Thursday, November 2, 2017

Tell The Amway Cult To Fuck Off!

Its kind of troubling the pattern of search hits this blog gets:

“Should I kick my Amway ambot out of the house?”

“What happens when husbands and wives don’t agree on Amway?”

“How do you get someone to leave Amway?”

“Boyfriend wants me to travel to Amway meetings with him”

“Amway destroyed my marriage”

“How to deprogram an Amway ambot”

“How to be deprogrammed from Amway”

“How to quit Amway”

These ones are especially sad because the searcher - and here I’ll go out on a limb and say probably a woman - has reached the end of their rope in putting up with the Amway bullshit and being abused by the assholes in the Amway upline and is searching on the Internet for how to deal with their relationship crumbling due to the interfering upline. Its a horrible position to be in to watch your husband throwing all your money at the great Amway cult, helpless to stop it because some upline cult leader has bullied him into buying more shitty Amway products that they can’t afford. How did some fucking Amway asshole get his clutches in to your husband to have this kind of control over him.


The “how to quit Amway” variation we get many of each day and a big spike happens about the midway point between major functions. Ambots are dragged off to a major function with all the rah rah and motivational speeches from the Ken and Barbies shoving each other across the stage. The ambot comes home from these motivational rallies and is all fired up and figuring out how they’re going to make their business explode. Sadly the only thing exploding is their dwindling bank account and skyrocketing credit card debt. After a few days or weeks of failing to convince any recruits to come to Amway meetings or finding new customers to buy Amway products the enthusiasm dwindles and the ambot starts to lose interest. They’re not making money and after all the whole point of owning your own business is to make money. Their cult leaders might notice the ambot not coming to meetings or slacking off on their Amway purchases and convince them not to quit now, not when success is right around the corner. Some ambots hang on for a few more weeks and get to the next major function, get all motivated again, and the sick cycle repeats itself.

Meanwhile the wife - and yes for this topic I’m going to call the above searches as done by the woman because I can give that point of view - is feeling hopeful that the end is in sight because the husband is losing interest.

Seeing as how I’d already been down the Amway path to hell I noticed things about Ambot that showed he was finally realizing he’d been lied to about getting rich in Amway. He stopped subscribing to Communikate and the World Wide Dream Builders premier membership. He stopped buying CDs and books. He stopped attending meetings.

This took longer than I wanted us to spend inside Amway hell. I was about at the end of my rope and I could have written any of those above Google searches about marriage being destroyed by Amway, how to deprogram an ambot from the Amway cult, and ready to kick the ambot out of the house.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my Ambot had had enough of being bullied by the sack of shit Platinum and being ordered to stop loving me and devote his love instead to the assholes in the Amway upline and just being taunted to death by those sickos. So there were other conflicts going on as Ambot realized the sheer evil of the Amway upline and how they were hell bent on destroying our relationship all in the name of trying to get their hands on our money.

So Ambot was letting go of those bastards. Setback came when some upline asshole phoned and told him he had to buy at least 100 PV of Amway products so some other upline asshole could reach their goals for the month. Damn it anyway he put another $500 on his credit card buying useless shitty Amway products that we’ll never use. Then the same fucker phones back and badgers him about attending the next major function.

“Too bad,” Ambot tells the motherfucking Amway upline bastard. “I spent all my money buying those overpriced shitty Amway products so those assholes could meet their goals this month. No money left for Amway functions.”

And that was the last time Ambot ever bought anything from Amway. Yay!

Though it wasn’t the last time the upline bastards phoned or texted him but it came less often. Seeing as how he missed a major function he was on the shit list and the punishment is to be ostracized by the sack of shit Platinum until he returns to the Amway cult begging for forgiveness.

Didn’t happen.

So I will send out another big old fuck you to our Platinum. You lost your grip asshole! And it was about time!

Oh why stop there. Let’s send out a big old FUCK YOU to every Amway asshole out there!

Fuck all of you Amway whorebags!


  1. Amway is not a cult. They provide mentorship, leadership training, and business opportunities to people of any age, culture, background, and social status to live a better life. People like you are always so ignorant because the business model didnt work out for them. Guess what sweetheart, you have to work hard to be successful in any field mmkay? You can't just expect to get 15,000+ PV by sitting on your fat arse at home writing essays for a shitty blogsite that maybe 2-3 people see a month. It's a shame your husband got the curse of being held back by a shitty unsupporting wife as you. You have the mentality of crabs in a bucket. "If I'm not successful in the business then no one can be successful!" Heres a little anecdote for you: all of my mentors drive Teslas, Mercedes, Bentley's and take exotic vacations multiple times a year. Meanwhile, i bet you havent even left your shitty town. So how about changing your mindset and being more positive huh?

    If you change your mind, message me on gmail @jasonsimm2252 and i can bring you along to our next seminar and shed some light on the business. You are clearly mistaken to what amway is. If you spent the amount of time you as you spent on this blogsite, on your business, you would be a diamond by now. So lets connect and join my team. We can work something out and i am always open to helping others become financially free.

    1. Anonymous - you're such a dumb fuck. As part of your IBO agreement you're not supposed to be on websites like this leaving comments. Amway can fire your ass. Staff from Amway's head office read this blog and the new comments daily. And you're such a dumb fuck you leave your email address. I'm sure they'll be very proud of the way you're conducting yourself in accordance with the IBO agreement you signed.

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something.

    2. People with common sense will realize that Amway is a scam when they're not making money. Some takes a few months, some takes about a year. And the people without common sense will just stay in Amway forever.

    3. Anonymous - no one can accuse a brainwashed Amway Ambot of having common sense! LOL!

      Yeah most people quit the Amway scam after a few months when they realize they're only losing money, not making any.

  2. First of all, I don’t work for anyone. I have my own business my own hours and my own freedom. Second of all, amway can’t fire me if I’m not their employee. I am my own boss. And you can be too. Email me or send me your email. There’s a spring dream builders seminar coming that I’d love for you to attend. Venmo me $150 and I can reserve tickets for you. You will learn business tips and tricks from diamonds who know the best.

    Btw my upline and the team he is part of has a dozen fresh college grads making fifty grand and more a year through amway. Just saying

    1. If you're really making 100k in Amway then why are you so desparate to sign people up that you'd show up to a website that's all about making fun of fucking Amway losers and overpriced shitty Amway products in hopes of finding a sucker here. And you're not the first Amway dumb fuck that thinks this is a good place to prospect.

      And 2nd of all Amway can fire your ass any time for breaking your IBO contract. Our sack of shit Platinum was fired and we had a post a few weeks ago regarding some Diamonds that Amway fired. You're a fucking sales rep not a business owner. Unless your last name is DeVos or VanAndel.

  3. Canned brainwashed comments like that only further prove that Amway and groups like WWDB are nothing more than a cult designed to prey on weak minded morons like @jasonsimm2252. I left WWDB 25 years ago and nothing has changed. The same old scamming diamonds making the same old tired speeches to a new bunch of Brain dead Ambots. Diamonds like Greg Duncan who lied to his followers by saying he bought everything with cash, then had his house foreclosed on and went bankrupt (the court papers are publicly available) continue to lie and make money from the tool scam that all the big pins participate in. No one retires and walks the beaches of the world because they must continue their lies and deceit to sign up more suckers to replace the 50% that leave every single year.

    **Former WWDB Lemming**

    1. You're right Former WWDB Lemming. We can talk about our experiences here and how Amway losers are a bunch of brainwashed dumb fucks but it's always nice when one of those Ambots shows up here to prove it! LOL!

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying?

      Their mouth is moving.

      Or in the case of the Internet they're writing something.

  4. Anna,

    Here is fine performance art from our pals north of the border.

    That's how to handle an ambot!


    1. LOL KMB! Good One! Can you go fuck yourself is something we all want to say to those fucking Amway assholes!

  5. This shithead Jason Simm first tries to defend Amway. Then he claims he's not involved in the business. Then he tries to convince Anna to send him $150 for tickets to some function. Then he claims that his up-line has a dozen fresh college grads making 50 grand a year through Amway.

    Is this guy insane? Is he in Amway or not? If not, why does he speak of his up-line having a team that makes money through Amway? If he is in Amway, why does he deny it? What the hell is wrong with Jason Simm's brain?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Something that Amway Ambots don't get is If you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory. Amway assholes tell so many lies they can't keep them straight.

      This Jason is just another dumb fuck Amway shithead. Liar and scammer. Brainwashed by fucking Amway cult leaders. Worshipper of the Great Amway God. Yup another Amway loser who makes our work around here easy! LOL!


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