Thursday, November 9, 2017

“You're Not Educated” Screech Amway Ambots!

I've noticed an upswing on comments left by brainwashed Amway Ambots screeching about how I'm not educated.

This coming from a bunch of fucktards who can't spell, don't know how to work the caps lock button on the computer, and lack basic grammar and punctuation abilities. LOL. Look in the mirror you dumb ass Ambots next time you're screeching about not being educated! LOL!

At least I'm “educated” enough to string a sentence together that makes sense which is something most of those screeching Amway ambots can't do.

Whether or not I'm educated – how the hell does that affect the life of a fucking Amway asshole? And why show up here screeching about it like whether or not I'm educated makes them all big and important and how no one will ever be as “educated” as an Amway Ambot. Fucking smug arrogant Amway pricks!

At least I'm educated enough to know a scam! I'm educated enough to figure out Amway “friends” are a bunch of phonies love bombing you as long as they can make money off you. I'm educated enough to know that Amway sells overpriced shitty products and you can buy better priced better quality products just about everywhere else.

Oddly enough Amway Ambots sneer at people who are in the higher education system. Like why are you wasting money on college instead of getting started in your own business screech out the Amway Ambots. So Amway Ambots bitch out of both sides of their mouth. They bitch because people ain't educated (their opinion which has about as much weight as a sack of dog shit) and they bitch at people who are getting educated.

Now we all can't have hoity toity degrees from Amway University the way Ambots do. You know where it means you have an automatic degree to practice medicine or law and because the Ambot went to Amway University that means they're an automatic expert on everything! Who knew? A student could save tens of thousands of dollars on that law or medical degree and get the same degree from Amway University. Like everything else in Amway its a scam. A scam degree from a scammy university sounds about right.

I'm educated enough not to give a shit about anything a scum of the earth fucking Amway asshole has to say. Amway Ambots are the biggest liars around. They're bullies. They're cowards. They sneer at everyone who doesn't buy their shitty overpriced Amway garbage. They make fun of people who are too stupid (ambot opinion) to join the Amway cult. Scum of the earth fucking Amway assholes!

Who are more educated? Fucking Amway assholes with their hot shot big shot Amway University education? Or the rest of the world who aren't brainwashed Amway assholes.

My money's on the rest of the world.

So you Amway Ambots with your better than the rest of the world with your Amway University “education” who show up here screeching about how everyone else isn't educated can go fuck off.


  1. It's very true. Amway freaks constantly bad-mouth college, and urge young persons not to attend. But then they accuse Amway critics of not being "educated."

    The fact is this: When Amway assholes say "Get educated!" what they really mean is "Listen with rapt attention to the Plan, believe everything your stupid up-line tells you, and keep listening to all those boring tapes and CDs we sell you!"

    That's their idea of "education."

    1. Hi Anonymous. Pretty typical for Amway losers to talk out of both sides of their mouths. And yeah get educated in the mind of a brainwashed Amway Ambot means listening to the teachings of their Amway cult leader and not believing anyone else.

  2. Hi I posted previously about the bf whose been in Amway five years. For everyone that's been in Amway -- is there hope I can get him out after five years?! I'm becoming increasingly weary of this relationship (only been dating a few months). I don't want to end the relationship but I don't think I can stay with someone who Is in Amway (gullible and stupid enough to fall for it). It's easy to lose respect for someone when you know what a scam Amway is and they're completely blind to reason. I've also noticed that his "mentor" has been having much more meetings lately (his name is Vinny - last name with a P). What's the reason for this in your opinion? I haven't mentioned Amway but it's sooo hard not to bring it up! I sent him the link to the book but he refuses to read it! He even refused to watch or read the news! What is the mentor having meetings 3x/week now? Thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous. The only way someone who's been in Amway 5 years gets out is when they hit rock bottom. All their money is gone, they have no more credit and their facing bankruptcy or eviction or foreclosure. They might still believe in Amway but they can't afford their expensive habit any more.

      I know we've given you reasons before why you shouldn't stay in this relationship and to get out before you waste any more time and money on this broke Amway loser. You're in for emotional abuse coming up if its not happening already.

      The Amway "mentor" having meetings 3 times a week is not unusual. Daily is more like it. Part of the "counselling" with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline is that they're telling him to break up with you because you're a negative unchristian dreamstealer who doesn't support his business and is holding him back from succeeding in Amway. I've heard all that bullshit many times before. Forget the small print on Amway's brochures where it shows only a tiny fraction of 1% will make money. Forget that Amway's a system designed for failure. You'll be blamed and you'll be the scapegoat and he'll become really fucking nasty toward you.

      Amway cult leaders are no different than other cult leaders. They separate their followers from people who might reason with them and show them its a system designed for failure and they're throwing their money away. That's part of the Amway meetings.

      Your boyfriend is like any Amway Ambot and will refuse to read anything that they consider "negative" because they can't tell the difference between negative and the truth. They've been brainwashed not to believe anything unless it comes from an Amway cult leader. That's the same thing with Ambots being banned from watching TV. It's called information control. The Amway cult leaders will control all the information their cult followers receive. Just last year an Ambot from India showed up trying to convince us that Bush is still the President and is now an Amway salesrep flogging his shit in the White House. This is how bizarre the information control is in Amway.

      But you know its your life, your sanity, your money. I can't tell you what to do. You can't help who you fall in love with. All we can do is share our experiences and let you know of the hell you have ahead of you as long as you stick it out with him or as long as he sticks it out in Amway.

      My advice is no different from the last time. Run!


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