Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Amway Ambots Brag The Better Business Bureau Loves Amway

Ever since this blog began we get Amway ambots leaving comments bragging about Amway’s “stellar” rating with the Better Business Bureau. How much the BBB loves Amway so much and gives them AAAAA or 5* rating or whatever lie they heard from the assholes in their Amway upline that they feel the need to show up here to repeat.

There was something in Amway’s terms of conduct for IBO’s that they weren’t allowed to mention any (imagined) rating that Amway has or doesn’t have with the BBB. Grounds for dismissal. Yup where else can you get fired from your “own business”. Seeing as how all Amway ambots gloat about Amway’s through the roof rating with the BBB, Amway would have to fire their entire sales force! And then who would be left to sell their overpriced shitty products! Even though it’s a violation for Amway IBO’s to brag about the love affair the BBB has with Amway, these little bastards come out in droves to brag about it anyway. Its like they’re saying to their boss FUCK YOU!!!!

Yeah! Doesn’t that feel good?!!! FUCK YOU AMWAY!!!!!!

Amway ambots crow about how Amway is accredited with the BBB and has the highest rating that they can go but the BBB LOVES Amway so much they’d invent different ratings so Amway would be stars and moon over the rest of the world when it comes to BBB rating. You know all that gushy bullshit they hear from the assholes in their Amway upline and have to duplicate it.

How easy is it to get accredited with the BBB? EASY! Fill out the application form, thrown down your money and DONE! I’m not sure how much it costs, a few hundred bucks, closer to a thousand bucks maybe. We looked into it a long time ago but decided it was a waste of money. So far no one has complained about us. It doesn’t matter if you’re accredited with the BBB or not if they send you a complaint letter. You can either respond to it or ignore it, and depending on which way you go you get a BBB rating.

Some of the things a company supposedly adheres to when they slap down their cash to become BBB accredited and get a logo to display on their business or website: be responsible, honor promises, tell the truth, advertise honesty, etc. So if they’ll let Amway in when we all know Amway is the exact opposite of the BBB commitment, then they’ll let anyone in so getting affiliated or graded by BBB really isn’t a big deal. It seems any clown with extra cash can get accredited with the BBB.

So what’s it all about? The BBB helps customers resolve complaints with companies they’re dealing with. A customer fills out a complaint. The BBB sends a letter to the company and gives them a deadline to respond. A couple of weeks? A month? Not sure but they wouldn’t give them like a year to respond. The company responds to the BBB within the time limit. That’s how the company gets their BBB rating. Most companies could get AAAAA+++++ rating just by responding within the BBB time limit.

The company does not have to resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction.

All they have to do is respond to the BBB before the time limit to get/maintain their rating.

Who else thinks Amway has a small army whose only job is to respond to BBB complaints before their time limit is up?

Who else thinks Amway ambots are a bunch of dumb shits for bragging that the BBB loves Amway more than any other company in the world and no other company has such a high rating as Amway – according to ambots?

Not every company that is accredited with the BBB needs to go around bragging about it because why they fuck would they? It just means they paid some money to join and get a logo to put on their door or website.

More interesting is why Amway ambots give the big old FUCK YOU to Amway by violating Amway’s IBO agreement when they brag about Amway’s association with the BBB.

Like Amway gives a fuck anyway.


  1. The idiots in Amway are constantly screaming about the "Better Business Bureau" because they haven't the slightest idea what the BBB is about. As you say, it is nothing but a bureaucratized complaint service that ascertains if a registered business answers complaints.The BBB doesn't care at all if the complaints are actually resolved -- only if they are "answered."

    But that's the basic thing about Ambots -- they don't think. They just react. They assume that the BBB is some sort of credentialing service that tells you which businesses are good and dependable and honest. The BBB isn't that at all!

    But Ambots are stupid, and they assume that everyone else is too. So they go around parroting that crap about how Amway has a high rating from the BBB (actually, it doesn't). They hope that the phrase "Better Business Bureau" will act as a mantra to attract stupid people like themselves.

    Amway is a stupid fake business, for stupid people.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. Amway Ambots don't think. They're brainwashed to repeat what the Amway cult leaders say. And then make themselves look like a bunch of dumb fucks spouting off bullshit Amspeak. You got it. Amway is a fake business opportunity that is designed to reel in stupid people.


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