Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Amway Ambots Claim Amway Is Recession Proof Business

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the upline Platinum spout off that Amway is a recession proof business. He would follow that statement up by saying even in a recession people still need to eat, drink, and shit.

I have a recording by our sponsor where he says “people running around with their heads cut off about the recession and getting laid off.” He follows that by saying how he starts putting fear into people about their job and how he hopes they don’t have all their eggs in one basket because they’ll be finished. He continues with the scare tactics saying he hopes they have more than one way of making money because if its slow now before Christmas, what’s going to happen after Christmas.

Smarmy fucking son of a bitch.

So what happens when families incomes are disrupted due to lay offs or hours getting cut? Do they look for ways to save money or do they go crazy buying expensive products?

I can’t remember the price of Amway’s toilet paper but it seems to me it was around $60 but I don’t know how many rolls, maybe 48. Whatever many rolls that’s still too high. Get 48 of a well known brand for $15, $20 at the grocery or drug store.

OK, glossed right over that. The sack of shit Platinum also mentioned eat and drink, everyone has to do that.

Sure but when I want food and drink I want it probably that same day not wait a few days for it to be shipped to me. I always shop at a local produce store that’s open year round for my fruits and vegetables. I find they’re fresher and much lower priced than grocery stores. My shopping list might vary with local produce that’s in season or a recipe I’m making but I can go to the produce store and buy a sack of potatoes, a bag of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, celery, mushrooms, peppers, avocadoes, bananas, grapes, oranges, apples and get change from a $20 bill.

What kind of fresh vegetables and fruit does Amway sell? Would that be none? Oh wait some IBO is going to argue with me that who needs fresh produce when they can buy Nutrilite vitamins. Ah yes there’s a healthy choice. Not to mention an expensive one. When you’re hungry munching an apple or banana might fill you up a bit. Pop a vitamin and you’ll still be hungry afterwards!

Does Amway sell eggs? Hmm, would that be another no? But my friends at the neighborhood produce place sells them for $2/dozen.

There’s a warehouse bakery that supplies all the grocery stores around here. They have a shop at their warehouse. I’ve been going there for years and buying bread and pies for half price or less than what’s charged at the grocery stores. I can stock up my freezer for a month on less than $20 and that’s gourmet grain bread, garlic bread, bagels, muffins, pies, cookies, and hamburger buns.

Who can tell me what kind of bread Amway sells? An IBO might argue Amway sells crackers and I should change my eating habits.

I bet crackers cost a lot less at the grocery store than what Amway sells them for!

Then I hit the grocery store for the rest of my shopping. Now is when IBO’s will try to convince me that just about everything I want to buy at the grocery store is available from Amway. What about seafood - fresh or frozen? Does Amway sell that? Oh god some Ambot is going to spout off about Nutrilite with Omega 3.

Drinks? Um I don’t drink energy drinks and XS is so fucking disgusting so I’d never buy that! Perfect Water at a per bottle price of $2 each but has to be bought by the case not singly for around $50. I can buy a 24 case of bottled water at Wal-Mart for $2 or $3 depends if its on sale. I don’t normally buy bottled water anyway. Our tap water is good. I tried some chocolate flavored Amway drink once in a tetra pack. Tasted like chalk. Don’t know what it was. Ambot thought I liked it so he ordered more and when they arrived they’d already passed the expiry date so I wouldn’t drink them. Really good quality control there Amway! Fucking losers ripping off your commissioned salesforce. Fuck you Amway!

Recession or not people like to get good deals and they’ll shop where they can get good prices and get their money’s worth. When money is tight some people will even forgo quality for price. I can fill my fridge, freezer, larder for a month with good healthy choices for under $300 the minimum amount that Ambots have to fork out each month to stay in qualification to get a less than $10 check. That $300 worth of PV isn’t putting hot, tasty, healthy meals on my table. Not to mention the ice cream for dessert that Amway can’t sell me.

Amway Ambots can claim all they want that Amway is a recession proof business but can you find customers or sign up new prospects when money is tight?

Whether or not Amway’s a recession proof business is debatable - depending on whether or not you’re an IBO! - but selling to customers who’ve been hit by the recession and are watching their pennies is a tough sell. Why  pressure these people? They’re already struggling financially why push them on a business with a 99% failure rate.

Yup now is another good time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway and the fucking assholes in their commissioned sales force.


  1. The Amway Corporation itself has been in recession, in its North American markets, for the last three years. They have lost billions. But you can be sure that no lying piece-of-shit IBO will admit that fact. It's too painful for them.

    1. Anonymous - not only do no lying piece of shit IBO admits Amway is losing money but they show up here and claim Amway made 16 billion last year, about double what Amway corporation claims. When I suggest the Ambot file a complaint with the IRS if they have proof Amway is lying about their income.... silence.

      It's just so stupid to lie about something that is easily verified. It's like those lying Amway losers showing up here and claim that Miss America uses Amway Artistry cosmetics. I'd like to say any dumb fuck can go to the Miss America website and see who the sponsors are (Amway ain't on that list!) but apparently dumb fuck Amway Ambots are incapable of mastering that simple task.

  2. Ambots are great at providing miss information. The Amway Artistry cosmetics story is based on the fact that Amway provided a 50k scholarship to the winner of the Miss America pageant in 2013 in exchange for her endorsement of the product. They haven’t been a sponsor for 5 years. In reality, who the fuck really cares when there are so many other options out there that are easily available and not overpriced. But I’m sure some stupid Ambot will show up here and try to tell us that it is more expensive because it’s a “prestige” brand.

    **Former WWDB Lemming**

    1. Hi Former WWDB Lemming. Amway Ambots live in the past crowing about stuff Amway might have done in the past in the way of sales or business partnerships like its still factual today.

      And then Ambots show up here screeching that our experiences are from years ago and things have changed in Amway and us old timers have it wrong.

      The lies in Amway never change. The only thing that changes are the faces and the prices going up.

  3. All business enterprises tend to make up facts (or at least embroider them somewhat) in order to present their product in a favorable light. But Amway is in a class by itself with its outright lies and fraudulent claims.

    If I were to say "Amway Artistry cosmetics are a direct cause of skin cancer in women," I'd be guilty of a blatant lie, or at least something that I can't prove. But Amway IBOs have no problem repeating the absurd lie that Miss America uses Artistry.

    1. Anonymous - it's like just about every business owner out there says what sets them apart is their outstanding customer service. Which is only as good as the crankiest employee who hates their job!

      It's like the lies Ambots spread about Amway products curing cancer and other terminal diseases. The lies about Miss America pale in comparison to that one.

  4. Greetings from India!

    When i joined Amway, a couple of years back, I was told by my uplines platinum that Amway sponsors MISS UNIVERS pageant and artistry is worn by every miss universe contestant. Now, being a beauty pageant enthusiast, this information elated me and I started following these pageants closely with interest so I could tell my friends that I use make up worn by miss universe. But no, not even a single word of artistry came out not only in miss universe but other international beauty pageants. So then I YouTube'ed artistry and beauty pageant and then I get to that they sponsor MISS AMERICA just for couple of years. And now after reading this post and doing some research I got to know that they didn't sponsor Miss America pageant too.(cringe, cringe, cringe).

    There is this Indian and Hollywood actress call Priyanka Chopra (you might know her from theT.V series quantico).so, in her first Oscar awards appearance, 1 out of 100 beauty products she wore was artistry. But our uplines started telling my prospects that every makeup she used was artistry.

    Moral of the story: lying trough your teeth can be learnt only in Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story - and the moral. The only teaching your get in Amway is how to be a liar!

      It's incredible the stuff that Amway Ambots lie about like all these pageants have web pages and anyone (except Amway losers apparently!) can check to see who the sponsors are. If you don't see Amway products then guess what - they're not a sponsor! In the last decade Amway was a paid sponsor for Miss America, perhaps only once, and they paid the winner to be a paid spokesperson for the Artistry cosmetics. Amway losers will lie and tell you Miss America wears Artistry cause she likes it and not because she's paid as part of her contract. Amway liars also can't tell you the name of the woman who won that year and was stuck flogging the Amway shit.


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