Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Ambot Who Stole Christmas

And one more Christmas themed post about Amway before the bananas take a few days off to enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone.

Even though it was Christmas time unhappiness existed all over the world because of a horrible evil cult named Amway.

The cult followers were known as ambots and they got together to put up a Christmas tree.

And they put ornaments on it.

They hung mistletoe.

The problem they quickly learned was that no one wanted to kiss an ambot under the mistletoe! Yuck gross!

Poor broke loser Tommy was a nasty Amway cult follower. He used to spend Christmas with his family.

Then last year he made the mistake of putting up an Amway Christmas tree.

He gave his relatives shitty Amway products for Christmas.

Tommy made the fatal mistake of giving his wife Artistry cosmetics for Christmas even though he knew she liked reasonably priced Avon products much better.

He gave his little girl an Amway doll for Christmas.

The Amway products he had so lovingly gone into credit card debt to buy all ended up in the trash.

Except for the Nutrilite vitamins that were flushed down the toilet. THE BEST PLACE FOR SHITTY AMWAY PRODUCTS TO END UP!!!

So poor broke loser Tommy ended up hanging out with ambot buddies at Christmas because his family had left him - just one of the pitfalls of being involved in Amway.

Tommy even met the ambot of his dreams at the cult follower’s Christmas gathering.

All those unoriginal ambots! They all duplicated each other and gave the same Christmas present to everyone else and put it under the ambot Christmas tree.

To show no hard feelings Tommy’s ex-wife even sent along a Christmas present for their Platinum cult leader.

After getting high on XS the ambots put on Santa suits and went to the Amway Center and punched out the snowman.

The police showed up and gave the ambots sobriety tests which they all failed but oddly enough when they blew into the breathalizer no one showed any alcohol levels. Seeing as how the cops don’t like Amway or ambots they decided to toss them all in jail anyway for snowman assault.

And one final warning for anyone thinking of spending Christmas with an ambot.

I hope no one finds any Amway shit under their Christmas tree!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. LOL at "The Ambot Who Stole Christmas"; found this while researching MyRibbonGift.

    I appreciate the thought and money my family member spent on the Scamway proxy gift card, but wow, just wow, when I saw the "name brand items" that were offered to me, at least double retail price considering the cost of the gift card. And some of them are just plain crap. Thank God they didn't get me an "Exquisite" card...a $1000 item offered for that amount is the Canon T6 kit, something that is $399.99 on the Canon Store (and cheaper elsewhere).

    1. Hi there norcalnative171. Thanks for stopping by. The stuff in Amway's ribbon gift brochure as you noticed cost double or more of what it would be if you bought from a regular retailer. Amway is all about ripping people off.


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