Thursday, December 7, 2017

Amway Ambots Piss Poor At Handling Negative Situations

How a person reacts to a negative situation reflects on how they handle their business.

Its kind of like karma in a way. Handle a negative situation correctly and it won’t come back and bite you in the ass.

In business a negative situation usually comes in the form of a customer complaint. How well the business owner responds to the complaint is a reflection on how they handle their business. Real business owners want to make the situation right. Make the problem go away. That can involve replacing a bad product with a better one, in a service field it might mean coming back to resolve a situation. I mean if you replaced someone’s toilet and they’re telling you it ain’t flushing you want to make that one right! Sometimes it involves giving a refund.

A pissed off customer can hit the Internet with bad reviews or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Or write a blog.

There are lots of people online who’ve been involved with Amway and are telling their stories of emotional and financial distress. How does Amway handle the situation? Ignores it. That’s the type of arrogance those fucking assholes have. How do Amway Ambots handle it? They screech and bitch at the writer. They call the writer negative. Or a broke loser. Or they didn’t try hard enough. Or their dream wasn’t big enough. Or they’re an unchristian dreamstealer. Etc, etc. That’s how an Amway Ambot handles negative business situations – badly. That’s a reflection on how Amway Ambots handle their business.

But wait. Being an Amway “Independent Business Owner” LOL!!!!! Is a pretend business.

Depending on a company’s professional response to a negative situation, this can bring them more business. Consumers like to see a company reacting professionally when it comes to dealing with a negative situation.

Silence, ignoring the consumer, not responding to the complaint favorably is not a professional response and likely to drive potential customers to take their business elsewhere where they’ll be treated better.

Screeching and bitching that you’re a negative broke loser unchristian dreamstealer is not a professional response. Though the Amway employees who flood the Internet with unprofessional responses to defend their employer speaks tons about their character and professional business presence. And then they don’t want their boss to know about their unprofessional business behavior so they don’t identify themselves, totally understandable because its really fucking embarrassing to admit you’re an Amway employee! LOL! Current or past. I got to say it again. Its really fucking embarrassing to admit you ever had anything to do with a fucking creepy MLM scam.

So what’s worse? A business ignoring customer complaints or their employees flooding the internet with negative unprofessional responses?

Yup. How a person reacts to a negative situation reflects on how they handle their business and shows their true character.


  1. This is really interesting, Anna.

    You're quite right -- a serious business is always concerned about customer relations and the development of good will over the years. Many businessmen are very proud of the fact that they have a loyal customer base, and that their name carries weight and respect with the buying public. Such businessmen will bend over backwards to keep their customers happy, and to rectify any mistakes or complaints.

    Amway is the complete opposite! Both the bigshots in Ada, Michigan and the creeps who run the various LOS subsystems DON'T GIVE A SHIT about IBO or customer complaints. They ignore them, or treat them with contempt.

    This tells you that Amway is not a real business. It's a propaganda come-on, designed to recruit persons into a complex scheme of tool purchases, fee payments, function attendance, and endless meetings. It depends crucially on "churn" -- the constant recruitment of new people to replace the disillusioned ones who drop out.

    In a situation like that, "complaints" don't really matter. Since over 90% of persons involved in Amway drop out pretty quickly, dealing with individual complaints is a waste of time. Forget about the complainers, and just recruit new suckers. That's the Amway way.

    And that is also why the really loud and angry complaints are from Amway IBOs who come here and scream vicious insults at Anna, and who try to browbeat her into shutting down her blog. What's behind all of that? Simple -- these Ambots are infuriated that Anna's blog (and a lot of other anti-Amway and anti-MLM blogs) are making it next to impossible to maintain the "churn." There's hardly anyone in North American who hasn't heard that Amway is a scam, and that it is run like a cult. Naturally it is getting harder and harder to recruit new down-line. So the Ambots come here and scream insults.

    1. Anonymous - sometimes we've had to take a hit and eat a loss just to keep a customer happy. That's what real business owners do. We don't like to take money out of our pockets but it beats bad publicity.

      Something that Amway and Ambots don't get. Sure those fuckers will show up here and screech about having to spend money to make money. But they don't get that real business owners have to lose money too when it comes to doing the right thing and making things right.

      Amway Ambots are used to losing money so what's losing a little more money?

      If you ask anyone over age 40 they know what Amway is. And they know Amway is a money losing scam. You ask someone under 25 if they've heard of Amway and if they haven't and aren't aware of all the complaints, they're about to get sucked into the scam.

      Yup there's a lot of angry Amway Ambots that hate seeing blogs like this where we talk about what it's really like inside the Amway cult and the financial and emotional distress. It makes it hard for them to sucker in new recruits. So yeah they show up here and scream out insults and then they're like if you want to give Scamway another try sign up under me.

      Like what the fuck? It goes back to being piss poor at handling negative situations. Amway Ambot has just proved they're the shits in that department and then they think I'd want to buy their product or sign up.

      That's just not the way real business owners operate. Real business owners handle bad situations properly and recover a customer or at least keep the customer quiet so they don't hit the Internet and complain about their shitty experience and warn off other potential customers.

      The antics of Amway Ambots all over the Internet are doing as good a job at chasing away prospects as bloggers!

  2. Yes Anna, I noticed that too! They shout vicious insults at you and call you all kinds of horrible names. And then they ask if you'd like to sign up in Amway again, under their sponsorship.

    How stupid can these Ambots be?

    I guess they are following the directions of their up-line, who tells them that they can never pass up an opportunity to show "the Plan" to anybody, even an enemy like Anna Banana.

    I wish we could get the IQ test results for everyone in Amway. It would probably show an average in the room-temperature range.

    1. Anonymous - it's no different that if you're at the mall and a staff or owner of a shop stands outside and shouts insults at someone walking past for being a loser who won't come in the store. And then after hurling insults begs them to come inside and shop. Not only does that person alienate the potential customer but also any other people within earshot walking around the mall and they all know to stay the hell away. The Internet is an even bigger shopping mall. It's unknown how many thousands of readers will see what the Ambot has written here and not want anything to do with Amway because of the assholes who work there.

      That's how stupid Ambots can be!

      I'm sure the IQ test results for Amway Ambots wouldn't be that high!


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