Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Selling Amway Products For Christmas - Another Way To Lose Money In Amway

This is a ghost from years gone past….. A Christmas ghost!

No scratch that. Make that this is a post from years gone past but seeing as how Christmas is creeping closer and Amway is just creepy I’m bringing it out for any new readers who might not have seen this. This was just another way to waste a perfectly good Saturday doing Amway shit not to mention losing money too. But then that’s what Amway’s all about. Losing time and money.

Our upline booked a community hall and turned it into Amway Christmas shopping central and all IBO’s were told to invite friends and family to attend and purchase Amway products as Christmas presents.

Most of the products out on display were the edibles - nasty food bars, disgusting XS energy drinks, vitamins, Perfect Water. You know - the type of stuff every kid wants to find under the Christmas tree.

Each IBO had to pay $10 towards the rental of the community hall. There were about 40 IBO’s at this event. You guessed it. The IBO’s outnumbered the shoppers.

The old community hall is on a fairly quiet street about 2 blocks from a busier street. There was a sign on the door advertising to come in for Christmas shopping. Perhaps they would have got more buyers if they’d gone a couple of blocks away and put a sign on the corner of the more travelled road. Or maybe not. First Saturday in December is the biggest shopping day of the year at the malls. Let’s weigh this out. Mall with lots of shops. Lots of variety. Good selection of products. Decently priced. Compare to Amway shopping central at a small mice-infested community hall. Overpriced products. Limited selection.

Five friends of ours showed up. The IBO’s pounced on them thinking they’d get some good sales. One of our friends actually purchased a few products. The pity purchaser who only bought the items to help out Ambot. Decent sale too over $100. I don’t recall the actual amount. May have been closer to $200.

Now here’s the crazy part. Our friend was the only person who purchased anything that day. Out of all the IBO’s there Ambot had the only sale. At the meeting at the end of the day when we were packing up the Platinum berated the group on the lack of sales. Now here’s where you’d think the pompous sack of shit would have some kind words for Ambot because his friend made purchases. Nope. He tore into Ambot saying he had five friends show up and only one of them bought something. I mean really laid into him about how those weren’t real friends because they didn’t support his business and about his general lack of success even though he was the only IBO who made a sale that day. After the verbal lashing ended, like the good cult leader he is, he assured Ambot that they still loved him and they would always be his only true friends unlike the phoney friends who don’t support his business.

Despite all those proclaims of never-ending love and friendship, when Ambot stopped going to Amway meetings and buying products those phonies cut off their love and friendship. Boo hoo. I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart that those fucking Amway liars don’t want anything to do with us anymore.

Should have told that fucking sack of shit Platinum to shove a Christmas tree up his ass!


  1. ""Should have told that fucking sack of shit Platinum to shove a Christmas tree up his ass!""

    No, you should have actually done it yourself!!!!

    1. LOL! Yeah I should have. But that would have meant I'd have to remove the 2 by 4 that's stuck up there already!

  2. Engaged to an ambotDecember 13, 2017 at 8:29 PM

    My daughter had another Amway run in so I had to come vent. Daughter bought some make up kits for the two women in fiance's family. She brought them home, wrapped them and then went off to work. Fiance told his anyway parents about the presents. His dad called the products shit and said don't you dare buy anything not amway for this family. Daughter gave fiance the receipt and had him go return the gifts and doesn't plan to spend a penny in them. Tis the season to make your future daughter in law like shit!

    1. Hi Engaged. Or maybe its better to say parent of the engaged! Amway Ambots sneer at all products manufactured by competitors. At Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum taught the brainwashed followers the "proper etiquette" in dealing with people who wore cosmetics brands that weren't Amway Artistry. Basically it involved insulting them. Yeah that'll go over with most women when you ask them what brand of makeup you wear. That'll earn the Amway Ambot a big old fuck you. I've got a post around here somewhere about that.

      Just because your daughter loves him doesn't mean she has to like her in laws.

      She doesn't need to buy them Christmas presents or socialize with them. Not that Amway losers would want to socialize with anyone not in their cult.

  3. You had better tell your daughter to find a different fiance. This "Amway family" sounds like real trouble.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Generally speaking I'd agree with you. In past posts it sounds like the fiance is distancing himself from Amway. That remains to be seen. Amway Ambots are the biggest liars out there. He could be pretending he's not involved with the Amway cult but parental pressure might draw him back in eventually.


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