Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ambots And The Snotty Snobby Amway Attitude

Here's a comment left by a snotty, snobby, lying, scamming Amway asshole:

This is the reason why I'm free. Have no job. An can be with my family every day. So what of I have to speak everyone's in a while. But at least I don't have to work 8 hours a day every day for a paycheck. And get stressed out and told what to do.

But that's the diffrnce between you and me. I put in the effort and dedication. An I got the results I wanted. That's why you go be a slave to your job and I sleep in till im done sleeping and wonder what I'm goin to do all day.

But hey I'm not mad. I need somone to do my dishes and wash my car. :)

And yes that was a copy and paste. Typos are owned by Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole.

And here's what I have to say to Anonymous Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet they're typing something. You're just another lying scamming Amway asshole who shows up here with canned Amspeak bullshit. How many times did I hear this almost word for word at just about every Amway meeting. I'd say our sack of shit Platinum did a similar revival at every Amway cult meeting he ran.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole claims he's free. No one in the Amway cult is ever free. They got to constantly recruit new cult followers because the “sharp” guys they signed up a few months ago figured out they got scammed and quit. They got to persuade the cult followers to buy overpriced shitty Amway products and invest in the Amway tool scam. They got to beg and plead with their downline not to quit “not when success is just around the corner. I can feel it that you're about to go really big in Amway. Your business is about to explode.” The “business” life of a lying scamming Amway asshole is never done. Never be free as long as you're inside the Amway cult.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole claims he's with his family every day. Lots of people are with their families every day and don't feel the need to go around bragging about it. And Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole thinks that's a big deal? Holy fuck! Well I guess for an Amway asshole it would be a huge accomplishment because most Ambots ignore their families because nothing is more important than worshipping the Great Amway God.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole has the typical Amway Ambot  attitude towards those who have jobs. Probably has a job himself to afford the hundreds of dollars every month to be in the Amway cult. Oh wait. Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole says he's “free” so his boss probably fired him from his J.O.B. because he's Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole and nobody wants that attitude around stinking up the workplace.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole - please tell me about this “job” I have. Lots of lying Amway assholes before you have shown up here and accused me of having a job. I haven't had a job in years but you Amway assholes refuse to believe there are people in the world outside of the Amway cult who don't have jobs. Whenever I ask a lying Amway asshole to tell me more about this job I have like what it is, where it is, and how much money I make at this fictional job you all slink back into the sewers like the lying little bastard rats you are. Pretty hard to back up your lies, isn't it? And what a really fucking stupid thing to lie about? Like who gives a fuck whether someone you don’t know on the Internet has a job or not. But I get it. Its just canned Amspeak bullshit.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole brags about sleeping until he's done sleeping - heard it at every Scamway meeting I attended. Especially from our sack of shit Platinum who bragged that his wife slept every morning until she was done sleeping. Well she was probably done sleeping when he pushed her a few times and said “Wake up. You're done sleeping. Get the kids to school. And make my lunch so I can take it to my J.O.B.” Well guess what Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole? I sleep until I'm done every day too. I rarely set an alarm clock unless something's going on I got to get up for. Sleeping until you're done sleeping ain't all its cracked up to be especially when your body decides you're done sleeping at 4 or 5 in the morning. Talk about a piss off!

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole must be using that Amway piece of shit dishwasher soap that means most of the dishes aren't getting clean so they need to be washed  again by hand. Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole is too fucking lazy to wash his own goddamned dishes. Contradicting what he said about effort and dedication. More Amway bullshit! Seeing as how Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole is too fucking lazy to wash his dishes why doesn't he just scam a brainwashed asshole in his downline to wash the dishes in exchange for the privilege of spending more time with him. Cause no one outside the Amway cult would want to wash an Amway asshole's dishes and car because they're too fucking lazy to do it themselves. Not with the snotty attitude Amway assholes have towards people not in the Amway cult. But yeah that's more canned Amspeak directly from an Amway cult meeting. The Amway cult leader would sneer about how they make gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway every month or will be in two to five years. And that's when they'll hire people too stupid to be in the Amway cult to clean their house, their car, etc.

To which I say why do you got to hire someone? Just bully someone at the bottom of the Amway pyramid for free slave labor. If anyone's read Merchants of Deception there's a scene where the Emerald and another man maybe another Emerald (? I don't recall) go to a Diamond's house. When they get there the Diamond hands them a can of cleaning solution and points to his driveway and says get the oil stains off and the Emeralds were shocked but like good little Ambots obeyed the orders from their Amway cult leader. Like we need any further proof that these big shot Amway losers don't hire people to do what they consider menial labor, they just bully someone downline.

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole can take his fucked up shitty Amway attitude and shove it up his ass.


  1. If you are a normal person without some sort of chronic illness you are going to sleep 7 - 8 hours a night regardless of any alarm clock you set. If you need an alarm clock because otherwise you would sleep for 12 hours, you probably need to talk to your doctor and ask to have your thyroid checked. This is why I have never understood the whole "shoot your alarm clock" "sleep until you are done sleeping" Ambot thing. I don't use an alarm clock. I don't like them. I don't need them. I sleep until I wake up and manage to work everyday. I am not an Ambot. I've never been an Ambot. Seems to me that all of the stories I've read that Ambots are severely sleep-deprived and NEED alarm clocks because they are getting maybe 4 hours of sleep a night because of all of their Amway cult activities. Amway IS the reason you need an alarm clock--and yet Ambots worship the idea of shooting their alarm clocks. Just quit Amway and you can shoot your alarm clock because you'll be getting plenty of sleep and won't need it anymore!

    1. Howdeedoo - I find I wake up pretty much the same time every day whether or not I set an alarm clock. Amway Ambots seem to think it's a badge of honor to wake up when they're done sleeping. Most people have things to do, a job to get to, or what have you and don't lie around in bed all day or they'd never get stuff done. And yeah when you're an Ambot you go pretty much every night to Amway cult meetings that start at 8pm. Then another meeting starts at 11pm called training or whatever bullshit name Ambots give it and then there might still be another meeting at midnight or later called a night owl. So if you're an Ambot who hasn't gotten fired from their job yet that's probably 4 hours of sleep.

  2. "I sleep in till im done sleeping and wonder what I'm goin to do all day."

    Nice formula for the early development of dementia. Not keeping your mind challenged and busy and instead sitting around wondering what you are going to do all day. Is that the end goal of Amway "success," dementia? Deterioration of intellectual faculties due to lack of stimulation? You wonder what you are 'goin to do all day' you sound like you are halfway to the nursing home. It's sickening. You do not want to be wondering what you are going to do all day if you are smart.

    1. Howdeedoo - that's right. You have to keep your mind and body busy and moving to keep yourself healthy. Lying around in bed all day waiting until you're done sleeping? As you said. Halfway to a nursing home.

    2. Reminds me of that hilarious article you posted a while back about the Ambot chuckle the way this Ambot talks. I wish you would re-post the Ambot Chuckle! lol!

    3. HUA HUA HUA!

      Oh it’ll show up in the rotation one of these days.

      Glad you liked it!

  3. The snobbery and arrogance that you see in Amway types are often because they are (for the most part) small-town schmucks who are going nowhere.

    So when some Platinum asshole tells them that they are "Independent Business Owners," they begin to think that they are now hot shit. They develop a sense of snootiness about anyone who isn't in Amway. And of course if they should begin to develop a down-line, they think that they can treat this down-line like slave labor.

    All of this comes from defensiveness. Deep down, Amway people know that they are basically losers without a future. And they also know that the name of "Amway" is a bad joke in the minds of almost everyone in the general public. That is a hard thing to bear, so they comfort themselves by looking down on others.

    1. Hi Anonymous. That might be very true that Ambots know Amway is a scam but to show their love to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline they have to live up to the job qualifications: lie, deny, distract and defend. When they finally accept they’re a loser who got scammed by Amway then they make the tough decision to leave the cult and their new friends. Not everyone has it in them to be a lying scamming Amway loser for the rest of their life.


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