Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Join The Amway Cult And Turn Into A Bitch

A reader shares his story and reveals that nothing has changed in Amway in 30 years.

Amway ambots still calling people not in Amway losers. Check.

Amway is hell from the beginning. Check.

Amway turns people into bitches (or bastards or assholes or fucking morons). Check.

Accused of ruining/not supporting someone else’s Amway business. Check.

On the ambot’s shitlist when you won’t buy their shitty overpriced products. Check.

Treat your family and others who won’t join Amway like shit. Check.

Amway using religion for their own twisted beliefs. Check.

Being told you’re a failure if you quit Amway. Check.

Losing your house because of Amway. Check.

Amway ambots burning bridges with their shitty attitudes. Check.

OMG!!! I can't believe Amway is still the same as it was 30 years ago.

In 1981, I was 18 years old. My girlfriend's mother persuaded me to join, and it was hell from the beginning. My girlfriend's mother—a sweet, peaceful, and very religious lady that I loved—turned into a total BITCH in no time.

My girlfriend was on her side it was hard to quit; especially, since I lived with them after my parent moved to FLA. Where was i going go? For most of that year, I practically handed over all my hard-earned money from my full time job until I moved out.

I quit after a half year, but I was not off the hook. My girlfriend made me buy products and renew my membership when it expired. I had to raise all Hell before I quit and keep my hard-earned money. It was a constant Hell. My girlfriend would never call me a loser (which is what you're supposed to call those that don't follow through), but she was Pissed and blamed me for ruining her mother's business for quitting.

I was on her mother's SHITLIST right away and she got all the meaner. Why did I quit? Main reason was they command that you "burn your bridges". This means you tell everyone you're going to get rich from Amway, and you treat family members like SHIT and everyone else who doesn't join. This way it would be hard to quit, because you'll only look like a fool (and worse than that, like a loser to Amway members).

Another reason was you're told that the Bible teaches that "if your take on a task and you look back, you're not worthy of the Kingdom of God". And I didn't want to be on God's wrong side, I though.

The reason current members cannot quit is because of the pain of having to confront family members they blew off, and of looking like a failure before their former friends.

I could never bring myself to treat my family members like SHIT for NO ONE and i was made to feel like a failure for my inability to do this when i quit.

I eventually I moved to FLA with my parents, and I sent for my girlfriend because we had a child together. However, for a long time she continued to be a Bitch about me leaving Amway. While in FLA she forgot about Amway after a while. We married later and been married for 25 years.

I bring this disaster up every so often, and have yet to hear my wife say that they were wrong about Amway (maybe out of embarrassment). Three years after her mother joined, they had to sell their house and I bet it the reason was because they used their house as collateral for Amway, and mortgage got to expensive. They lived in hotels for 6 months with 9 of their children and almost ended up in the streets had I not taken them in. Two of her children went on drugs. Thirty years later, she has recently gone back to church but is having a hard time getting her children back in church.

I have a good relationship with her and I love her to death but sometimes I still remember what a Bitch she was to me and I still get pissed. Some members are probably going through damage control; meaning they know they are "beating a dead horse" for continuing in Amway because the pain of facing your “burned bridges” is a bitch. I'm glad I didn't let it mess my family and relationships, but I still feel the after-shocks of angry memories.


  1. What a nightmarish story! This is really a biopsy slide of the sick, evil cancer that Amway is.

    Imagine a pious and God-fearing woman turning into a bitch on wheels. Imagine telling people that they have to turn their backs on all family and friends who are not into some stupid dipshit pyramid scheme. Imagine losing your house and living in hotels because some up-line Amway asshole made you take out a second mortgage to buy his crappy products.

    Amway ruins lives.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is your biggest nightmare!

      This happened in 1981 and this guy's memories are still fresh as if happened last month.

      Nothing every changes in Amway. Decades later the same brainwashing and the same canned Amspeak bullshit propaganda lives on.


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