keep on losing money month after month).

    7. LOL Anonymous! You just summed up the entire Amway experience very accurately! That’s the real show even though lying scamming Amway losers will scream about the truth getting out.

    8. AnonymousMarch 12, 2018 at 9:04 AM
      "Amway is "an excellent home business"? Yeah, if you're in a home for the mentally retarded."

      Now, now, Anon, let's not insult mentally retarded people- even THEY know better than to get sucked into Amway BS! ;-)


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